Turinadrol 10

Turinadrol 10

Turinadrol 10, manufactured by the pharmacological company Luka Labs, is a steroid that exhibits high anabolic activity and a rather weak androgenic effect. Its reception allows you to increase the power indicators in a fairly short time. Dehydrochloromethyltestesterone acts as the active substance of the steroid.

TurinadrolThe drug is produced in India, but the active component itself was not discovered in this country, but in East Germany. The drug, which has a unique formula, disperses protein metabolism, which allows the muscles to recover as quickly as possible, and, therefore, to grow.

A high-powered steroid and a solo course helps newcomers to improve their strength. It gives growth and improvement of the muscles not because of the accumulation of liquid (water) in the tissues, but solely because the fibers increase in thickness.

The drug is great for the drying period, when the athlete needs to prepare for the competition. Its intake increases the dry muscle mass, since water in the body does not linger. Another undeniable advantage is that it is removed from the blood quickly enough. This creates difficulties in detecting it.

The steroid is superior to Testosterone in two ways:

  • weak androgenic activity, which is two orders of magnitude lower;
  • increased anabolic effect, which is twice as high as that of testosterone.

Turinadrol can be taken not only by men, but also by women.

What is the effect of Turinadrol?

The admission of this anabolic steroid leads to the following positive changes:

  • increases strength and endurance;
  • provides a small, but guaranteed, increase in the relief dry muscle mass;
  • improves mood and promotes the appearance of a good appetite;
  • increases the quality of speed indicators;
  • reduces body weight solely through the burning of fat, but not the loss of muscle mass;
  • helps to increase work capacity and gain a sense of confidence;
  • Do not give a big rollback after the cancellation, because it does not hold water in the muscles.

The drug enjoys well-deserved popularity among athletes. He has established himself exclusively as a quality and reliable steroid.

How to take Turinabol

Bodybuilders of a professional level often take a steroid together with Decanoat, Sustanon or Nandrolone. The exact dosage is determined by the athlete’s individual indices-weight and physics. Choose the course you need only for yourself, and start the reception after consulting a specialist.

The average dosage is between 10 and 25 milligrams per day. Do not exceed the recommended daily allowance. The exception can be experienced athletes with an impressive body weight of 90 kilograms and more, taking 40 and even 45 milligrams per day.

Precaution is never superfluous. Dosage should be calculated only for individual needs and features of physical indicators. We should not forget about post-course therapy.

Recommended Dose Of Turinabol

Possible side effects of Turinadrol 10

Low estrogenic activity of the drug does not guarantee the complete absence of negative manifestations. Side effects occur either because of individual intolerance, or because of an overdose.

Negative effects include:

  • acne – acne;
  • loss of hair;
  • disorder of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • a deleterious effect on the liver and prostate.

In order not to face undesirable consequences in the pursuit of rapid results, you should never neglect the instructions and recommendations for taking Turinadrol 10.

Reviews about the steroid Turinadrol 10

Almost all athletes respond to the drug only in a positive context. This is the result of the fact that the steroid possesses the most important qualities for every bodybuilder. It practically does not cause any negative effects, if not exceed the dosage, is pure, potent and affordable in cost.

Having shown the most competent approach to receiving Turinadrol 10, following the instructions, advice of experts and experienced athletes, you can achieve stable and rapid results.