Can I take steroids

Can I take steroids?

Having been exercising in the gym for 3-4 years, or even less, the athlete comes to the question of whether it is possible to take steroids, because the question of their reception makes the athlete make a very serious choice, on which further career in bodybuilding and other sports can depend.
If you look at the average person’s eyes on anabolic steroids, it becomes immediately clear why there are so many doubts about the AAS reception.

For the most part, steroids are miracle preparations, from which the muscles grow like leaps and bounds, but the side effects are repelled from taking. Someone overcomes fear in themselves, and starts using steroids that do not really bring bad results, but the result still leaves much to be desired. The problem of the modern world, in particular youth, who are trying to get pumped into the gym, is their knowledge, or rather, in its complete absence.

Pros and Cons of Taking Steroids

Not proper training, lack of proper recovery, and good nutrition leads to a negative, zero result. At this stage, many take on anabolic steroids, looking for a way out of the situation. First, take steroids help them build at least some muscle mass and strength, then their health just crumble, and as a result, the athlete ends his career “rolling“, and begins spitting iron sports in which they have failed, and if it turned out, then it was on steroids and for a short time.

The above scenario of the “failed” bodybuilder, of course, applies not to everyone, but to the majority, it is only necessary to go to the gym, and look at the guys who endlessly pump their 35 cm biceps.

take steroidsTaking steroids is not necessary, to achieve quite decent results in bodybuilding, powerlifting, to build a beautiful inflated body. The solution to this problem is to reduce to proper training, balanced nutrition, and the necessary recovery. You have to decide what you are training for, do you want to become a Mr. Olympia? Do you want to break the bench press record? or do you want to have a muscular, tight body? depending on what goal you are pursuing, this is what we must proceed from. But in any case, you have to survive as much as possible from yourselves all your physical, genetic potential, that is, 5-6 years of persistent, correct training without any pharmaceutical support. After 6 years of training, your body will look very impressive, and if you want to go further, overcome the limits of the body’s ability for natural training, then anabolic steroids help you. Only with this approach to training, steroids will bring you great benefit and effect.

That is, to take anabolic steroids or not take comes down to your ambitions in hard sports, what heights you want to achieve.

Another point is honesty before yourself and your rivals. It’s no secret that bodybuilding as such would not exist in principle, if it were not for anabolic steroids, therefore, “honesty” is not relevant in this sport. Everyone understands that Arnold Schwarzenegger, Phil Heath and other eminent bodybuilders used large doses of anabolic steroids, in addition to their excellent genetics. But very few people imagine how hard work on themselves, their bodies, their nerves, they daily carried out, and someone else and conducts.

If you still do not know what you want from training in the gym, become a record holder, a mass monster, or have a beautiful body, then simply, honestly train, and then eventually you will understand what you need from “pitching” and the question The use of anabolic steroids will disappear by itself.