The use of Cabergoline on the course and PKT

If you do not go into details, which are in any instruction for preparations containing the active substance (Cabergoline), its main function is to decrease the level of prolactin.

The absence of a high level of prolactin on the course helps to avoid excessive accumulation of fat deposits, decreased libido, prolactin-dependent gynecomastia, and fluid retention in tissues.

On post-course therapy, Cabergoline in the case if the analysis shows a high concentration of prolactin, contributes to the early recovery of normal indices of its own testosterone.

In which course can you use Cabergoline?

There is an opinion that Cabergoline is only needed on the course where nandrolones or trenbolone are present, since these drugs have progestogenic activity. But the level of prolactin can significantly increase and without the use of these steroids.

For example, the use of testosterone on the course due to its partial conversion to estrodiol may give rise to an increase in prolactin levels if the concentration of this estrodiol itself was not controlled with the help of aromatase inhibitors or other drugs that affect the “movement” of estrodiol in the body. In this case, too, will need Kabergolin along with anti-estrogen drugs.

The use of Cabergoline on the course, when detecting such indications, is usually carried out with the appointment of small doses. Given that Cabergoline is most often produced in tablets with a dosage of 0.5 mg, you can start with half the tablets (they usually have a risk for division). Operate Kabergolin starts quite quickly, but it should not be used more than once a week (you can be more precise if you pass the test for prolactin 10 days after the first intake).

Dostinex (Cabergoline Facts: By Dylan Gemelli

PCT requiring application of Cabergoline

Similarly, the view that PCT with the use of Cabergoline is carried out only after the use of progestagenic steroids is not entirely true. Even short courses with the use of hormonal drugs that do not have progestagenic activity, this interference in the hormonal system of the body, and the justification for the use of certain medications, for normalizing the hormonal functions of the body is determined by the results of the analyzes, and not by templates!

When normal levels of hormone levels are reached for the body, the therapy with Cabergoline ceases. The speed of recovery depends to a large extent on the duration of the course, and on the type of steroids used. It also matters whether the athlete controlled the prolactin level directly on the course itself. Therefore, never stop buying Kabergolin in personal medicine chest, from the very beginning, when you are going to start a course of anabolic steroids.

Pros and cons of Cabergoline

advantages of CabergolineObvious advantages of Cabergoline is that it allows you to gain a better quality of muscle mass, especially on the course with “water” drugs.

Eliminates such side effects as Deca-dick and Tren-dick (read sluggish), lowers blood pressure, and also protects against the development of prolactin-dependent gynecomastia!

This drug is also quite affordable in terms of price, and in terms of its availability both in pharmacy chains and in online stores selling AAS, so buying Cabergoline is not a problem.

The disadvantages usually arise if the athlete exceeds the recommended dosage, or there is an individual intolerance of the active substance (an allergy for example), which is quite rare. A responsible approach to using not only AAS, but also auxiliary preparations, such as Kabergolin, reduces health risks to a minimum, and the quality of the result is to the maximum!