What is danabol?

What is danabolDanabol is one of the most famous anabolic steroids in the world of sports pharmacology. It is often met under the name of methandrostenolone or in people just methane. It is characterized by high efficiency, ease of use, an obvious result in the form of an increase in the athlete’s physical parameters. Anabolic steroid danabol is time-tested, as it was used by leading athletes from different sports. In all situations, danabol rewarded athletes with its effects, increasing their potential and approaching the conquest of new peaks. To date, danabol has not lost its relevance. Everyone also uses a steroid to develop strength and increase muscle mass. He takes part in various combinations and the creation of anabolic ligaments, increasing the effectiveness of the course.

Anabolic steroids are drugs that mimic the action of the male sex hormone testosterone in the body. It is obvious that testosterone can directly affect athletic performance and results. Sometimes, loads, diet, stresses inhibit the production of hormones to a catastrophic minimum. In such conditions it is impossible to progress. There is a risk of harming your body and mind. Anabolic steroids in sports not only serve as an engine for progress, but also a necessity for preventing injuries and negative effects of a professional arena.

The anabolic steroid danobol was discovered in 1956. With the advent of the drug, sport has taken a step forward, because it is doping and work in the labs that provides phenomenal progress that a naive fan or spectator enjoys. And it was never otherwise. As a result, American manufacturers in the person of John Ziegler presented a powerful anabolic steroid danabol, dramatically increasing strength and muscle mass.

The main field of application of danabol

– power sports. The drug for a long time was a favorite among weightlifters and powerlifters. Now there are increasingly problems with doping control and our native methane or danabol being caught first. However, this does not prevent us from finding loopholes and gaining benefits from consumption even today.

In those sports disciplines where endurance is important or the technique of performing movements is important, danabol is not the best choice in terms of pharmacological support, although for a long time it has been used almost everywhere. The reason for the unprofitable application is a certain enslavement of muscles, which disrupts the process of respiration of the cell. In other words, oxygen delivery to the muscles is disrupted. For such athletes, there are other anabolic steroids, other combinations and “chemical maneuvers.”

Effects of danabol

Effects of danabol1. Rapid weight gain. Danabol really has an amazing effect to rapidly increase the weight of the athlete. Quality, however, leaves much to be desired. Often methane is used in various combinations with other anabolic steroids, which increases the effectiveness of the course.

2. Increased strength. The main thrust of this drug is to increase the strength indicators. An extremely relevant danabol is for weightlifters and security officials.

3. Stimulation of protein synthesis. This is due to the effects of methane and globulin (a hormone that binds the sex hormones) to certain receptors in the cell. As a result, the cell begins to produce more protein.

4. Elimination of pain in joints due to fluid retention in articular bags.

5. Excellent recovery of glycogen. Heavy workouts on the course work exhaustively on the energy reserve of glycogen. In the case of the use of danabol, rapid regeneration and recovery after training takes place.

6. Increased appetite.

7. Reduction of the stress hormone cortisol. Anabolic steroid can reduce cortisol in the blood. Thus, anti-catabolic action allows to keep the muscles from destruction even on the peaks of stress.

8. Helps to avoid muscle destruction after heavy training on the course.

9. Danabol positively affects the level of dopamine. There is an improvement in mood and a fat burning effect, which successfully remains invaluable because of a significant increase in fluid in the athlete’s body during the use of massonborne steroids.

10. Strengthening of the bone apparatus.

The effect of the use of danabol

The effect will not take long. Already in the first week the athlete feels an increase in vitality, a pleasing muscle fullness, an increase in strength and an increase in weight. In addition, there is a charge of vivacity and drive for training and everyday worries. The drug not only positively affects sports progress, but also makes it easier to deal with routine everyday routine. Danabol improves the quality of life.

How to take danabol

In practice, it is one of the easiest to use steroids. It is easy to measure the dosage, because the product is presented in the oral form, and monitor it throughout the entire cycle of mass gain. The best option is to divide the daily dosage into 5-6 equal parts and take it smoothly throughout the day.

The minimum effective dose of danabol is 50 mg. Some argue that you should not take new people over 30 mg of the drug a day. Of course, it is possible to meet the courses of performing athletes, where danabol is used in an amount of more than 100 mg per day, but it is performed for a specific purpose, under the supervision of specialists and with experience in the use of pharmacology.

5 tips to use Dianabol safely to gain muscle

Side effects of danabol

Many stereotypes about the negative effects of steroids and danabol are also associated with misconceptions about them, their work and their being.

Danabol, after being ingested, has the property of being converted to estradiol. If the recommended dosages are exceeded, fluid retention may occur and there is a risk of gynecomastia.

These undesirable effects are easily eliminated. It is enough to follow simple rules.
1. Do not increase dosage to an unreasonable maximum (over 100 mg per day).

2. Do not sit on danabol longer than 6-8 weeks (average cycle time)

3. Carry out a course of therapy with tamoxifen.

As for the negative effect on the liver

Yes, this fact is present, as in a conventional oral steroid. But all fears are much exaggerated and it has already been proven that the toxicity of danabol is harmless than the daily use of alcohol. The sportsman, having passed a cycle of the use of anabolic steroids, on “rest” gives the chance to be restored to the organs. And the liver itself comes back to normal, which can be easily checked by passing tests.

Omnadren 250

Omnadren 250

Omnadren 250 is an injectable composite testosterone preparation, effective, therefore used by athletes for muscle mass gain, strength and endurance. In the composition contains a mixture of 4 esters of the hormone, effective and relatively harmless with sports application – testosterone propionate, phenylpropionate, isocaproate and decanoate. The drug is characterized by pronounced and anabolic and androgenic properties, and, in comparison with single ethers, a more even and prolonged action – up to 2-3 weeks after the injection.

Omnadren 250: description and reviews

The first composite products of testosterone (usually a mixture of 2 to 5 esters) became available to physicians in the 20th century. Originally developed specifically for medicinal medical use, however, having shown high efficiency as sports doping (for development of athleticism), quickly spread to amateurs and sports professionals.

OmnadrenOmnadren 250 mg produced by Jalfa (Poland) is one of these drugs. During the application, it is expressed induces anabolic and, on the contrary, inhibits catabolic processes in the body (thus contributing to growth and preventing the destruction of muscles). But only this impact is not limited, because there is also a powerful increase in strength, endurance, appetite, acceleration of recovery processes, reducing fatigue, strengthening the osseous system, improving the joints, even increasing sexual desire (libido).

Omnadren 250 is an effective sport dope, which is confirmed by the reviews of athletes. But where is the power of action, there and potential risks. So, for women in sports the drug is not recommended, since it is impossible to avoid virilization (androgenization of the body). Because of the powerful androgenic properties of a mixture of testosterone esters, the athlete, who still decides to use the drug, runs the risk of encountering side effects from acne acne to alopecia.

Possible side effects of Omnadren 250 for athletes: estrogen, including severe fluid retention and gynecomastia, and also androgen. In case of a severe course of the drug, anti-estrogen (like anastrozole or letrozole to prevent estrogenic side effects), placeolone (Proviron or an analogue for increasing free testosterone and libido), even gonadotropin (to restore your own testosterone, and not only) can be involved in order to avoid consequences.

Omnadren 250: The course of injections

For sports purposes, the drug, as a rule, is used for a long time to develop the optimal effect. The course can effectively last up to 6-8 (or more) weeks, depending on the tasks, experience and tolerability of the body of the athlete.

Average recommended doses of cenforce 200 – 1-3 ml per week (250-750 mg per week, respectively), divided into several applications on equidistant days, for example, 250 mg injections on Monday and Friday. The working dosage, duration and frequency of application are selected only individually, otherwise they may be excessive or insufficient, which is unacceptable.

Omnadren 250 is actually a ready steroid course and, as a testosterone product, has enough strength to be placed solo. However, for maximum results, a combined use is preferred. The benefit of the drug is effectively and relatively safely combined with most of the relevant for the development of athletic steroids – from screaming turinabol to methenolone enanthate.

The course of application of Omnadren 250 and methandienone preparation (Danabol, Naposim and other trademarks) can be recommended for beginners and experienced athletes in order to gain muscle mass. Dosages of steroids: 500 mg per week and 40 mg per day for 6-8 weeks. At the end of the main course, a yield (testosterone propionate) is required, followed by PCT (tamoxifen citrate or tamoxifen) in order to avoid consequences.

After studying the examples of combinational courses, everyone will be able to find the appropriate tasks and effective for themselves a bunch of drugs!


Buy Oxandrolone.

Oxandrolone (better known under the brand name ANAVAR), as well as Oxandrine, Anatrophil, Vasorome. In bodybuilding has the slang name “Oksana”. This drug is an anabolic steroid, which was first released under the trademark Anavar in 1964. The drug is known for its high level of anabolic activity (400% of testosterone), at the same time, an extremely low level of androgenic activity (20% of testosterone).

Initially, Oxandrolone was developed for the treatment of such diseases:

  • HIV-infected sick people
  • Anemia
  • Turner Syndrome
  • For recovery after burns
  • Fortification of bones

But in a couple of years the anavar began to be used by lovers of a healthy lifestyle and athletes in bodybuilding. Oksana became a good substitute for alternative dianabol (methane) at the time it was the most common anabolic steroid. Athletes, not only engaged in bodybuilding, but also other sports, quickly evaluated all the advantages of this system well, and began to use oxandrolone on an ongoing basis .. actually then anavar uk and was listed in the list of controlled drugs.

Steroid profile of Oxandrolone

  • Anabolic effect: 400% of testosterone
  • Androgenic activity: 20% of testosterone
  • Aromatase (conversion to estrogens): absent
  • Hepatoxicity (liver toxicity): mild (moderate)
  • Method of use: oral form (inward), i.e. pills
  • Duration of the drug: 8-12 hours
  • Detection time: up to 45 days

Effects of taking oxandrolone

  • The main effect of oxandrolone is to increase the resolution and hardness of muscles.
  • Burns fat
  • Increases strength
  • Increases the level of growth hormone

The course of the anavar “SOLO” is inexpedient to use at the stage of gaining muscle mass. The drug is recommended for beginner steroid cycle those athletes who have a decent muscle mass and their goal is to burn subcutaneous fat, gain relief, firmness of muscles.

Anavar (Oxandrolone) – want the TRUTH?!

Side effects of taking oxandrolone

AnavarHepatoxicity (liver toxicity): moderate (weak). Even though the drug is an alpha-17-alkylated steroid. As studies showed, taking an anavar per day at a dosage of 20 mg, during 12 weeks did not affect the level of hepatic enzymes (these are indicators of liver damage).

But in which case you should know the first signs of liver damage: light stool, dark urine, pain in the right hypochondrium.

Oxandrolone is not converted into estrogens, i.e. such side effects as: gynecomastia, water retention, acne (acne), sedimentation by female type, etc. are absent.

Oxandrolone to a lesser extent affects the level of production of its own testosterone (I would say it does not even have a significant effect), but this if not to abuse, i.e. in moderate doses, the drug does not inhibit the axis of the hypothalamus-pituitary-testicles. But when the dosages of Anavar are high, the body reacts to this by reducing the production of gonadotropin, thinking that the endogenous level of testosterone is too high. The lack of stimulation of Leydig cells leads to testicular atrophy.

In turn, the suppression of the production of its own testosterone is manifested by a decrease in LIBIDO and a flaccid erection. But with this you can fight by adding to the course GONADOTROPIN or simply simply do a combined course with androgenic drugs.

Very rarely, but still sometimes there are such side effects from taking Anavar:

  • Decreased appetite
  • Nausea
  • Stomach ache
  • Headache
  • Blood pressure rise

In principle, side effects are very rare, so the drug is one of the safest anabolic steroids.


Turinadrol 10

Turinadrol 10

Turinadrol 10, manufactured by the pharmacological company Luka Labs, is a steroid that exhibits high anabolic activity and a rather weak androgenic effect. Its reception allows you to increase the power indicators in a fairly short time. Dehydrochloromethyltestesterone acts as the active substance of the steroid.

TurinadrolThe drug is produced in India, but the active component itself was not discovered in this country, but in East Germany. The drug, which has a unique formula, disperses protein metabolism, which allows the muscles to recover as quickly as possible, and, therefore, to grow.

A high-powered steroid and a solo course helps newcomers to improve their strength. It gives growth and improvement of the muscles not because of the accumulation of liquid (water) in the tissues, but solely because the fibers increase in thickness.

The drug is great for the drying period, when the athlete needs to prepare for the competition. Its intake increases the dry muscle mass, since water in the body does not linger. Another undeniable advantage is that it is removed from the blood quickly enough. This creates difficulties in detecting it.

The steroid is superior to Testosterone in two ways:

  • weak androgenic activity, which is two orders of magnitude lower;
  • increased anabolic effect, which is twice as high as that of testosterone.

Turinadrol can be taken not only by men, but also by women.

What is the effect of Turinadrol?

The admission of this anabolic steroid leads to the following positive changes:

  • increases strength and endurance;
  • provides a small, but guaranteed, increase in the relief dry muscle mass;
  • improves mood and promotes the appearance of a good appetite;
  • increases the quality of speed indicators;
  • reduces body weight solely through the burning of fat, but not the loss of muscle mass;
  • helps to increase work capacity and gain a sense of confidence;
  • Do not give a big rollback after the cancellation, because it does not hold water in the muscles.

The drug enjoys well-deserved popularity among athletes. He has established himself exclusively as a quality and reliable steroid.

How to take Turinabol

Bodybuilders of a professional level often take a steroid together with Decanoat, Sustanon or Nandrolone. The exact dosage is determined by the athlete’s individual indices-weight and physics. Choose the course you need only for yourself, and start the reception after consulting a specialist.

The average dosage is between 10 and 25 milligrams per day. Do not exceed the recommended daily allowance. The exception can be experienced athletes with an impressive body weight of 90 kilograms and more, taking 40 and even 45 milligrams per day.

Precaution is never superfluous. Dosage should be calculated only for individual needs and features of physical indicators. We should not forget about post-course therapy.

Recommended Dose Of Turinabol

Possible side effects of Turinadrol 10

Low estrogenic activity of the drug does not guarantee the complete absence of negative manifestations. Side effects occur either because of individual intolerance, or because of an overdose.

Negative effects include:

  • acne – acne;
  • loss of hair;
  • disorder of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • a deleterious effect on the liver and prostate.

In order not to face undesirable consequences in the pursuit of rapid results, you should never neglect the instructions and recommendations for taking Turinadrol 10.

Reviews about the steroid Turinadrol 10

Almost all athletes respond to the drug only in a positive context. This is the result of the fact that the steroid possesses the most important qualities for every bodybuilder. It practically does not cause any negative effects, if not exceed the dosage, is pure, potent and affordable in cost.

Having shown the most competent approach to receiving Turinadrol 10, following the instructions, advice of experts and experienced athletes, you can achieve stable and rapid results.

Nandrolone decanoate

Safe steroid for mass gain: nandrolone

Nandrolone decanoate is a popular drug among amateurs and long-serving athletes. Provides an increase in muscle mass without particularly obvious manifestations of side effects. It is used exclusively in cycles for a set of muscle mass. Always goes in conjunction with other steroids to pay off the pox and improve the efficiency of the cycle.

Nandrolone acts on the principle of increasing the nitrogen balance – an increase in the stock of nitrogen. Nitrogen, in turn, is necessarily a part of the protein. An athlete whose balance is in a positive state provides a direct impetus to the growth of new muscle cells that can produce more protein than before.

Nandrolone decanoate also acts as an anti-catabolic, extinguishes the stress hormone cortisol. The blocking of cortisol receptors is palpable even during low-carbohydrate diets. In this case, the athlete is more quickly recovered and can afford harder training.

Nandrolone in bodybuilding is used in mass-gathering cycles to increase muscle mass. On drying courses, use the drug unprofitable. As a rule, nandrolone decanoate is allowed in conjunction with a powerful androgen, like testosterone propionate or enanthate. In the second half of the course, the nandrolone is replaced with boldenone or primock.

Nandrolone Cycle

Nandrolone in other sports. A lot of doping scandals caused exactly by the use of this drug. Football players and tennis players used nandrolone to increase stamina. The fact is that nandrolone is not the best drug for increasing strength, but the endurance from it grows substantially, thanks to the formation of blood cells of red blood cells. It is cost-effective to use a safe steroid for weight gain in functional sports, where the category is not important and if the dope does not threaten.

Another positive aspect of nandrolone is the delay of the bluish fluid in the articular bags. Due to this effect, the athlete forgets about his old injuries and complaints of pain in the joints, knees, elbows. This again allows you to train more intensively and safely bring your body to the peak of the form. The only thing is that the censures are returned after the withdrawal of the drug.

Of course, one of the goals is to return the joints to a full-fledged work. So Nandrolone has a positive effect on the level of calcium in the body, why it is used in medicine in the treatment of osteoporosis.

Nandrolone and water retention. This effect is present on the course of nandrolone only with increasing dosages. However, this is not expressed in such a powerful degree as when using the same testosterone.

A little chemistry. Testosterone – male sex hormone – under the action of enzymes turns into its active form dihydrotestosterone. As a result, we are dealing with a powerful androgen, but with a large list of side effects. Nandrolone is a safe steroid for weight gain, because it turns into softer androgen-dihydronandrolone. As a result, the athlete avoids problems with the manifestation of the negative from the use of anabolic steroids.

When using nandrolone in adequate dosages, side effects are absent in practice. Of course, you can face increased pressure, but this is more likely a normal phenomenon, when a person begins to grow muscular mass rapidly. Increase in pressure can not be avoided even in conditions of natural training.

Dosages of nandrolone decanoate

If the athlete only begins to get acquainted with sports pharmacology, then you can start with 200-300 mg for a week. For mid-level athletes, the standard dosage is 400-600 mg of nandrolone per week. The most advanced users of anabolic steroids use the tablet at doses of 1 gram per week.

The frequency of dosing is once per 7-8 days, based on the half-life of the substance. However, professionals advise more frequent injections for the stable maintenance of a steroid in the blood.

With what to bind nandrolone?

Let nandrolone and acts as a safe steroid on a set of mass, to use solo it is unreasonable. Because it is taken to create anabolic combinations. A good bunch for mass gain is retabolil and testosterone propionate, nandrolone phenylpropionate and testosterone cypionate. Super powerful to gain weight can be with the help of deca durabolin, testosterone C and methandrostenolone.

To quench the progestagenic activity of nandrolone, it is reasonable to add Winstrol or the oral form – strombofort. In this case, the quality of the recruited mass increases and the side effects in the form of fluid retention are minimized.

After course therapy PKT and nandrolone

To restore the body after the course of nandrolone, in principle, standard drugs on PCT are used: gonadotropin, clomid



Earlier, ephedrine was used to eliminate nasal congestion during colds and fever, with difficulty breathing, to improve sputum discharge and treat bronchial asthma. Ephedrine can be used in other conditions, in accordance with the directions of the doctor. From a medical point of view, ephedrine is primarily a decongestant and bronchodilator, in bodybuilding, ephedrine is used as a fat burner, which causes the activation of adrenergic receptors and the release of such stimulating hormones as adrenaline and noradrenaline into the blood.

Fat burners with ephedrine are currently banned, since the turnover of ephedrine is under control, due to the fact that it is used for the manufacture of narcotic substances, but in fact it can still be purchased on the Internet or a sports hall. Ephedrine fat burners are very powerful drugs that can be hazardous to health. Do not take ephedrine if you are allergic to it, if you take antidepressants, furazolidone, if you have cardiovascular disease.

Before using ephedrine, you should always consult a doctor, you need to know that ephedrine is also not recommended if you are breastfeeding, pregnant or planning a child.

Ephedrine Effectiveness–Ask The Machine

How to use ephedrine?

How to use ephedrineEphedrine should be used with extreme caution. If you buy fat burners with ephedrine, then you must strictly follow all the recommendations that are given by the manufacturer. When using pure ephedrine, a preliminary consultation with a doctor is required.

Ephedrine can be taken with food and on an empty stomach, it does not matter. If you take ephedrine after a meal, then its absorption slows down, so the manifestation of some side effects decreases. If you want the effect of ephedrine to be softer, drink it after eating. Ephedrine is usually taken 2-3 times a day. Do not eat it in the evening, as this can cause insomnia.


Ephedrine can be combined with clenbuterol. Clenbuterol also interacts with adrenoreceptors, but only with the type of beta-2. Clenbuterol and ephedrine potentiate the action of each other, and many athletes note a softer and at the same time more effective combination action. Clenbuterol is used in medicine as a bronchodilator for the treatment of bronchial asthma.

Clenbuterol has a long half-life, so it is taken only once a day. The combination of ephedrine + Clenbuterol is not approved by official medicine, so the optimal ratios and doses are not known. Before you start taking Clenbuterol, you need to consult a doctor.


Relatively pure course – Primobolan Winstrol

Week 1: 100 mg of 50 mg

Week 2: 100 mg of 50 mg

Week 3: 200 mg of 100 mg

Week 4: 200 mg of 100 mg

Week 5: 200 mg of 150 mg

Week 6: 200 mg of 150 mg

Week 7: 300 mg of 150 mg

Week 8: 200 mg of 150 mg

Week 9: 200 mg of 100 mg

Week 10: 200 mg of 100 mg

Week 11: 100 mg of 50 mg

Week 12: 100 mg of 50 mg

PrimobolanThe effect of this combination can be strengthened by introducing the third component. These are usually some androgen, for example, omnadren, testanate or testosterone propionate. Those who do not want to expose themselves to the slightest risk of their own health as an androgenic component can try to apply andriol. In general, it should be noted that the combination of testosterone and Winstrol is one of the most favorite dishes in the arsenal of experienced bodybuilders who have long since discovered that with simultaneous use of androgens with Winstrol, the effectiveness of both components increases dramatically. In this case, there is a synergistic effect, and the receptors of muscle cells more successfully trap the steroid molecules. As for primobolan (at least, its injectable form), it can be used not only in combination with Winstrol, but also with other drugs, such as methane, sustanone and others.

When designing admission regimens based on injections of Primobolan and Winstrol, it is important to consider how long this and the other drug works. For example, injectable primobolan is an enanthate form of methenolone, and therefore “works” for a relatively long time, and it is not necessary to inject more often than once a week. By the way, in favor of rarer injections says a relatively high concentration of the drug – 100 mg in one ampoule. As for Winstrol, since injectable Winstrol (Winstrol Depot) is, in fact, an aqueous solution of stanozolol (suspension), the half-life of this steroid is quite short. As a result, athletes have experimentally found out that injections of Winstrol should be done quite often – at least three times a week. It is for this reason that objectively more effective Winstrol Depot is often replaced by oral Winstrol. It happens in those cases when the weekly dosage of the user is relatively low. Judge for yourself: 150 mg Winstrol per week is ideal for the user, since these are three ampoules of 50 mg, which can be stitched every other day. Well, what if the weekly dosage is only 50-100 mg? Doing one or two injections per week is not very effective, and then vinstrol tablets, whose dosage is only 2 mg, come to the rescue.

My thoughts on Primobolan: By Dylan Gemelli

In general, the extremely rapid inclusion in the work of Winstrol – one of the most valuable qualities of this drug. Competing bodybuilders claim that they begin to “feel” the work of Winstrol in some two hours after the injection! Experimenting with Winstrol and doing just one injection per week, I myself discovered a clear pattern: the next day after the injection (or rather the evening) I entered the room and experienced a significant surge of energy and was able to raise more than usual weight!

Winstrol depotAnother property Winstrol loved by bodybuilders is that it can lead to a marked increase in muscle volume with local injections, acting like an esciclena.

From the foregoing it is clear that primobolan and Winstrol can be used when working for “mass”, but in precompetition preparation these preparations are simply irreplaceable, as they do not cause aromatization and do not lead to water retention. Primobolan, which is generally inferior in its anabolic properties to retabolil (deca-durabolin), is also valued by competing bodybuilders also because it leaves the body relatively quickly, while the restabolil is “caught” in doping control even a year after the completion of its intake!

Another valuable quality of primobolan when working on the relief is that it is able to promote muscle building even when the body is experiencing a calorie deficit.

Interesting things tell about oral primobolana: allegedly applying it locally to especially heavily “swollen” areas, you can achieve fat burning. The famous American steroid guru Dan Duchain in his book “Ask the guru” even explains how to do it: “My advice: buy a mortar and pestle, crush four 5 mg tablets, pour 1 / 4-1 / 2 teaspoon 99% dimethyl sulfoxide and mix before dissolution, some of the tablet binder is insoluble, so do not wait for complete dissolution.Dilute the mixture with water to 55% solution (1: 1, dimethylsulfoxide: water) and apply this solution to the skin, to those stubborn places that are difficult melt even with severe diet e. The steroid is absorbed quickly into the skin and into the bloodstream. This method all the 20 mg primobolanatsetata fall in blood. “


Anapolon: how to take and how to combine


Anapolon is a rather controversial drug, but nevertheless its anabolic effect can not be challenged by any athlete. He is rightly considered one of the most effective anabolic steroids, which are available on sale today. Before buying Anapolon, it is worth to learn more about its effects, as well as to consider the proper ways of using it and combining it with other drugs. For these purposes, Sustanon, Priviron, Parabolanum and other drugs that perfectly enhance the positive effects of Anapolone will perfectly show themselves.

Naturally, it can hardly be called an AS for beginners, since Anapolon and side effects are inseparable friends, which can be very serious for an unprepared organism. That is why this kind of AU can not be taken thoughtlessly. With careful preparation and some experience, most side effects can be minimized to a level where they do not cause unnecessary discomfort and generally have any effect on the quality of life. For this reason, Anapolon is rarely recommended for those who are preparing for their first or second course and are just beginning to get acquainted with the world of anabolic steroids.

Anapolon: price and general recommendations

Naturally, Anapolon would not be so popular, without the presence of quite serious pluses, which are called upon to 100% realize the goals of the one who decided to use it:

1.It is able to realize the most serious plans of athletes.

2. Excellent speaker for those people who think about sports career.

3. Full return in the case of a certain experience in the use of the AU (under the condition of experience in minimizing “pobochek”).

Anadrol – Oxymetholone Facts and Lies

Value in Anapolon prices and quality

Anapolon ​​side effectsNaturally, the list of all the pluses of this speaker is quite wide, but for the disclosure of its full potential it is important not only to know what Anadrolon is, but how to take and correctly combine it with other drugs. One of the features of this AS is a fairly serious accumulation of fluid in the body. This causes the athlete to combine Anapolon with other steroids, which will help reduce the accumulation of water. The same Priviron is excellent for this purpose, so the main thing is the proper selection of drugs that will minimize the impact of pobochek, and not vice versa. As you know, just buy Anapolon and thoughtlessly take it, enjoying life and progress in sports, is clearly not the right approach. Nevertheless, in skillful hands and with the appropriate experience, it turns into a powerful weapon that allows you to progress in the sport and cause envy among others.

Anapolon: ​​side effects

Of course, every sensible athlete understands that there are no anabolic steroids that do not have a number of side effects. Some of them have a rather modest list of side effects, which are overlapped by the use of one, at most – two drugs. Others have such an impressive list of attendant “surprises” that they can frighten inexperienced athletes. Anapolon and side effects that you will see are pretty inseparable couple. This is the main reason why he is popular with experienced athletes who know most of the “chalks” not by hearsay and know not only their enemy in person, but also ways that allow him to effectively resist.




Is an anabolic steroid, the people are called simply methane. Androgens and anabolic steroids in the human body mimic the action of testosterone, which creates a direct link between taking drugs and increasing physical performance. When anabolic is used, there is a significant increase in strength and muscle mass. As a result, the steroid is a priority for the siloviki and bodybuilders.

Anabolic steroids increase the athlete’s physical potential. This is absolutely not bad, as the competitive environment itself dictates terms and rules. And it becomes obvious that pharmacological support is important for a worthy performance. But the desire to develop has affected not only the performing athletes. More and more we notice people using anabolic steroids in their own personal goals. In fact, steroids – this is a racing car, which in the hands of the craftsman gives crazy advantages, entertainment and the brightness of the sensation of the world around. Among all racing cars has long been entrenched legendary anabolic steroid – anabol.

Do not hear about anabol – it’s impossible. The anabolic steroid is very popular, since more than 50 years have passed since the discovery, but its relevance has not been lost. Legendary anabol is characterized by a rapid manifestation of effects and an essentially obvious performance.

Steroid anabol was discovered back in 1956 and is presented for use by American John Ziegler. Then the drug was flaunted under the brand of dianabol. This was the starting point in the development of sports, since anabol was not banned and was used in almost all sports, sometimes not entirely appropriate. Anabol is the basis for the development of strength among weightlifters and siloviki. In the USSR, they did not do without him in preparation for serious competitions.

And now, the countries of the USSR have long been gone, and preparations issued more than half a century ago continue to function in markets and sports circles. Analyzing the arsenal of current pharmacology, of course, you can rejoice in innovation and diversity. But the efficacy of anabolus will not be avoided either now or in the near future. Anabol is an effective anabolic steroid used by high-level athletes.

Anabol significantly increases strength and weight. But representatives of sports disciplines, where stamina and accuracy of movement are important, the technique should be cautious in relation to this drug. The fact is that anabol can work a little on the muscles, which will cause a loss of functionality. For runners for long distances, martial artists, tennis players, there are other selections of pharmacological tools that will prove more effective in a particular case.

Effects of anabol

Effects of anabol1. Increase in muscle mass. One of the priority effects of this steroid. Use anabol bodybuilders in combination with other anabolic drugs to gain muscle mass. The fact is that bodybuilders are interested in the real muscle growth, which can be achieved by combining anabol together with other steroids of the same orientation. With the same testosterone, anabol will prove more effective.

2. Increase in strength indicators. Perhaps, it was possible to put this effect on the first place. Anabol is a priority drug for weightlifters, because in a short time it significantly increases the physical potential of the athlete. The use of anabola significantly increases strength and can push the athlete to new achievements.

3. Stimulation of protein synthesis. The molecule of substance on a pair with SHGG globulin affects the receptors of the cell, as a result of which the production of more protein is stimulated. This phenomenon can be designated as an anabolic process. There is an increase in muscle mass.

4. Elimination of pain from old injuries. Manifestations of the anabol cause some fluid retention in the joint bags, which eliminates pain in the joints. This allows you to train more intensively and achieve results.

5. Regeneration of glycogen. For bodybuilding, glycogen is the main source of energy supply. It is formed due to the process of glycolysis, from carbohydrates. It is stored in the liver and muscles. The use of anabola promotes the rapid recovery of glycogen, which affects the general well-being of the athlete and gives the opportunity to exercise more.

6. Decreased cortisol. The hormone cortisol is formed as a result of various stresses. Anabolic steroid anabol in its direction suppresses its production and promotes bright progress. Muscles are preserved from destruction, and the mass begins to grow a priori.

7. Increased appetite. The use of pharmacological agents to increase mass – steroids – provokes the activation of metabolic processes, the body begins to demand more nutrients for the construction of new muscle structures.

8. Anticatabolic action. Anabol does not allow to break down muscles and works, as anti-catabolic, as, in principle, any other anabolic steroid.

9. Fat-burning effect. Anabol is able to influence the process of lipolysis – to burn subcutaneous fat. This is due to the additional production of dopamine. However, anabol is not advisable to use on the course of drying, as it is difficult to track the process of losing excess weight due to fluid retention in the body.

10. Strengthening of the bone apparatus. For this purpose, anabolus is also used in medicine. In sport, this effect has also become popular, which raises working capacity and protects against injuries.

The general effect of anabolic use is felt already in the first week. The athlete feels an increase in strength and weight gain from the very beginning of the drug. The development of dopamine will lead to an improvement in well-being, vitality and drive for training. Muscles are pleasantly filled and training gives an unforgettable feeling of pumping. Anabolic steroid not only improves efficiency and promotes progress, but also gives self-confidence for solving ordinary, vital affairs.

Dbol (Dianabol) vs. Anabol

How to take anabolic?

Anabolic steroid is available in the form of tablets, and the oral form makes it possible to easily pick up the necessary dosage and vary it, based on your own goals and individual tolerability. Anabol is perfectly combined with other pharmacological preparations focused on mass gain.

The best effects are observed if the daily dosage is divided into 5-6 equal parts and taken evenly throughout the day. Thus, the level of steroid content in the blood will be maintained.

Dosage of anabol

Dosage of anabolThe daily amount of the substance used varies easily due to its oral form. Therefore, you can start with a minimum dosage, if you have never had an experience of using pharmacology – with 10 mg. And then increase it to 30 mg per day. With good individual tolerance, you can reach up to 50 mg, if this is the only drug on the course.

With what to connect anabolic?

For bodybuilders, this drug is effective when it is coupled with other steroids that stabilize the androgen receptors and are directed to mass gain: testosterone, trenbolone, nandrolone, primobol (primover), oxandrolone.

The killer bunch for mass recruitment is the trio – anabol (methandienone), testosterone P, nandrolone.

The symbiosis of anabol (danabol) and testosterone enanthate gives a crazy increase in strength, which is actively used by powerlifters.

You can try a course of oral steroids – anabola, oxera and stavela. In this case there will be a significant increase in strength and a more qualitative muscle mass.

Side Effects of Anabol

The drug has the property of converting to estradiol, because of which there is a certain fluid retention in the body. Avoid this, if you adhere to adequate dosages, do rest between pharmacology courses and conduct after the course therapy with the use of antiestrogens – tamoxifen.

The harm of anabol on the liver is rather exaggerated. Oral steroid can increase the activity of this organ, but the liver after the course is able to recover itself and no negative effects are observed. A few weeks after the course, you can take tests and track the processes taking place in the body.


Methandrostenolone (Methandienone)

Dianabol is a new sample used today by the oral steroid, which has a strong effect on protein metabolism. Under the influence of Dianabol, the synthesis of proteins is intensified, and thus the production of protein by the body is accelerated. This effect is expressed in a positive balance of nitrogen in the body and in improving the general condition of a person. The balance of calcium is also a positive effect: Dianabol contributes to the intake of calcium in bone tissue. Dianabol is indicated for all diseases and conditions in which the anabolic effect is shown (the effect is directed to the accelerated growth of the protein) and the restorative effect (part of the annotation withdrawn in 1982 from the sale of the German anabolic Dianabol firm Ciba, Ver / Baden).

MethandienoneDianabol is an oral anabolic that was obtained by the American doctor John Ziegler with the assistance of the firm Ciba-Geigy in 1956. It began selling in the USA for the first time in 1960. And a little bit later it was already on the markets of many countries. For several years, Dianabol has become the favorite and most used anabolic athlete of all sports. 1.05.82 the company “Ciba-Geigy” withdrew all the drugs sold under the trade name Dianabol from sale, and, in all forms of its release, because of abuses. The firm then explained its step to the growing misuse of Dianabol in some developing countries, where this drug was prescribed to increase appetite, to better assimilate the proteins, and without exception, even to women and children. Three years later, on 1.05.85, anabolic veterinary anabol was also withdrawn from sale. Because the patent law of the firm “Ciba-Geigy” for the active chemical substance methandrostenolone (and also methandienone) has not been valid for several years, other companies have the right to provide athletes with this medicine. Manufacturers of the most diverse countries began to market this substance under their own names (see the list of trade names). By its chemical structure, Dianabol is similar to 17-alpha-methyltestosterone. And as a result, Dianabol has a strong anabolic and androgenic effect, which manifests itself in a huge increase in strength and mass. Dianabol is simply a “steroid of muscle mass”, which acts quickly and reliably. Adding one two kilograms a week for the first six weeks is when taking Dianabol norm. The weight gain of the body is made up of the true increase in tissue (hypertrophy of the muscle fibers) and, above all, from a noticeable fluid retention in the body. Dianabol is very easily aromatized, i.e. part of the substance is converted into estrogens, so that Dianabol is not a very good tool when preparing for competitions. Excessive accumulation of water and aromatization can be easily avoided in most cases by simultaneous combination with the use of Nolvadex and Proviron, so that some athletes can use Dianabol all the time until 3-4 days before the competition.

The range of dosages is very different, especially among bodybuilding athletes, weightlifters and athletes of power lifting. This spectrum extends from 2 tablets per day to 20 or more tablets daily intake. Those athletes who believe that they should definitely take a two-digit number of tablets on a daily basis should listen to Ciba-Geigy’s statement about their own drug Dianabol, saying interesting and worthy of attention: “The most obvious criterion for the action of Dianabol is the increase in body weight There seems to be no direct proportionality between weight gain and dosage height. ” Authors R. Hecr and H. De Mare insist on this in his book “hormonal regulation and psychophysical predisposition in big sports,” where on page 55 you can read: “It is impossible to establish any simple interdependencies between the dose taken and the height of its concentration in blood”. It goes without saying that the authors do not mean that from now on every athlete should take only one 5-milligram tablet a day, and yet this statement along with long-term observations help the athletes to pick up for themselves an individual reasonable dose. The daily dose, which really works well for an athlete, is somewhere between 15 and 40 mg per day. Dosage should always correspond to the individual characteristics of the athlete. Beginners in steroids should never take more than 15 to 20 mg per day, because already with this dose in 8 – 10 weeks they can achieve fantastic results. If, however, the effect of the drug on this group of athletes decreases after about eight weeks, and the athlete still would like to continue the course, he should not increase the dosage of the drug, you only need in addition to him to take any injection steroid, such as Deca-Durabolin 200 mg per week or Primabolon at 200 mg per week or completely switch to one of the above drugs.

The use of testosterone in this stage is not recommended. Wait a little, everything is still ahead. For the very impatient and already experienced athletes (athletes of the advanced stage), a combination of Dianabol 20-30 mg per day and Deca-Durabolin 200-400 mg per week will create wonders. Daniel Duchaine himself in his book “The Handbook of Steroids 2″ writes on page 33: “If you do not build a mass with Deca and Dianabol, then do not build anything at all, no matter how good the drug is.

How to bulk up with Dianabol?

In essence, athletes without ambitions with a view to competitions can achieve quite outstanding successes with Dianabol and Deca. The athletes of the big sport, the advanced athletes and those weighing over 100 kg, need a dose not exceeding 40 mg per day, well, in very rare cases, in 50 mg daily intake. It does not really make sense to increase the number of Dianabol tablets to an incommensurable scale, 15 tablets do not work 2 times better than 7 or 8. The daily dose of 50 mg comes from a pure ignorance of the athletes of the facts about the apparatus, or from despair, because in some, due to the uninterrupted or incorrect reception of the steroid, no progress is seen. The simultaneous use of Dianabol and Anapolon 50 is a bad idea, because these two drugs are too similar in their effect, resulting in a situation similar to that when the athlete takes 10 or more Dianabol tablets. Those who are primarily interested in force, and then muscle mass, can combine Dianabol with Oxandrolone or Winstrol (in tablets). The additional intake of any injectable steroid still produces noticeably better results. To increase strength and muscle mass, Sustanon or Testoviron long-acting 250 mg per week and / or Deca-Durabolin 200 mg per week is especially suitable. To prepare for the competition, Dianabol is fit only with reservations, because in many athletes it causes a large accumulation of water and due to its high convertibility in estrogens it makes it difficult for the athlete to reduce fat. Those who do not suffer from this problem, as well as those who have made a hand with Nolvadeks and Proviron, should take Dianabol with steroids in this phase to prepare for the competition: Parabolan, Long-acting Winstrol, Masteron, Oxandrolon, and others.

Because Dianabol only works 3.2 – 4.5 hours, it should be taken at least twice a day to achieve a sufficient concentration of the chemical in the blood. Scientific studies have established that the time of exposure to Dianabol in training days compared with days of rest from them is even shorter, so it seems full of meaning, taking the drug three times a day. Because Dianabol is calibrated for 17-alpha and already this is protected from the loss of its chemical active substance, it should be taken with food, which can often be avoided by advancing gastrointestinal disorders. On the third day after the end of Dianabol, the presence of its active chemical Methandrostenolone (methandienone) in the blood, according to the results of the tests, is negative. This means that the action of the tablets has passed. The athlete should still rely only on the negative urine sample, because the release of the products of the decomposition of methandrostenolone by urine lasts longer. The maximum concentration of the active chemical Dianabol in the blood is reached after an hour – three hours after its administration. Already a simple intake of only 10 mg is manifested in a fivefold increase in the average amount of testosterone in a male. An important reason why Dianabol works well for every athlete is that the endogenous cortisone production is reduced by 50 to 70%. This greatly slows down the percentage of protein breakdown in the muscle cell.

Danabol DS (10mg) company March PharmaceuticalsWomen Dianabol is not advisable, t. on the basis of its strong component, it causes noticeable phenomena of masculinization in women. And yet a sufficient number of athletes bodybuilding and especially athletes powerlifting take Dianabol and at doses of 10 – 20mg a day achieve tremendous success. Women who are not sensitive to an additional influx of androgens, and those that are completely unafraid of the occasional phenomena of masculinization, well manage a dose of 2 to 4 tablets for a maximum of 4 to 6 weeks. Higher dosages and a longer time of administration lead to better results, but the presence of androgens in the female body is noticeable. More than 10 mg per day and 50 to 100 mg of Durabolinum per day over 4 to 6 weeks should not be taken by any woman who values ​​her femininity.

DianabolAlthough Dianabol has many potential side effects, they are rare at a dosage of up to 20 mg per day. Because Dianabol is acclimated to 17-alpha, there is an increased burden on the liver. In high dosages and with prolonged use, Dianabol acts on the liver toxic. And yet, he can even increase the secretion of the liver even at a dosage of only 10 mg per day, which is normal again when the drug is discontinued. Because Dianabol rapidly increases weight by means of strong water accumulation, pressure increase and increased heart rate may occur, which makes it necessary to take an antihypertensive (pressure-lowering agent) in the circumstances, such as Cataprizan. An additional method of Nolvadex and Proviron can be used here, since Dianabol is highly aromatized and easily converted into estrogens, causing some athletes gynecomastia and worsening an already bad condition. Due to the strong androgenic component and its conversion to dihydrotestosterone, Dianabol can cause some athletes to have an increased acne vulgar on the face, neck, chest, back and shoulders. the activity of the sebaceous glands is activated. With a corresponding hereditary predisposition, Dianabol can accelerate hair loss, which is again caused by the high convertibility of its chemical substance into dihydrotestosterone. Dianabol has a significant effect on the level of endogenous testosterone. Studies have shown that taking 20 mg of Dianabol per day for more than 10 days already reduces the level of testosterone production in the body by 30-40%. This is due to the pronounced antigonadotropic effect of Dianabol, i.e. it inhibits the production of gonadotropins (FSH (follicular-stimulating hormone) and LH (lutesinizing hormone)) through the pituitary gland. Another drawback is that as the drug is discontinued, the loss of strength and muscle mass following this is often observed, Accumulated during the intake of the drug in the body, water is again removed from it. In high doses, 50 mg per day, there is in some cases a growing aggressive behavior of the athlete, which, if it was directed solely at training, could be an advantage of the drug. Those who are naturally easy to “explode” by nature should pay attention to this quality of Dianabol, so that its reception does not lead to uncontrolled actions. Despite all the possible problems Dianabol is for most athletes an anabolic “well-being” that improves mood and increases appetite in many athletes in combination with the results achieved and contributes to psychological enlightenment and increased self-esteem.

For years, the only source of Dianabol for athletes is the black market of steroids. There you will find Dianabol of all kinds of colors, forms of release, of various shapes and under a variety of trade names. Those who are interested in buying only the original, should pay attention to the fact that the selected product was included in the list of usual trade names of preparations containing methandrostenolone (methandienone).

Benefits of Deca Durabolin


Deca-Durabolin is the brand name of Organon, whose products contain nandrolone decanoate. And although this substance is contained in many drugs, every athlete, at his mention, thinks immediately about deca-durabolin. Organon began delivering Decks to the market in the early 60’s. It was an injection drug of various dosages. Packages of 50 mg / ml and 100 mg / ml were the most common. Deca-durabolin is the most common and most used injectable steroid. The addiction to it is explained by the various possibilities of its application and positive results. The main quality of the Deck is clearly described in the annotations attached to it by the firm “Organon GmbH”; “A good anabolic effect of nandrolondecanoate in its positive nitrogen balance.” As described in one of the previous chapters, nitrogen in the bound state is an integral part of the protein. Deca-durabolin causes the muscle cell to accumulate more nitrogen than it gives, which leads to a positive nitrogen balance. Positive nitrogen balance is equivalent to muscle growth, because The muscle cell in this phase accumulates more protein than usual. Manufacturers themselves indicate in their annotations to their preparations that when they receive a positive balance of nitrogen and with it a good effect of protein production with a sufficient supply of calories and proteins. This should be known, because otherwise you will not achieve satisfactory results. A strong anabolic effect of Deca-Durabolin combines with a small androgenic component, Deca provides a good increase in muscle mass and strength. At the same time, the majority of athletes have a noticeable accumulation of water in the body, which is not as strong as when injecting testosterone, but still leads in high dosages to an elastic and watery appearance. Because The deca accumulates water in the connective tissue, then this drug can alleviate or completely eliminate pain in the joints. Therefore, athletes suffering from pain in the shoulders, elbows, knees, can train painlessly when taking Deca-Durabolin.

Deca-durabolinAnother “pros” is that Deca blocks the receptors of kartzol and, as a result, a smaller amount of it gets to the muscle cells and to the cells of connective tissue. Athletes use Deca-Durabolin to build muscle mass and in preparation for the competition.

Deca is well suited for building muscle mass. promotes the synthesis of protein and simultaneously affects the retention of water in the body. The optimal dosage here is somewhere between 200 and 600 mg per week. Scientific studies have shown that the best results are achieved with taking 4 mg of the drug per 1 kg of weight per week. Who chooses a dosage less than 200 mg per week, will feel only a very weak anabolic effect, which is greatly enhanced with increasing doses. Anabolic, and therefore, the construction function of Deca-Durabolin depends to some extent on the dosage, i.e. in the range of 200 to 600 mg per week, the anabolic effect increases almost in a direct proportional relationship to the dose. Those who choose a dose of more than 600 mg per week, shift the ratio of positively negative effects to side effects. In addition, anabolic effects no longer increase in a directly proportional dose to a dosage above 600 mg per week, 1000 mg per week will not yield better results than 600 mg. Beginners in steroid courses should be content with a dose of 200 mg per week. To build muscle mass, Deca is very well combined with Dianabol and testosterone. The famous combination Dianabol-Dec provides fast and strong muscle growth. Most athletes usually take 15-40 mg of dianabol per day and 200-400 mg of Deca per week. Even more rapid results are achieved by taking 400 mg of Deca a week and 500 mg of Soustanol 250 per week. About a huge increase in muscle and strength, athletes say when taking 400 mg of Deca per week, 500 mg of Soustanola 250 per week and 30 mg of Dianabol per day. Deca is a good basic steroid, which for combining muscle mass is combined with many other steroids.

Although Deca-Durabolin is not the optimal steroid for preparing for competitions, it brings good results to many athletes in this phase. Because Deca – long-acting anabolic, there is a danger of accumulation of excessive amounts of water before the competition at a higher dosage.

Benefits of Deca Durabolin

This problem can easily be avoided by injecting a more rapidly acting Durabolin with its active chemical nandrolonyl phenyl propionate. Transformation into estrogens, i.e. aromatization, are possible with the reception of Deca-Durabolin, but appear only at a dosage of over 400 mg per week. Before the competition with doping controls, Deco should not be taken, because the disintegration products found in the body are found in the urine even months later. Those to whom such controls are not threatened, can use Deco as a basic drug of strong anabolic effects at doses of 400 mg per week. Contained in doses of 400 mg per week androgens help to the same acceleration of regeneration. The danger of water accumulation and aromatization is eliminated by the combined use of Proviron and Nolvadex. Often observed in the athletes preparing for the championships, the combination is included under the name: “Deca-Durabolone 400 mg per week + Winstrol 500 mg per week, Parabolan 228 mg per week, Oxandrolone 25 mg per week.” Although the side effects of Deca are relatively small, at the dosages of more than 400 mg per week, androgenic conditions may occur, which is manifested in increased blood pressure, in the slowdown of the process of coagulation, which can lead to frequent nasal bleeding and bleeding long healing wounds, and also increased activity of the sebaceous glands and sometimes to progressive acne. The old athletes talk about headaches and sexual superstimulation. When taking very high doses for a longer time, men may experience delays in spermatogenesis, i.e. the testes will produce less testosterone. This is the reason that Deca-Durabolin, like almost all steroids, causes a delay in the release of gonadotropins from the hypophysis.

Women, judging by experience, at a dosage of 200 mg per week do not have much trouble with Deca. At higher doses, the androgen-induced effects of masculinization may occur: decreased voice timbres (often irreversible), increased hair, acne, increased libido, and sometimes clitoral hypertrophy. Women who have subcutaneous problems with Deca-Durabolin even at a dosage of 50 mg per week can improve their condition with the help of the often-mentioned faster acting Durabolin. In one-, two-time administration of 50 mg of Durabolin per week, an undesirable accumulation of androgens is not observed, in contrast to the long-acting Deca. Because most of the athletes do an excellent job with Deca Durabolin, they combine it with Oxandropolone: ​​Deca 50 mg per week – Oxandropolone 10 mg per day. Both drugs in low dosages are weakly androgenic, so that the phenomena of masculinization are rare. Deca by means of an increased synthesis of proteins provides a small increase in muscle, and Oxandrolone, due to the increased synthesis of creatine phosphate, provides an increase in strength with very little accumulation of water. Other frequently observed at the athletes reception options are Deca + Winstrol tablets, or Deca + Primobolan S tablets

Because Deca-durabolin does not have a negative effect on the liver, it can be used for liver diseases. Studies have shown that the combined use of Dianabol and Deca-Durabolin leads to an increase in liver secretion, which nevertheless normalizes when discontinuing adulant Dianabol and with further administration of Deca. Even the duration of treatment with Deca-Durabolin in a few years does not show any damage to the liver. Therefore, Deca is well combined with Andriol (240 – 280 mg per day), because Andriol is excreted from the body not through the liver and, therefore, does not affect its function. This combination is a favorite among mature and cautious consumers of steroids.



Despite the considerable experience of use in sports practice, the effectiveness of most drugs classified according to the classification to the class of androgens and anabolic steroids is based only on guesswork. This is not surprising: strictly documented evidence of the use of these drugs is not so much – athletes tend to be reluctant to share with doctors (unless it’s their personal physicians) what types of doping and how much they take. And experiments are clearly not enough, and to attract athletes to participate in them (and in fact we are interested, first of all, the influence of AAS on sports results) is often extremely difficult.

But there is one exception – a drug called oral turinabol. The use of this drug in sports practice in its “homeland” – in the German Democratic Republic – has been documented so thoroughly that it is possible to speak with almost absolute certainty about effectiveness, application areas, and side effects from the use of oral turinabol.

A bit of history

After the erection of the wall that divided Berlin into two parts, East Germany became something of an outcast not only in Europe, but throughout the world, which is accustomed to calling itself democratic. The GDR leadership needed to take decisive steps to raise the prestige of the “first socialist state on German soil” (which, it later turned out, was the last, fortunately, frankly). Arena, where the advantage of mythical “socialist values” was clearly demonstrated, sport was elected.

Efforts at the highest level were not wasted – at the Olympics, held not anywhere, but in Munich – the very heart of the capitalist part of Germany, the athletes from the GDR made a sensation, took the second place (after the USSR team) in the team event and won … gold medals. One of the foundational stones that laid the foundation for such overwhelming success was the drug, created and produced by the pharmaceutical company VEB Jenafarm, which received the name oral turinabol (sometimes using oral-turbine).

The drug was first used in medical practice in 1965, and a year later it was heavily used in sports. Initially, only men were his consumers, but since 1968 a new drug has been used in the training of women. I repeat once again: the use of oral turinabol was carefully documented. In 1973, a secret document was published, from which it follows that the result in women in the shot put was increased by approximately two meters (!) Due to the use of only two tablets of oral turinabol (10 mg) for 11 weeks. The results grew with the dosages of the drug and the duration of its use. In 1972, not only all athletics of the GDR, but also other high-speed, power and speed-power sports “based” on oral turinabole.

What it is

TurinabolOral turinabol is in fact a version of methandrostenolone, in the fourth position of which a chlorine atom was introduced. Hence the official name oral turinabol – 4-chloro-? – dihydromethyltestosterone. This modernization made the drug virtually unaffected by aromatization. But not only this – the metabolites of oral turinabol were very quickly leaving the body, which in terms of the threat of doping tests could be considered an indisputable advantage.

Like the vast majority of oral AAS, oral turinabol is alkylated by 17- ?, which means it is potentially dangerous for the liver. However, no one report was reported about its obvious negative impact on this vital organ. Even with prolonged use.

Oral turinabol strongly resembles methandrostenolone not only in the structure of the molecule – the effect of both drugs can also be called similar. However, unlike methandrostenolone, the use of oralturinolol leads to a somewhat less dramatic increase in weight due to the fact that the drug practically does not retain water. At the same time, the increase in the mass can be called qualitative, most of the achieved does not disappear anywhere after the “course”.

Despite the fact that oral turinabol does not aromatize, and in itself is a sufficiently “soft” drug, with its long application, nevertheless, the secretion of endogenous testosterone is suppressed. But not in the same degree as the compared with it methandrostenolone.

Oral Turinabol (tbol) Educational Video

Oral turinabol in bodybuilding

In bodybuilding, oral turinabol can be called a beginner. Not surprisingly – during my youth in our country, the “pharmacological king” of the basement “rocking chairs”, I remember, was a “methane”, a pack of which in pharmacies cost two rubles and two kopecks. And if you add to it the same inexpensive retabolil and testosterone, what else did you need for complete happiness? That oral turinabol, which was brought from trips that were not very frequent at that time abroad, even to countries that were called “fraternal” (the GDR was considered almost the most prestigious of the countries of the socialist camp for travel), settled mainly in the pockets of athletics trainers and their charges. In the basement “rocking chairs” oral turinabol was the same curiosity as stanozolol. Yes, and the price of the drug is not very much deceived.

It was not known “gedeeraovskim unique” and in the countries of the capitalist camp. In any case, none of the bodybuilders of the time did not admit to using oral turinabol. Yes, what it uses – just know about its existence! Everything changed literally a couple of years ago, when thanks to the efforts of several enthusiasts this very, very interesting drug was revived. Wide access to the market – and at once a stunning success. In the US, oralturinol became just a hit of sales! What ensured his success?

Oral turinabol in bodybuildingFirst, oral turinabol allows you to increase your strengths and is quite successful, despite the fact that many experts claim the opposite. Frankly, I do not know what these experts rely on, trying to defend their opinion – the tablet that was given in the first chapter of the article, in my opinion, unambiguously speaks in favor of the growth of power results under the influence of oral turinabol.

On the other benefits of the drug. Oral turinabol, as already mentioned, quickly leaves the body (not found in the urine after 6-8 days after the end of admission). As far as I know, no positive doping test has been recorded so far on oral turinabol. By the way, now, again – as far as I know, doping tests for oralturinolabol are not made at all – the drug is considered to be gone from sports practice. However, everything at any moment can change, as it happened with the notorious genabol (norboleton), which made so much noise after the 2000 Olympics.

A positive feature of the drug can be considered to make the muscles stiff (I will remind you again – the use of the drug does not lead to any significant accumulation of water). Experience in the use of oral turinabol indicates that it is almost mandatory to be present in the precompetition training of a bodybuilder – the drug copes well with the task of protecting muscle mass from destruction.

In the period of precompetitive preparation, oraltalurinol is usually combined with trenbolone, stanozololol or oxandrolone. Very good results give a combination of oral turinabol with testosterone propionate. The combination of “oral turinabol + oxandrolone” is too weak, it can be recommended only to women.

You can use oral turinabol in the stage of mass collection, including it in various combinations (for example, with testosterone, nandrolone or a combination thereof) instead of methandrostenolone. It is recommended for those athletes who want to achieve not just a “watery” mass, but quality musculature.

There is a drug and one more feature. At one time, oral turinabol had the nickname “sex drug”, it appeared because this steroid led to a pronounced and fairly rapid increase in libido in men. Often, however, unnecessarily strong – so much so that the idea of ​​training somehow itself went into the background.

By the way, this property, as well as the ability to suppress the production of endogenous testosterone only to a small extent, makes it possible to take oral turinabol (in moderate dosages) in the intervals between the cycles of “severe” AAS.

About the dosage of drugs in popular publications now it is not accepted to speak, therefore I will try to resort to the “Aesop language”. In athletics, at one time, the following formula for calculating the daily dose was taken, mg: body weight in pounds / 10. For bodybuilders this is clearly not enough. Let’s just say: if the pounds in the above formula are replaced by kilograms, and the number 10 by 1.5, then it will be approximately “it.” And you can say that: the optimal dose for male bodybuilding can be considered a dosage that exceeds your usual dosage of “methane” by about one and a half times. You can take the drug once a day, for example, in the morning, or you can divide the daily dose into two parts.

Oral turinabol can be considered safe enough for women, at moderate dosages (which are below the “masculine” approximately 2-2.5 times) for a not very long period of time (4-5 weeks), it does not lead to the appearance of virilization phenomena. In any case, this is evidenced by the data of numerous studies.

The drug was first used in medical practice in 1965, and a year later it was heavily used in sports. Initially, only men were his consumers, but since 1968 a new drug has been used in the training of women. I must say that the use of oral turinabol was carefully documented. In 1973, a secret document was published, from which it follows that the result in women in the shot put was increased by approximately two meters (!) Due to the use of only two tablets of oral turinabol (10 mg) for 11 weeks.



Sustanon is a very popular steroid, which is highly valued by those who use it, since it has several advantages in comparison with other testosterone preparations. Sustanon is a mixture of four testosterones, which, due to a certain structure, have a synergistic effect. This feature entails two positive qualities of interest to athletes. Based on the specific interaction of the active chemicals, Sustanon milligram per milligram has a better effect than testosterone enanthate, cypionate and propionate. In addition, the effect of these chemicals proves to be on a temporary basis one after the other, so that Sustanon begins to act quickly and at the same time remains effective in the body for several weeks, thanks to the propionate contained in Sustanon.


SustanonSustanon exerts its effect on the body within a day and continues to be active in it for 3 to 4 weeks thanks to the added to the decanoate. Sustanon has a pronounced androgenic effect, which combines it with a strong anabolic. Therefore, it is well suited for building strength and muscle mass. There comes a strong increase in body power with the simultaneous addition of body weight. Athletes using Sustanon talk about a solid increase in muscle, because it accumulates significantly less water and is not as much aromatized as testosterone enanthate and testosterone cyanide. Almost many bodybuilding athletes who have problems with other testosterones with a significant accumulation of water and a high level of estrogen prefer Sustanon to other long-acting testosterones. It is striking that Sustanon works well even for far advanced athletes and in relatively small doses. It is interesting that Sustanon gives the same good results for athletes who have repeatedly applied Sustanon, as in the subsequent period of admission. Sustanon is injected more often than once a week, and the interval between injections can go up to 10 days. Dosage in bodybuilding and eventing ranges from 250 mg every 14 days to 1000 mg or more per day. Because such high dosages should not be advised and, fortunately, in most cases they are not practiced, usually take 250-1000 mg per week. For most, a dose of 500 mg per week is sufficient, which is often reduced to only 250 mg of Sustanon per week and combined with an oral steroid. In the treatment, Sustanon is very well suited as a basic steroid, which promotes regeneration, gives the athlete a sufficient kick (“kick”) for intensive training and, along with the already negotiated benefits – a rapid increase in strength and a solid increase in muscle mass, stands out for good tolerance. For rapid muscle building, Sustanon is often combined with Deca-Durabolin, Dianabol or Anapolon, while athletes paying more attention to quality combine it more with Parabolon, Winstrol, Oxandrolone or even Primobolan.

Although Sustanon does not strongly aromatize in reasonable doses, many still take anti-estrogen additionally, so that, with the help of Nolvadex and / or Proviron, for example, the side effects of estrogen can be reversed. Because Sustanon suppresses its own production of testosterone, at the end of treatment or approximately 6 weeks after the start of its administration, one should take into account the intake of HCG and Dinerik. Women should not take long-acting testosterones, because otherwise the level of androgens in the blood greatly increases, and as a result, virilization may occur. And yet, it’s not uncommon for athletes, primarily from big sports and especially higher weight classes, to take testosterone, because it helps to be “out of competition”. Women who take the dough or who want to try it sometime will do well, limited only to testosterone propionate, or by injecting Sustanon at a maximum dose of only 250 mg of the drug every 10-14 days, and for no more than 6 weeks. We would like to emphasize once again that newcomers in steroid courses should stay away from all testosterone, because they are in this period of work on themselves just do not really need.

Side effects

Sustanon 250 Side Effects

Side effects of Sustanon are similar to the side effects of testosterone enanthate (see also Testosterone enanthate), except that they are less frequent and less pronounced. Depending on the time of administration and doses, Sustanon can experience common androgen-induced side effects: such as acne, aggressiveness, sexual superstimulation, oily skin, accelerated hair loss, decreased production of sex hormones. The accumulation of water and gynecomastia to keep at the Sustanah within the norm, or manifest not as often as under Enanthate and Cypionate. Liver failure in Sustanon is impossible (see testosterone enanthate), and yet at very high doses there may be an increase in liver parameters, which, once discontinued, normalize again. The fact that the liver is a highly productive organ and copes well with large amounts of testosterone is confirmed in the book “Doping – Prohibited Preparations in Sports” by Dirk Klasing and Manfred Donicke on page 54: “The ability of the liver to cleave testosterone is almost unlimited (2 grams of rat liver can split 100 mg of testosterone). ”

Sustanon is widely distributed in the black market and it is easy to buy. Unfortunately, most of these drugs are more or less well-made counterfeits. If you are offered ampoules without a paper label, but simply with an impression, most often performed in red, this is exactly fake. Most often, we are talking about Omnadrene, where the corresponding inscription is erased and replaced with an impression – “Sustanon” (see also Omnadren). The original Sustanon, which is almost exclusively produced by the firm “Organon”, always has a paper label. The original “Susta” is now more and more difficult to find, it is more and more rare. On the black market, only the Portuguese Sustanon 250, the Dutch Sustanon 250 and especially the Russian, and Indian Sustanon 250 are most often found. All three preparations are Organon, on ampoules – a paper label. Recently, the Russian market is increasingly encountered in the Russian Sustanon 250, which is manufactured in Calcutta (India) by the firm “Organon” and is officially intended only for export to Russia. And yet through Czechoslovakia large quantities of this original drug Sustanon 250 are transported by smuggling to Germany. It seems that this is a high-quality preparation, because those using it speak about positive results and good tolerability, so that unscrupulousness in its manufacture is excluded. Russian Sustanon 250 is sold in plastic packaging, on the reverse side of which the name of the preparation, the name of the manufacturer and the chemicals contained in it are written in blue. The text is written either on silver foil, on white paper. 5 ampoules are arranged together in a row, each ampoule in addition still separately packed.

Effects of anabolic steroids

Effects of anabolic steroids

We will try to explain to you, quite easily, the effect of anabolic steroids on the athlete’s body, the whole truth, as it really is.

This article is designed to protect people from deceitful information spreading on the Internet, on TV or elsewhere, about anabolic steroids.

Anabolic steroids are synthetic derivatives of testosterone, the male sex hormone, possessing both anabolic and androgenic action simultaneously, therefore, sometimes they are called anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS).

The androgenic effect carries the negative side of testosterone, that is, all the side effects such as the development of secondary sexual characteristics, aggression, low voice, sexual attraction, the development of genital organs, and hairiness are associated with it. The anabolic effect of steroids is associated with an increase in muscle mass, that is, activation of muscle growth due to the synthesis of proteins in muscle cells.

The history of the discovery of anabolic steroids

effects of steroidsIn the first, anabolic steroid was obtained by the German biochemist Adolf Butenandt in 1931, he managed to extract 15 mg of androstenone from 10,000 l of urine.

A little later, Nazi Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland, combining their efforts in the field of obtaining anabolic steroids, extracts from the extract of testicles an animal more powerful component, crystalline testosterone.

During the military operations in Germany, anabolic steroids were experimenting with prisoners, as are rumors that Hitler used steroids in the form of injections, according to his personal doctor. According to unconfirmed reports, the Nazis used steroids for aggression, and increased the endurance of soldiers. Other countries used AAS to restore the health of soldiers who were released from captivity.

Since 1940, steroids have begun to enter actively into the sporting life of the society, for example, the success of the USSR national weightlifting team made the US team doctor actively cooperate with chemists, in order to obtain an anabolic steroid that had minimal androgenic activity, while at the same time maximizing anabolic action , as a result, methandrostenolone was obtained. In 1956, the Directorate for Supervision of Medicines and Food Products (FDA) fully endorses the legal use of the new drug. First of all, methandrostenolone was released for tissue regeneration and regeneration in the post-burn period, as well as for pensioners, instead this steroid begins to be widely used in bodybuilding and other power sports, and in large, uncontrolled doses. As a result, mass infertility begins, and prostate hypertrophy in athletes. In 1976, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) prohibits the use of any anabolic steroids, and from this moment begins the era of hunting for athletes using so-called doping. As you can see, the thoughtless, unjustified, absolutely uncontrolled use of anabolic-androgenic steroids has led to disastrous consequences, and as a consequence, the contamination of any mention of potent drugs such as steroids.

STEROID Side Effects For Men: The SHOCKING Truth !

Basic Aspects of Understanding Anabolic Steroids

If you use testosterone in its natural form, it will quickly start to be excreted from the body, due to the fact that the half-life in the body is only 10 minutes. In addition, every ten minutes, exactly half of what is left will be excreted from the body, and after one hour nothing will remain, as you see the use of testosterone in its natural form is extremely ineffective. You can certainly put an injection into the muscle, which will lead to an increase in the duration of testosterone on the body, exactly nine hours, but this is not enough to feel at least some effect on the body. Therefore, before the scientists, the task was set to make testosterone, so that it could effectively act on orgasm. The solution to this problem was ingenious, chemists created derivatives of testosterone molecules, 17-alpha-alkylate and 1-methyl (to prevent destruction in the liver, thus making the use of steroids orally, as tablets), 17-beta ether (injection , is soluble in fats, thus accumulating in tissues, as a consequence, the duration of action is increased to two months). Thus, to date, absolutely all steroids differ only in the variation of the above derivatives of the testosterone molecule.

Underestimated androgenic properties, overestimated androgenic effect and low anabolic effect, or overestimated anabolic and androgenic action, this is what distinguishes the derivatives of the testosterone molecule, from the original substance of testosterone, which explains the different side effect, the spectrum of action, and of course the different effectiveness from the use of all existing anabolic steroids.

Anabolic and androgenic steroids are two different things, but they used to be considered vice versa. People wanted to create such a drug, which would have only anabolic benefit to athletes, without any side effects, androgenic. Now everyone understands that any steroid has an anabolic and androgenic effect on the body, only in different tissues. At the present time conditionally qualify all steroids for anabolic and androgenic, that is, steroids in which the androgenic action against testosterone is underestimated is called anabolic, where it is higher, is called androgenic.

A similar effect on the body, from the use of anabolic-androgenic steroids is associated with their common ancestor, testosterone. Consideration of all the biochemical processes occurring in the body with the use of steroids does not make sense for bodybuilding, so consider only those moments that the athlete needs to know for more competent use of AAS.

The mechanism of action of steroids

The mechanism of action of steroidsSteroids are taken by injection, that is, intramuscularly directly into the blood, taken orally in tablet form Steroids go through the gastrointestinal tract to the liver, where they are completely or partially destroyed, or enter the bloodstream in its original condition.

Having got into the blood of a steroid, in the form of steroid molecules, spreads throughout the bloodstream of a person. The purpose of the steroid molecule is to convey the information to the cells needed. The cells intended for this purpose have on the outer membrane, various receptors. The so-called steroid receptors in large quantities are contained in muscle cells. The steroid molecule is attached to the steroid receptor, skipping all other types of receptors, and vice versa, other non-steroid receptors are looking for a “necessary” molecule. When connected to the steroid receptor, steroid molecule is capable of transmitting the information of the muscle cell, but the problem is that in most of the body, about 98% of steroid molecules are bonded globulin that binds sex hormones, and only 1-2% of steroid molecules are free state, which can form a so-called steroid-receptor complex.

The steroid molecule, in conjunction with the steroid receptor, is sent to the nucleus of the muscle cell, where it joins the DNA nucleic acid segments. That is, an imprint is made with DNA (transcription). Thus, a ribonucleic acid is created that begins to leave the cell nucleus, entering the cytoplasm, it joins the RNA located here, where the protein (proteins) from the amino acids on the RNA information matrix is ​​synthesized, using ribosomes (translation). So, not in a tricky way, in combination with training in the gym, muscle hypertrophy, muscle cell growth occurs.

In addition, steroid molecules have an anti-catabolic effect, they block the cortisol receptors located on the membrane, minimizing the percentage of destruction of proteins in the muscle cell.

Due to steroids, the synthesis of creatine phosphate (CF) increases, and as you know, it plays a crucial role in the recovery of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), and this means accumulation of energy in the muscle cell. If needed, ATP passes to ADP (adenosine diphosphate) releasing a huge amount of energy, which explains the increase in strength, but not mass, for example, when used, oxandrolone (a large amount of CF in the muscle cell is synthesized). The increase in endurance from the use of steroids is explained by the fact that in the muscle cell there is an increased supply of carbohydrates in the form of glycogen, in addition there is still an increased accumulation of fluid, as a result, the volume of muscles increases.

The percentage of fat in the body is lost, while maintaining muscle mass and hardness of muscles is increased due to the fact that steroids reduce endogenous insulin, i.e. muscle cell is less dependent on insulin, and now it could metabolize the carbohydrates in the form of glycogen and protein form of amino acids.

Steroid pampus, as if the muscles pump blood with a pump, another positive effect of using steroids. The number of erythrocytes and blood volume increases muscle like balloons, blood flows more, and along with it and nutrients received together with the blood to the muscles becomes greater in connection with the body begins to be supplied with much better oxygen, so for example the effect of using runners sprint distances.

After the steroid-receptor complex has its purpose in the cell nucleus, the steroid molecule back into the bloodstream, and repeats the above-mentioned steroid cycle again, or converted into an unnecessary, having exhausted all its resources steroid molecule and appears in the urine.

Why steroids act differently on different people

The fact is that once in the blood, the steroid molecule does not immediately bind to the globulin, or is in a free, active state. Part of the steroid molecules, in the process of metabolism, can be used by the body, and then withdraw from it, and some can generally go into female sex hormones – estrogens (the phenomenon is called aromatization), with the help of enzymes (enzymes), part can go dihydrotestosterone (DHT ). It is noteworthy that dihydrotestosterone is chemically more strongly bound to muscle receptors, in contrast to testosterone, while it has a stronger, binding potential with sebaceous glands and hair follicles. Experts agree that dihydrotestosterone has a stronger steroid effect, besides DHT is not converted into estrogens.

Effects of anabolic steroidsIn any case, the spent anabolic steroids will be excreted from the body with urine.

For example, some steroids have more free steroid molecules in their arsenal that last longer in a free state, and as a result they have a better chance of finding the right steroid receptor, such drugs include Deco, Dianabol, Sustanon-250, Parabolan, Cypionate.

That is, it turns out that the more a person has free receptors in muscle cells, the more there will be the effect of steroids on the body, since free steroid molecules will have much more chances to unite into a steroid-receptor complex with a free receptor in the muscle cell.

At the age of 20 our receptors reach the peak of their activity, steroids are at the maximum level of digestibility, so it is more appropriate at this age to use anabolic steroids in order to increase muscle mass, strength and relief. But before crossing this line, natural training and training on anabolic steroids, it is necessary to take into account a lot of nuances, starting from strength indicators, ending with the expediency of their application.

It is not possible within the framework of this article to consider all those little things that form the basis for understanding anabolic steroids, but the necessary minimum that every self-respecting athlete must know.

This information about steroids was provided only for informational purposes, do not treat it as an instruction for the use of AAS. It is much more correct to protect you from a mistaken understanding of anabolic steroids.

Can I take steroids

Can I take steroids?

Having been exercising in the gym for 3-4 years, or even less, the athlete comes to the question of whether it is possible to take steroids, because the question of their reception makes the athlete make a very serious choice, on which further career in bodybuilding and other sports can depend.
If you look at the average person’s eyes on anabolic steroids, it becomes immediately clear why there are so many doubts about the AAS reception.

For the most part, steroids are miracle preparations, from which the muscles grow like leaps and bounds, but the side effects are repelled from taking. Someone overcomes fear in themselves, and starts using steroids that do not really bring bad results, but the result still leaves much to be desired. The problem of the modern world, in particular youth, who are trying to get pumped into the gym, is their knowledge, or rather, in its complete absence.

Pros and Cons of Taking Steroids

Not proper training, lack of proper recovery, and good nutrition leads to a negative, zero result. At this stage, many take on anabolic steroids, looking for a way out of the situation. First, take steroids help them build at least some muscle mass and strength, then their health just crumble, and as a result, the athlete ends his career “rolling“, and begins spitting iron sports in which they have failed, and if it turned out, then it was on steroids and for a short time.

The above scenario of the “failed” bodybuilder, of course, applies not to everyone, but to the majority, it is only necessary to go to the gym, and look at the guys who endlessly pump their 35 cm biceps.

take steroidsTaking steroids is not necessary, to achieve quite decent results in bodybuilding, powerlifting, to build a beautiful inflated body. The solution to this problem is to reduce to proper training, balanced nutrition, and the necessary recovery. You have to decide what you are training for, do you want to become a Mr. Olympia? Do you want to break the bench press record? or do you want to have a muscular, tight body? depending on what goal you are pursuing, this is what we must proceed from. But in any case, you have to survive as much as possible from yourselves all your physical, genetic potential, that is, 5-6 years of persistent, correct training without any pharmaceutical support. After 6 years of training, your body will look very impressive, and if you want to go further, overcome the limits of the body’s ability for natural training, then anabolic steroids help you. Only with this approach to training, steroids will bring you great benefit and effect.

That is, to take anabolic steroids or not take comes down to your ambitions in hard sports, what heights you want to achieve.

Another point is honesty before yourself and your rivals. It’s no secret that bodybuilding as such would not exist in principle, if it were not for anabolic steroids, therefore, “honesty” is not relevant in this sport. Everyone understands that Arnold Schwarzenegger, Phil Heath and other eminent bodybuilders used large doses of anabolic steroids, in addition to their excellent genetics. But very few people imagine how hard work on themselves, their bodies, their nerves, they daily carried out, and someone else and conducts.

If you still do not know what you want from training in the gym, become a record holder, a mass monster, or have a beautiful body, then simply, honestly train, and then eventually you will understand what you need from “pitching” and the question The use of anabolic steroids will disappear by itself.

build muscles with steroids

Build muscles with steroids

In this article we will tell how to build muscles with steroids. First of all, we will make a reservation at once: the existence of absolutely safe steroids is a myth. At the same time, the safest are steroids, already proven by time and proven in the market. The explanation is quite simple: the development alpha pharma of new steroids is currently being financed much less than before, and is being conducted in the direction of synthesis of drugs that would not have been detected in doping tests, whereas previously the primary goal was primarily the quality and safety of the drugs.

How do steroids work?

Getting into the blood, the molecules of steroids actively interact with the cells of the whole organism, penetrating even into the fat cells. The transmission of a signal from one cell to another begins, and the body begins the production of nucleic acids, resulting in the formation of protein molecules. Thus, the synthesis of protein, the basic building material for muscles, is accelerated. Also, steroids change the metabolism process – burning of excess fat begins and processing it into energy for the synthesis of proteins.

What will happen with the body when taking steroids?

The anabolic effect of taking pharma steriods causes an active increase in muscle mass – up to 10 kilograms per month on the background of a decrease in fatty deposits.

However, deciding to take steroids to build muscles, it is necessary to clearly visualize all the possible side effects that can occur after the cancellation of the course: prostate hypertrophy, testicular atrophy, decreased libido, and even infertility.

During the period of taking medications, there may be increased irritability, increased blood pressure, acne eruptions.

At the modern level of the development of science, it was not possible to eliminate the described androgynous effect from taking steroids. For more information about anabolics, see here.

Please note that taking steroids for sale does not negate rational nutrition. Perhaps not so quickly, but with much lesser consequences for the body to build muscle mass can be through a special diet. More information about the diet for muscle growth can be found on our website.

How to reduce the side effects of taking steroids?

Fortunately, almost all the consequences described above are reversible. Nevertheless, if you decide to take steroids for muscle growth, observe the following recommendations to minimize their side effects:

– never combine different types of geneza pharmaceuticals steroids with each other on your own, do not take several drugs at the same time – this can cause irreparable harm to the body

– in any case do not exceed the dose specified in the instructions – do not exceed the duration of the course recommended in the instructions to the drug

Do not take steroids if your age is less than 21 years.

– Use PCT – a cycle of preparations for reception after steroid therapy.

Reception of steroids for women is strongly not recommended

Strong steroids for muscle mass gain

A very important point in the strong courses on the set of muscle mass is that you will have to forget about the quality and the relief. Most athletes face such problems as:

– a strong fluid retention in the muscles;

– high probability of various side effects;

– absence of a relief;

– increased greasiness of the skin;

– Minimal preservation of the results;

– mandatory use of PCT.

One of the most powerful steroids for muscle mass gain is Anapolon (available only in oral form). This drug has no competitors in its strength of action, it’s no secret that for 2 weeks of admission, you can gain about 10 kg. muscle mass. But, nevertheless, build muscles with steroids has a lot of significant disadvantages, which scare away many fans of anabolics. Increased toxicity and very noticeable fluid retention, and in addition poor preservation of results. However, steroidsthere are many admirers of this steroid and if you pick a good course, then the result will be very impressive. Subsequent oral preparations have a milder effect, but nevertheless, significant drawbacks in the collection of muscle mass do not make them qualitative. Danabol, Methandrostenolone, Anabol – most often beginners buy, not expensive and the opportunity to pump your muscles with steroids in a month. Yes, indeed, these drugs work very much still, but the muscle mass obtained is raw and it is inappropriate to talk about quality here. For the month of reception, you can get from 5 to 10 kg. muscle mass, but a large amount of fluid in the muscles will merge very quickly after the course and it is impossible to stop this process. Because sometimes it is better to immediately buy drugs for quality and do not pour muscles with liquid.


Steroids in bodybuilding

Steroids are preparations based on synthetic testosterone. Simply put, steroids in bodybuilding are the suppliers of artificial testosterone to our body. What is testosterone and why you need it you can read here.

Perhaps, anyone who is engaged in or is going to do bodybuilding, at least once thought why some bodybuilders are so strong and huge, and you have little in this plan. The constant visit to the hall, observance of the diet and the regime of the day when copying the champion’s programs for some reason does not give in return the muscles that you dream about. At the same time, you can not refuse your purposefulness and discipline.

And the reason is trivial: professional bodybuilders, using anabolic steroids in bodybuilding, grow in leaps and bounds, while a natural bodybuilder who does not resort to pharmacology services is forced to shed the sweat rivers in order to achieve the result.

Without anabolic buying steroids online, it’s difficult to reach a professional level, so if your dream is to become a new “Mr. Olympia” or just a bodybuilding champion, but do not intend to take anabolics, you probably should quit. Figures say that in the United States, about 100-150 thousand dollars are spent per month for preparing for the above-mentioned competition, and most of these funds go just to buy sports nutrition and steroids.

But did you know that steroids in bodybuilding do not build muscle by themselves? Muscle gain (in this case, pure muscle mass, rather than the one formed due to water retention, which is formed by highly anandrogenic steroids) when an athlete receives anabolic medications is possible and occurs only because of the speed of the body’s recovery function. Why, then, take steroids online, if you increase the recovery function without them. In this case, the secretion of hormones such as growth hormone, testosterone, insulin, and also insulin-like factor can also be regulated. Of course, giving results will not be easy and not on such a scale, but there are a number of advantages in this.


What are the different types of anabolic steroids and how do they differ?

Testosterone, like many other hormones, is produced by strictly defined organs of the body. It performs strictly defined functions and is quickly eliminated from the body. When they learned that testosterone helps to gain muscle mass and determines the development of secondary male sexual characteristics, physicians tried to use testosterone during the treatment of diseases that cause loss of muscle mass. Unfortunately, testosterone in its natural form has a half-life in the body of only about ten minutes. This means that half the dose of testosterone is removed from the body ten minutes after it was injected there. After that, half of the remaining amount is output every ten minutes. Within an hour of the initial amount, nothing remains. Injection of natural testosterone into the muscle can stretch the time of complete decay to ten hours, but this is not enough to produce any effect.steroids in bodybuilding

Chemists worked on natural testosterone to create a drug that works like testosterone, but lives in the body long enough to produce some kind of effect. As a result, testosterone derivatives such as 17-alpha-alkylate, 17-beta ether and 1-methyl were obtained. All the anabolic steroids currently in use are variations of one of these three derivatives of the testosterone molecule. All of them enter the body in various ways and give different side effects. 17-alpha-alkylates and 1-methyls are taken orally, and 17-beta-esters are administered as injections. For convenience, they are classified as oral and injectable. Oral steroids in bodybuilding. Oral steroids can be found in the body a few weeks after discontinuation of use. This time is enough for medical purposes, but still a little when compared with injecting. Athletes primarily experiment with oral anabolics. They are convenient to store and eat, but they do not work well on the liver, in addition to the usual set of anabolic side effects. Side effects are described in detail in the section “Do steroids for sale cause liver damage?” Athletes usually continue to use oral drugs even if they start using injectable anabolic steroids in bodybuilding. Some use oral drugs to slip through the doping check: most oral drugs do not live in the body for longer than injections. When the competitions approach, the athlete starts using short-lived drugs, then, four to six weeks before the start, stops using completely, so that the urine is clean during the check. Many athletes and trainers are convinced that it is necessary to use both oral and injectable drugs at the same time according to a certain scheme.


advantages of steroids

Anabolic steroids – advantages of use

Anabolic steroids are synthetic derivatives of testosterone. In general, steroids are made from the roots of Mexican sesaparilla, this curling plant, used to produce toning additives. The components of the anabolic steroid are obtained chemically, using the root of this plant.

Testosterone is a male sex hormone that stimulates isocaloric the growth of the tissues to which it affects, mainly muscle tissue. Testosterone has both anabolic and androgenic effect. The androgenic effect promotes the growth of the hair on the face, gives the male voice a low tone, develops the sexual organ and erection.

If you simplify the formulation, then anabolic steroids can be imagined as an artificially created male hormone that causes the development of male genital organs and promotes muscle growth.

General data for the application

some general data on the effects and advantages of anabolic steroids on the human body, and how real steroids work, increasing your athletic performance:
There is an increase in power indicators.
Steroids strengthen the synthesis of protein in the body, increase the thickness of myofibril elements (actin and myosin) responsible for muscle contraction. Some researchers attribute some additional increase in strength indicators to changes in the volume of cell fluid (sarcoplasma) and total water retention
There is an increase in muscle volume (muscle mass).
Anabolic steroid hormones stimulate the corresponding receptors of muscle cell molecules that activate specific genes for protein production, spurring its synthesis, affect the enzymatic system involved in protein metabolism. In this regard, and the ability to perceive more food (in the form of concentrates) protein increases.

There is an opinion that anabolic steroids possess an anti-catabolic effect, that is, they prevent the disintegration of muscle tissue, inevitably caused by high-intensity training.

However, the increase in muscle volume is mainly due to the growth of myofibrils and an increase in the volume of sarcoplasm. There is also a phenomenon of a certain increase in blood volume, which also contributes to an increase in muscle volume.

There is some anesthetic effect of steroids

Clinical evidence for the use of anabolic steroids in medical anabolic steroids a question practice was originally and is anesthesia, with arthritis and tendonitis. In addition, this is confirmed by many athletes who used steroids.
An increase in endurance and ability to perform more intensive and / or more extensive training was noted.
There is an opinion that using anabolic steroids during training increases the number of mitochondria in muscle cells, whereby cells receive an increased ability to utilize oxygen. It is also assumed that the hemoglobin level in the blood also increases (which is the main oxygen-transport factor), which additionally increases endurance.

In addition, some researchers believe that some increase in blood pressure, usually observed with the use of steroids, causes the effect of dilating the lumen of blood vessels. This improves the flow of blood to the working muscles, which increases the performance of muscles.

There is reason to believe that an increase in the ability underground anabolics by william llewellyn to perform more intensive training is the result of the increasing ability of the body to resynthesize creatine phosphate. Without enough creatine phosphate, the muscles quickly become fatigued, the concentration of lactic acid sharply increases.

There is also an increasing ability to accumulate muscle glycogen (“fuel” for strength training).

There is a reduction in the time required for recovery after training.steroids
As mentioned above, advantages of steroids contribute to the synthesis of protein, the slowing down of nitrogen excretion, as a result of which there is a process of improving recovery after intensive training, injuries or surgeries. From a practical point of view, this increases the effectiveness of strength training. Repeatedly more rapid and effective healing of injured ligaments, muscles and bones was noted. There is an opinion that with a properly trained training process, the risk of muscle tearing or stretching is reduced.
There are also some favorable psychological effects of the use of steroids.
There is an opinion that taking anabolic steroids complete bodybuilding program leads to a specific psychological state of the body, characterized by a sense of euphoria, increased aggression and increased tolerance of stress. This, in the final analysis, allows athletes to train with heavy loads.
There are the following psychological effects:

  • a general psychological upsurge and a stronger desire to train;
  • increased aggression (so-called “fighting qualities”);
  • Increased ability to better tolerate pain;
  • Increased ability to set and achieve goals.
Bulking Steroids

Best Bulking Steroids Without Water Retention

Do you want quality steroids in USA?, then beneath you want bulking steroids safe steroids, but above all, you want the best buildup of muscle mass of steroids all; In the end, this is a kind of point. There are literally hundreds of different  steroids fillers without water retention in USA, and when we include all the different brands we stayed with choices that go into thousands, a few thousand. For a beginner this can be overwhelming, and for many veterans of the game it can still represent a difficult choice, but it should not be. You have the opportunity to educate yourself, After all, you are reading this, and this should mean that you have a functioning brain, at least in part. Nevertheless, the question remains, of all the options, which is better; what kind  fillers of steroids without water retention in USA?

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Here is a list of fillers of steroids without water retention :

D-BAL – Dianabol

For the most effective steroids of excipients without water retention , Dianabol has the first prize. It is common, in fact it is almost guaranteed, in just 4-6 weeks Dianabol use can represent a gain of up to 20 pounds and a lot, not all, but a good bit will be lean tissue. With increasing nitrogen retention, D-Bal creates the ultimate anabolic state bulking steroids necessary for mega muscle growth, giving you rapid growth in size and strength.


DecaDuro has the ability to add size at a very high speed, like testosterone and is a favorite of many bodybuilders and athletes with a performance boost in general. Deca-Durabolin is another one of the safest steroids. Its improved anabolic formula dramatically increases nitrogen retention, protein synthesis and the production of red blood cells, giving you tremendous strength and muscle benefits. He will even calm the aching, joint pains.

Trenorol – trenbolone

The most powerful muscle building steroids are all Trenbolone. Because of the effectiveness of testosterone in this second place, very close to a second, but Trenbolone is 400 times more potent than testosterone; this is not an arbitrary number, it is literally 400 times more powerful, and powerful. Not only are bulking steroids the various Trenbolones the most powerful muscle building steroids in all, they are the most potent steroids to serve any cycle for any purpose. Expect huge muscle mass, amazing strength and power, amazing physical conditioning, quick healing and everything else between.


Bulking SteroidsAbsolute most effective muscle building steroids are all that of testosterone. They are not only the most effective, but beyond our discussion of real steroids of various testosterone, without a doubt, the best muscle building steroids of all. Formulated from the pure extract of Tribulus Terrestris, it increases the production of luteinizing hormone and increases the level of testosterone, which leads to amazing gaining strength, muscle mass, energy andperformance. The benefits and benefits of using testosterone are really amazing when it comes to packaging by size, and we do not mean just any size, but meat tissue. Not only are different testosterone, suitable for this purpose, but they are still very well tolerated by most men. Because testosterone is not an extraneous substance, we produce it naturally.

Get steroids filler without water retention in USA

James Reviews about steroids without water retention

Before the commission of DBAL, my weight was 84.2 kg. After a 4-week period of taking DBAL, my weight increased to 86.6 kg-ies. I found, taking DBAL my energy levels increased in the gym, and my strength went from 80kg to 130kg x in bench press alone. My training regimen lasts for 1 1/2 to 2 hours a day from Monday to Friday. I go through all the basic muscular combined-arms unit on a day-to-day basis. I use day six to catch up on any muscle Groop I missed bulking steroids during the week and 7 day as a rest day. Apart from a healthy diet – supplements I took are DBall and good creatine.

What are fillers of steroids without water retention cycles?

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A cycle is the time period during which you use a steroid. This is known as the “ON” cycle. When you do not accept them, it is known as the ‘off’ cycle. A minimum of 4 weeks is recommended. For best results on all stacks, we recommend an 8 week cycle for a 1.5 week weekend and use a suitable diet and exercise program. Stacks combine a variety of steroids used during the “on-cycle.”

The price of fillers of steroids without water retention in USA

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How to get fillers steroids without water retention in USA

Absolute best muscle building steroids are just-Real steroids. This may sound a bit simplistic, but you will not find a more correct statement about the topic. Most all of the  fillers of steroids have the ability to add muscle mass to your frame, but the market is full of oil and tabs, which are nothing short of rubbish. Year after year, new underground labs pop and day after day many of these laboratories pump out a product that you do not manage to make a wild dog if you really knew what it was.

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Get steroids filler without water retention in USA

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Larry Williams

Powerlifter Larry Williams Discusses His Use Of Steroids

YouTube is full of huge muscle-bound fitness Larry Williams trainers nowadays, and despite many people questioning in the comments section whether the men in particular are using steroids to achieve a perfect muscular physique, you will find that none of these guys will ever admit to using steroids.

However one man who has been making waves in the powerlifting world has done just that in a recent video that he posted to his YouTube channel.

Larry ‘Wheels’ Williams, a world-record powerlifter cheap anabolic steroids from New York who has achieved so much for such a young man, has recently been discussing his use of steroids in an open and frank interview.

However one man who has been making waves in the powerlifting world has done just that in a recent video that he posted to his YouTube channel.

Larry ‘Wheels’ Williams, a world-record powerlifter from New York who has achieved so much for such a young man, has recently been discussing his use of steroids in an open and frank interview.

Here is what he had to say:

You will discover that he is currently taking 500 mg of testosterone per week and 150 mg of anadrol per day leading up to the CETC US Open on 15-16 April (note that not all powerlifting federations have drug testing).

This is quite surprising in itself because anadrol is still harmful to the liver meal plan bodybuilding, but he then starts discussing his use of steroids four years ago, and admits to taking up to 1200 mg of testosterone at one point, as well as trenbolone, dianabol, prohormones and ‘superdrol clones’, all in the same 16-week cycle.

Larry WilliamsAs he says himself, this was as toxic to the liver as it gets, and with regards to side effects, he said that he felt miserable and felt like there was a living rat eating away at his intestines, which is to be expected when taking such a deadly cocktail of steroids.

He then goes on to say that he has experimented with trenbolone three different times in the past, with both acetate and enanthate, and on every occasion he got severe cramps on a daily basis, as well as depression, lethargy, loss of appetite and low libido.

So this should serve as a warning to anyone thinking of taking trenbolone, or a combination of steroids. The fact is that these buy steroids can really damage your heart and liver, and can cause a wide range of side effects, which is why we do not condone the use of anabolic steroids in any form.

Indeed it would be better if Larry Williams wasn’t taking any steroids at all because he is still putting his long-term health at risk, and I think that people would respect his powerlifting records a lot more if he was completely clean.

However it is at least refreshing best injectable steroids to hear someone talk about their experience of taking steroids, and the side effects that they cause. It’s just a shame that other trainers and competitors can’t follow suit and be honest about their use of steroids.

femara side effects

Femara side effects and medical interactions

Anabolic / androgenic steroids cause a very negative femara side effects attitude in the public and in the media. Along with ethical and moral accusations against them, many terrible side effects are attributed to them.
Unfortunately femara side effects, the mass media, because of the direction of their actions, give a sensation of a significant amount of false information.

In the course of the anti-steroid company, examples are given of cases of diseases reported to the scientific literature, to which steroids lead, and do so with the aim of intimidating and cautioning, in order to show what fate awaits those who take these medicines.

femara side effectsWhat is held back here for propaganda purposes is that in these cases it is a question of patients who, prior to steroid therapy, suffered significant health disorders, in part even with terrible violations.
In fact, steroids are dispensed only by prescription, in addition, they are femara side effects drugs, medications that affect various psychological processes, and, therefore, have potential side effects.

When determining the “side effects”, it is necessary to distinguish between toxic and hormonal-related side effects. This important division is omitted by the official party in part from pure ignorance, and most often deliberately, because The only way to spread incredible sensational facts and false information.
To the category of toxic side effects of anabolic / androgenic steroids are potential effects on the liver. They can be expressed in a variety of violations of the liver.

In the literature, cases are known where the onset of holostases (bile stasis in the liver), hepatosis peliosis femara side effects (blood-filled caverns of liver tissue, cysts) and liver carcinomas were associated with the use of anabolic / androgenic steroids. And yet, it is important that these forms of manifestation were encountered exclusively only in patients who used long-acting steroid therapy and already had significant liver function abnormalities, as well as other serious diseases of internal organs, before the first steroids were taken.

It further strikes that at the same time the steroid therapy that was taken consisted of almost exclusively 17-alpha, oral androgenic steroids. During therapy for several years, potentially toxic liver chemicals Methyltestosterone and Oxandrolone were taken without interruption. Indication that steroids cause femarasimilar side effects in healthy athletes could be taken into account only in very few cases that do not have statistical confirmation and do not give any conclusions regarding the expected damage to the liver when taking a / a steroids .
“As soon as a parallel is made between the use of steroids and tumor diseases, there is not a single report where testosterone or testosterone ester is responsible for liver carcinoma.

The cause was always androgens / anabolics with a 17-alpha component of the steroid molecule … And testosterone and its ethers seem to be nontoxic (or low-toxic) for the liver femara side effects … Toxic liver damage: as stated above, they should be expected only from the calcified For 17-alpha options … With the right choice of the drug there is no danger. Time to emphasize that almost all liver damage has been registered in people who received a doctor’s order to take steroids for the treatment of pre-existing, serious diseases.

Although possible damage to the liver and delayed damage that may appear may be decades later not excluded, empirical evidence Show that, despite the frequent, prolonged use of potentially toxic liver toxics, accrued for 17-alpha steroids by athletes, the manifestation of these lesions is rare.

Pharmachologic effect

In healthy postmenopausal women, a single dose of lemon 0.5 mg and 2.5 mg reduces the level of estrone and estradiol in serum (relative to the baseline level) by 75-78% and by 78%, respectively. The maximum reduction is achieved in 48-78 hours.
In women with a common form of postmenopausal breast cancer, the daily use of letrozole at a dose of 0.1 mg to 5 mg reduces estradiol, estrone and estrone sulfate levels in blood plasma by 75-95% of the baseline in all patients who receive treatment. When using the drug at a dose of 0.5 mg or more, in many cases the concentrations of estrone and estrone sulfate are below the sensitivity limit of the hormone determination method used. This indicates that with the help of these doses of the drug, a more pronounced suppression of the synthesis of estrogens is achieved. Suppression of estrogens was maintained throughout treatment in all patients.
letrozoleLetrozole is a highly specific inhibitor of aromatase activity. There were no violations of the synthesis of steroid hormones in the adrenal glands. Postmenopausal patients treated with letrozole at a daily dose of 0.1 to 5 mg showed no clinically significant changes in blood plasma concentrations of cortisol, aldosterone, 11 deoxycortisol, 17-hydroxyprogesterone, ACTH, or renin activity. The ACTH stimulation test at 6 and 12 weeks of therapy with letrozole at a daily dose of 0.1 mg, 0.25 mg, 0.5 mg, 1 mg, 2.5 mg, and 5 mg showed no noticeable decrease in the synthesis of aldosterone or cortisol . Thus, there is no need to additionally prescribe glucocorticoids and mineralocorticoids.
In healthy postmenopausal women, after single application of letrozole at doses of 0.1 mg, 0.5 mg and 2.5 mg, the changes in the androgen concentration (androstenedione and testosterone) in the blood plasma were not detected. In postmenopausal women who received letrozole at a daily dose of 0.1 mg to 5 mg, there was also no change in the level of androstenedione in the blood plasma. All this indicates that the blockade of the biosynthesis of estrogens does not lead to the accumulation of androgens, which are precursors of estrogens. In patients receiving letrozole, no changes in the concentrations of luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormones in the blood plasma were noted, nor were changes in the thyroid function assessed by thyrotropic hormone, T4 and T3 levels.

order steroids

Order Steroids

Anabolic steroids are drugs that mimic testosterone in the body. The effect of anabolic steroids is usually divided into two types: an order steroids anabolic effect that helps increase muscle mass, and androgenic, developing and enhancing male sexual characteristics.
Anabolic steroids can be prescribed in Israel as a medicine by a doctor in the presence of medical indications, as, for example, in the case of hypogonadism. However, in Israel and throughout the world anabolic steroids are prohibited for bodybuilding and improving sports achievements.
In Israel, according to the order on pharmaceutical preparations, it is forbidden to import anabolic steroids, not approved by the Ministry of Health, and it is forbidden to sell them without a doctor’s prescription. In the US, the supervision of anabolic steroids is similar to the surveillance of dangerous drugs.

Unauthorized use of anabolic steroids

The unauthorized use of anabolic steroids and other substances that improve performance is known use of anabolic steroidsmainly in competitive sports (doping), but the range of people using
these substances is much broader.
Young people and adolescents use these drugs for bodybuilding, improving appearance and improving athletic performance in competitive and order steroids non-competitive sports. In the US, about two-thirds of people who use steroids are bodybuilders who do not compete. In bodybuilding, steroids are almost always used in combination with prescription drugs and with dietary supplements that affect the body in various ways, and this increases the risk of developing inter-drug reactions. Bodybuilders combine prescription medicines with anabolic steroids to combat the side effects of steroids and improve their body’s capabilities and appearance. These habits of self-medication sometimes cause severe side effects and sudden death of young people involved in bodybuilding.
There is a danger that these drugs, which are taken by bodybuilders along with anabolic steroids, such as Clenbuterol and Tamoxifen, may be more toxic to people taking them than the steroids themselves.

Source and type of illegal anabolic steroids

There are many types of anabolic steroids that are taken illegally. The most common of these are Testosterone, Stanozolol, Metandienone, Nandrolone and Oxandrolol. These drugs are injected into the body through a syringe or orally.

Primore (injections) is another steroid that is safe for order steroids health, which stimulates the growth of dry muscle mass, strength and endurance. This is an excellent choice for beginning athletes who want to quickly and without risk build beautiful muscles.

The recommended dosage for injection Primover mail order steroid is 200-300 ml (2-3 ampoules) per week. This is enough to get a few pounds of pure muscle mass per course without the slightest harm to health. Under the influence of the drug, muscles do not just increase in volume, but become firmer, more bold and look natural. With its help, you can significantly accelerate the progress of sports and quickly achieve your goals without any damage to health.

order steroidsTo keep mail order steroid the muscles growing fast, you need to consume a sufficient amount of protein. If the usual diet is not order steroids enough to meet the needs of the body, you can use sports nutrition.

Stanover (injections) is one of the most harmless and safe injection steroids. Used to improve the relief of muscles and maintain a form in the period between the courses of strong steroids, has a drying and fat burning effect.

Since the active ingredient stavera is dissolved in water, and not in oil, like most other steroids, it acts quickly. To maintain a consistently high concentration of it in the blood, it is necessary to make injections at least once every two days, but preferably daily.

Stanover has a high bioavailability, there are no contraindications. It fits well with other injectable and oral steroids, especially good in combination with mail order steroid Turinabol and Oxandrolone. In this case, the fat burning effect becomes even more pronounced, as is the increase in dry muscle mass. As a result, the muscles become elastic and relief, but the total volume of muscle mass does not decrease.

Steroids for improving the quality of the muscles, such as order steroids the Stanover, Stanozolol or Primover, it is better to take during the off-season, between the courses of strong steroids for weight gain. To increase mass mail order steroid more conveniently and more effectively in a cold season – in the autumn or in the winter. Therefore, “dry” – in spring or summer.

buy nolvadex

Buy Nolvadex

Nolvadex – a drug used to treat breast cancer, breast cancer, kidney cancer, buy nolvadex melanoma and soft tissue sarcoma.


Nolvadex is presented in the form of tablets containing tamoxifen citrate (Brit. Pharm.) In an amount equivalent to 10 mg of tamoxifen.


Nolvadex is indicated for the treatment of breast cancer.


Nolvadex (tamoxifen) is a nonsteroidal antiestrogen. In humans, Nolvadex acts primarily as an antiestrogen that inhibits the effects of endogenous estrogen, probably through binding to estrogen receptors.

buy nolvadexAt the same time, clinical data indicate some favorable effect of the drug on RE-negative tumors, which suggests that there are other mechanisms of action.

It is recognized that tamoxifen has estrogen-like effects on a number of body systems, including the endometrium, bones and blood lipids.

After oral administration, Nolvadex is rapidly absorbed and maximum serum concentrations are reached within 4-7 hours.

Stable concentrations (approximately 300 ng / ml) are achieved after a four-week treatment with a daily intake of 40 mg. This drug binds well to serum albumin (> 99%). As a result of metabolism, in the process of hydroxylation, demethylation and conjugation, a number of metabolites are formed, having pharmacological profile similar to the initial chemical compound, thus contributing to the achievement of a therapeutic effect. Isolation occurs mainly through feces. The elimination half-life for the drug itself was determined to be about seven days, while for X-desmethyltamoxifen, the main circulating metabolite, was 14 days.


For adults (including elderly people); The daily dose is from 20 to 40 mg and is taken either divided doses twice a day, or a single daily dose.


Nolvadex should not be used during pregnancy. There are few reports of cases of spontaneous abortions, birth defects and fetal death after taking Nolvadex, although no causal relationship has been established.

Studies in the field of reproductive toxicology, conducted with the participation of rats, rabbits and monkeys, showed no potential teratogenic effect.

Every year the popularity of safe steroids for building up lean muscle mass is growing. This means that fewer athletes are chasing after quick results, preferring quality and caring about buy nolvadex the safety of their health. Already, Boldenone is one of the most popular steroids, and in the near future it will be even more popular.

Oral steroids are more convenient to use, and therefore are in great demand, especially among beginners. They begin to act much faster than injectable steroids, but the period of their activity in the body is much shorter, because of which it is necessary to take them more often.

Turinabol is a mild and perfectly steroid-safe buy nolvadex, stimulates the growth of pure muscle mass without accumulation of fluid and fat. The muscles become firm and embossed, along with their physical potential increases.

By itself Turinabol is well absorbed and carried by the body. It works much more effectively in combination with injectable steroids, enhances their anabolic effect and at the same time prevents the accumulation of fluid. As a result, the stacked mass is denser and better preserved.

nolvadexThe average recommended dosage is 40 mg per day, but ideally it should be calculated individually, taking into account the physical form, length of use of anabolic medications and athlete’s goals. Since the active ingredient of Turinabol is less than 24 hours, it is necessary to divide the daily dose into two doses.

Naposim is a powerful oral anabolic based on methandienone. Stimulates rapid growth of muscle mass, strengthens bones, ligaments and tendons. Because buy nolvadex of its versatile action is in great demand among both beginners and experienced weightlifters.

The average recommended dosage is 30 mg (3 tablets) per day, but experienced athletes take 5 or more tablets. For best effect, it can be combined with soft steroids, for example, Bolden, Winstrol, Masteron, and steroids based on testosterone and nandrolone.

The more powerful anabolic and androgenic action a steroid has, the more it loads the body and the more dangerous it is for health. However, everyone makes a decision in what is more important buy nolvadex for him: the fastest “pumping” of muscles or a stable increase in quality muscle mass without harming one’s health. It is from the goals of the course that the choice of steroids for mass building depends.

Mexican Steroids Lab

Underground Mexican Steroids Lab

Unlimited use of the effect of steroids has on all processes of life athlete. He begins to Mexican Steroids Lab feel his power unlimited before this state, the effectiveness steroids lab of training increases significantly, the time of recovery of your muscles is reduced, muscle mass is increasing and hypertrophied in a high enough form, there is a motivation and a high desire for new achievements and training.

All these indicators and results make the action of steroids motivated by justified on every cycle.

Mexican Steroids LabWithout additional doping it is difficult in any sport to achieve a good result. Our human resources are very limited. And what would advance in strength and grow in the volumes of the mass, in addition, it is necessary to apply various kinds of anabolic drugs that speed up all these processes.

Winstrol Depot – This injectable anabolic drug is the Mexican Steroids Lab easiest, soft and harmless.
The action steroids lab of steroids you yourself feel even using Winstrol, which is dissolved in water. You will have additional endurance to improve speed, greatly increase strength. And at the same time, the process of burning excess fat and the release of accumulated fluid will proceed.

The result of receiving Winstrol will turn out to be very mild and revealing, no swollen muscle mass will be, it will be extremely relief and as elastic as possible with clearly expressed musculature.

Not always the effect steroids lab of steroids should be directed towards strong negative side effects. It’s all about taking the drug its dosage and the right combinations on the course.

You can get the desired, high result and the effect of steroids will not cause harm or damage to your health. You can steroids lab significantly advance your results and not violate your health.

Oral steroids – description of the result

Oral steroids are   very widely used in bodybuilding and other power sports. They help the athlete to quickly increase the volume of their muscle mass and strength, as well as with their help you can increase the relief of muscles, increase stamina and speed. Their impact on the training athlete is very wide. Oral steroids are able in a very short period of time to dramatically change the athlete’s physique and physical strength.

Now the phenomenon has become very popular, when oral steroids are used by beginners in their first steroid courses. One of the most popular courses of steroids is danabol + strombofort. With this combination, you can dial up to 6 kg. muscle mass for one course.  Danabol   will act as a basic steroid in such a course, it will quickly and strongly increase the volume of your muscles. And stanozolol will help to make muscles more qualitative, relief and firm.

Oral steroids presented in this course are among the most popular today. They help to synthesize and retard protein in your muscle cells, along with protein, danabol promotes fluid retention in muscles, which quickly helps to increase in size. And  stanozolol on the   contrary promotes the withdrawal of all excess water from the muscles, which helps you to remain in a beautiful and embossed form.

Oral steroids, danabol + stanozolol, give a very good and effective set of your musculature volume when they are taken together. Muscles during your training will be greatly inflated in size due to the huge injection of blood and oxygen in them. This will give them extra strength and high endurance. Your muscle mass will uncontrollably grow on almost every workout.


Oral steroids use on the course

There is an even better course of anabolic drugs, which includes oral oral steroids that are not likely to aromatize and cause side effects. The best such course is turinabol + stanozolol. During this course, you can increase the volume of your muscles only in a dry and firm form. The water retention in the muscles will be completely absent. The quality of the enlarged musculature will be very dense and embossed without fat deposits and water.

oral steroidsOral steroids on the  course of turinabol   stanozolol are the most harmless of all possible options. They can be used as young beginners and already those who have a solid experience in taking steroids. They act on these two groups of athletes alike. Only a beginner should have a low dosage in the use of these oral steroids.

Siloviki and lifters are very fond of this pair of steroids turinabol + stanozolol. Thanks to their reception, you can greatly increase your physical strength and endurance. The muscle volume will remain very dry and hard. Oral steroids are rapidly excreted from the body before doping control compared to injecting. Therefore, they are often used in front of many tournaments.

In general, oral steroids are very often used by young and novice athletes, who are still afraid to put themselves injection steroids. And there is common sense in this. Always you need to start using drugs to which you are ready not only physically but also psychologically. This is a very important decision for each course of steroids. Oral steroids are also not an exception to these rules.

There are very strong oral steroids that are more suitable for experienced and advanced bodybuilders. For example: oxymetalone – anapolone . This steroid is one of the most powerful oral steroids in its class, under its influence the athlete very quickly increases in size, but it can also lead to strong side effects of gynecomastia and aromatization for example. With them you need to fight with the help of proviron – this is the drug after the course therapy.

You decide for yourself and set tasks that you seek to solve from taking oral steroids. And after that start reading and analyzing a wide variety of drugs in the category of   oral steroids. When you choose the products suitable for you, try to understand how much you need tablets for a good average course. You can use oral steroids and solos, that is, only one in your course.

But for a stronger effect of taking oral steroids, you need to drink in a bunch. That is, two different drugs on the same course. In this case, the benefit and result will be much higher and more effective from the use of a ligament, two different anabolics.  Oral steroids   will always give a positive result in the growth of the weight and physical strength of the athlete with their reasonable and correct application.

buy mexican steroids

The Easiest Way: Buy Mexican Steroids Online

Steroids, in a general sense, are hormones chemically derived from buy mexican steroids cholesterol. In total, two large groups of steroids can be distinguished: sex steroids (hormones) and corticosteroids (hormones of the adrenal cortex). The hormones of the adrenal cortex have a very different nature of action, and most of them are intended for the survival of the organism in a stressful situation. So, cortisol relieves inflammation buy mexican steroids and stimulates the destruction of tissues to get energy from them, and adrenaline in a stressful situation stimulates blood flow to the muscles and brain, clears consciousness, raises blood sugar levels, increases strength and endurance.

Simplified, sex hormones always have as their composition two components – anabolic and androgenic or feminizing.

Androgenic action – strengthening of the masculinity – is the property of the hormone to cause and strengthen secondary male sexual characteristics: increased sebum production, and as a result, acne, buy mexican steroidsdandruff, baldness, hypertrophy of the prostate, increased libido and potency, increased sense of domination and aggressiveness. These properties are inherent only in male sex hormones. In women buy mexican steroids, this effect is called virilization (the development of buy mexican steroids secondary sexual characteristics in women in the male type).

The feminizing effect is due to the estrogenic or progestogenic activity of the steroid hormone. It is manifested by an increase in the size of the mammary glands, acceleration of body fat gain, water retention, increased appetite, calming effect on the nervous system, which causes some lethargy.

Anabolic action is the main reason for which steroids are used in sports. It manifests itself in:

  • Increase protein synthesis in cells;
  • Accelerate the synthesis and increase the accumulation of glycogen in the muscles;
  • Retention of fluid in tissues;
  • Strengthening the work of the immune system;
  • Strengthening the absorption and accumulation of vitamins and minerals from food.
    It is because of the anabolic effect that anabolic steroids help to build muscle more and faster, accelerate the healing of injuries, make a person stronger and more enduring.

Androgenic-anabolic steroids (hereinafter – AAS), as pharmacological drugs, are the male sex hormone testosterone or its derivatives, obtained with the aim of enhancing the anabolic and weakening of the androgenic effect of testosterone. However, many AAS have also estrogenic and / or progestagenic activity, since they are partially converted into female sex hormones, or their configuration is similar to that.

The mechanism buy mexican steroids of the effect of steroids on cells

Any hormone affects the cell through a special receptor designed for this buy mexican steroids hormone or a group of similar hormones. Receptor, in fact, is a complex protein machine that is triggered when a certain hormone joins it and sends a signal to the nucleus or other cellular organelles through substances – secondary mediators or transmembrane ion currents, after which the hormone, having done its work, detaches and swims further. On the bloodstream. Receptors of steroid hormones and thyroid hormones are inside the cell. On the surface of the membrane are receptors of peptide hormones, of which more than two thousand are known.

steroidsBy introducing artificial hormones, you thereby increase their concentration in the body. Even at the lowest dosages, the concentration becomes 2-3 times higher than the physiological one. By doing this, you increase the likelihood of meeting the hormone with the androgen receptor and, accordingly, more often stimulate the nucleus to synthesize certain proteins. Also, the parameter has a value, such as the steroid’s ability to stabilize the androgen receptor. The more it is, the longer the hormone starts the processes of anabolism in the cell.
However, the effect rises almost linearly only to a certain limit, after which even doubling the dosage will add only 10-20% to the useful effect (protein synthesis).

For example, 3000 mg of testosterone buy mexican steroids per week will not increase you any more significantly more muscle than 1200 mg, but the side effects will increase very much, because buy mexican steroids they are due to non-anabolic activity, and partial conversion into female sex hormones. Thus, it makes no sense to take mega-dose, but it is much more productive and safer to use low and medium dosages. But to take longer courses. And also create conditions under which even the minimum dosage of AAS will work effectively.

legit steroids

Legit Steroids Website

Steroids, in a general sense, are hormones chemically legit steroids derived from cholesterol. In total, two large groups legit steroids websites of steroids can be distinguished: sex steroids (hormones) and corticosteroids (hormones of the adrenal cortex). The hormones of the adrenal cortex have a very different nature of action, and most of them are intended for the survival of the organism in a stressful situation. So, cortisol relieves inflammation and stimulates the destruction of tissues to get energy from them, and adrenaline in a stressful situation stimulates blood flow to the muscles and brain, clears consciousness, raises blood sugar levels, increases strength and endurance.

Simplified, sex hormones always have as their composition two components – anabolic and androgenic or feminizing.

legit steroids websitesAndrogenic action – strengthening of the masculinity – is the property of the hormone to cause and strengthen secondary male sexual characteristics: increased sebum production legit steroids websites, and as a result, acne, dandruff, baldness, hypertrophy of the prostate, increased libido and potency, increased sense of domination and aggressiveness. These properties are inherent only in male sex hormones. In women, this effect is called virilization (the development of secondary sexual characteristics in women in the male type).

The feminizing effect is due to the estrogenic or progestogenic activity of the steroid hormone. It is manifested by an increase in the size of the mammary glands, acceleration of body fat gain, water retention, increased appetite, calming effect on the nervous system, which causes some lethargy.

Anabolic action is the main reason for which steroids are used in sports. It manifests itself in:

  • Increase protein synthesis in cells legit steroids websites;
  • Accelerate the synthesis and increase the accumulation of glycogen in the muscles;
  • Retention of fluid in tissues;
  • Strengthening the work of the immune system;
    Strengthening the absorption and accumulation of vitamins and minerals from food.
    It is because of the anabolic effect that anabolic steroids help to build muscle more and faster, accelerate the healing of injuries, make a person stronger and more enduring.

Androgenic-anabolic steroids (hereinafter – AAS), as pharmacological drugs, are the male sex hormone testosterone or its derivatives, obtained with the aim of enhancing the anabolic and weakening of the androgenic effect of testosterone. However, many AAS have also estrogenic and / or progestagenic activity, since they are partially converted into female sex hormones, or their configuration is similar to that.

The mechanism of the effect of steroids on cells

Any hormone affects the cell through a special receptor designed for this hormone or a group of similar hormones. Receptor, in fact, is a complex protein machine that is triggered when a certain hormone joins it and sends a signal to the nucleus or other cellular organelles through substances – secondary mediators or transmembrane ion currents, after which the hormone, having done its work, detaches and swims further. On the bloodstream. Receptors of steroid hormones and thyroid hormones are inside the cell. On the surface of the membrane are receptors of peptide hormones, of which more than two thousand are known.

legit steroidsBy introducing artificial hormones, you thereby increase their concentration in the body. Even at the lowest dosages, the concentration becomes 2-3 times higher than the physiological one. By doing this, you increase the likelihood of meeting the hormone with the androgen receptor and, accordingly, more often stimulate the nucleus to synthesize certain proteins. Also legit steroids websites, the parameter has a value, such as the steroid’s ability to stabilize the androgen receptor. The more it is, the longer the hormone starts the processes of anabolism in the cell.
However, the effect rises almost linearly only to a certain limit, after which even doubling the dosage will add only 10-20% to the useful effect (protein synthesis).

For example, 3000 mg of testosterone per week will not increase you any more significantly more muscle than 1200 mg, but the side effects will increase very much, because they are due to non-anabolic activity, and partial conversion into female sex hormones. Thus, it makes no sense to take mega-dose, but it is much more productive and safer to use low and medium dosages. But to take longer courses. And also create conditions under which even the minimum dosage of AAS will work effectively.

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Bodybuilding appeared with  mexico pharmacy steroid  the advent of steroids. It’s not surprising that anyone buying steroids in mexico who trains with iron sooner or later thinks about whether to try dope or not.

There are several reasons why non-professional athletes decide to use steroids.

  1. Community impact. Athletes using steroids (“chemists”) almost always try to demonstrate their superiority over their weak comrades. The very idea of ​​a natural training is laughed at and criticized. At the same time, chemists talk about the wonderful prospects of using steroids, hiding all the mexico pharmacy steroid negative aspects. Propaganda of the application of pharma is widely spread and in the forums. Beginners are interested, and chemists buying steroids in mexico are happy to satisfy their interest, idealizing buying steroids in mexicosteroids. Yes, it’s a fact – most of the steroids do not know how to objectively assess the pros and cons of using “pharma”. They convinced themselves of the relative safety of steroids and believe that the pros significantly outweigh the disadvantages.
  2. The desire to achieve the goal. When you work in the gym for years lichaamsportschool.com, and when you wear a sweater you are no different from “non-sportsmen”, you get disappointed and dissatisfied with yourself. After all, the goal is to get pumped up, but nothing comes out … After a close dialogue with mexico pharmacy steroid the experienced, you are exposed to the truth that without steroids training in the gym is just a physical exercise to maintain the form. After that, it remains either to adjust your goal and train for health without buying steroids in mexico any ambitions about massive muscles, or try to become Arnold with tablets.
  3.  Complexes. Many guys and men scheda palestra massa go to the gym not because they like a healthy lifestyle and physical activity, but to urgently solve their life problems through pumping muscles. They do not have much time to achieve results, the muscles were needed yesterday! In this situation, chemists will be happy to prompt you how to quickly inflate.
  4. Genetic limit. After several years of training, any natural bodybuilder reaches the limit, after which it is unrealistic to gain neither strength nor weight. This is due to the fact that the body’s ability to recover after the fiznagruzok still limited and after 21-25 years with each year mexico pharmacy steroid are reduced. And, it would seem, can it be time to stop and be satisfied with the result achieved? However, it is psychologically difficult to get used to the idea that your progress in your favorite business buying steroids in mexico has stopped and is no longer possible. And here to help come steroids!

Effects of steroids

Let’s see what an amateur athlete can weigh, who weighed all the pros and cons and decided to start taking androgenic anabolic steroids. Such a person should clearly realize that if he wants to grow stably effects of steroidsenough and keep the achieved results, he will have to take steroids about 35-40 weeks per year. Believe that the recommended by the same Fred Hetfield two six-week cycles in a year on the basis of the results of the year will give almost zero result. Please understand me correctly, I do not agitate for the constant use of steroids, I just inform you how things are in practice. Do you want to check on your experience? Good luck. I repeat that with a rather questionable share of common sense, the intake of anabolic steroids can be justified to some extent by those athletes, who have come close to realizing their steroidless genetic potential. This means that the specific gravity of the muscle tissue should be at least 50% of the body weight. That is, at least half the weight of your body should be muscular. When using adequate dosages that for a person of average sensitivity to steroid therapy are from 0.5 to 1 milligram of the drug administered per kilogram of body weight per day (smaller doses work only in genetically gifted people, and large ones are unreasonably toxic), one can expect the following effects:

  1. increased physical performance;
  2. accelerating the growth rate of muscle mass and strength;
  3. improvement of glycogen compensation;
  4. increased power endurance;
  5. increased blood volume, improved hydration of muscle tissue;
  6. improving appetite, improving vitality, improving mood, a slight increase in aggressiveness, allowing intensive training;
  7. improving the quality of training, increasing motivation for training;
  8. provided adequate nutrition reduction of the subcutaneous fat layer while maintaining muscle mass or even some increase in it.

It is advisable to observe the following principles:

  1. The duration of taking steroids should be quite long – from 9 to 12 weeks
  2. The intake of oral (tableted) drugs should be excluded or at least reduced to 3-4 weeks at the beginning of the cycle, except for practically non-toxic for the liver primobolana, vinstrol, oxandrolone. Especially it concerns reception of such steroids, as oxymetholone, methandienone and methyltestosterone.
  3. At achievement of the expressed anabolic effect it is expedient to reduce the used dosage twice, for example having begun with a daily dose of 1 milligram per kilogram of body weight, to reduce it to 0.5 mg per kg.
  4. When working to increase muscle mass, the protein dosage should be at least 3-3.5 grams per kilogram of body weight per day, caloric content – 40 kilocalories per kilogram of body weight per day.
  5. Approximately four weeks before the end of the drug intake, exclude highly androgenic esters of testosterone.
  6. Contrary to existing “recommendations” (most often people who have never taken steroids, but consider themselves experts in this matter), do not try to maintain, after stopping the use of steroids, the previous volume and intensity of the training. In addition, that this is impossible, such attempts will have a destructive effect not only on your muscles, but also on health.

Side effects.

What undesirable side effects can you expect while taking steroids and after it stops?
Despite the hysteria, blown up by anti-steroid propaganda, the total toxicity of androgen-anabolic steroids, even at dosages 1.5-2.5 times greater than those indicated above, has not been proved by anyone. The expressed toxic effect of steroids on the body is most often manifested with prolonged use of very high doses (3-4 grams per week or more), the abuse of oral, alkylated in the 17-alpha position, drugs such as methandienone, methyltestosterone, oxymetholone, and congenital or acquired intolerance of this group of drugs. Nevertheless, with the intake of androgenic anabolic steroids, undesirable side effects can occur. Side effects should be considered all the effects that occur when taking steroids, except for direct anabolic effects on skeletal muscles. The main ones are:

  1. Symptoms of virilization, such as acne (acne), which in some cases, can be corrected by a complex of measures, including the exclusion of simple carbohydrates from the diet, hygiene measures for prevention and treatment, the use of drugs such as roaccutane and other retinoids, as well as antistaphylococcal immunoglobulin, ultraviolet irradiation. Hirsutism manifests itself in the form of increased growth of hair on the body and face, both in men and women. At times, the pathological boundaries reach an increase (reversible) libido (sexual drive) in the representatives of both sexes. In women, coarsening of the voice and irreversible hypertrophy of the clitoris can occur. The use of anabolic steroids by young people who have not reached full biological maturity leads to accelerated sexual maturation and early closure of the growth zones of tubular bones.
  2. Feminization in the form of increased fat loss and development of gynecomastia in men develops in the presence of functional liver failure and long-term use of high dosages of various testosterone esters and other drugs that are easily exposed to the process of aromatization. Therapeutic measures to combat this side effect, especially against the backdrop of the continued use of steroids, consisting in carrying out antiestrogen therapy or taking anti-aromatase drugs, are sometimes fraught with serious complications.
  3. steroidsWhen using high or even average dosages of anabolic steroids in predisposed individuals, as well as with increased sodium intake, edema and hypertension may occur. If these phenomena are not corrected by a decrease in sodium intake and intake of diuretic herbal doses, the dosage of taking steroids should be reduced or even stopped taking medications.
  4. All 17-alpha-alkylated steroids, which have already been mentioned repeatedly, are potentially hepatotoxic, only in the dosages tolerated by each individual. All other steroids, although they do not have toxicity in the reasonable dosages for the liver, but their anabolic effect on the liver leads to a thickening of the hepatic cell wall. Reinforced by the advice of not very skilled “experts”, the use of membrane protective preparations such as Essential, Karsil and Legalon, this effect leads to a significant thickening of the membrane of the hepatic cell, which complicates the secretion of bile to the bile capillaries, its normal consistency is disturbed, resulting in the development of intrahepatic cholestasis . Clinically, this is manifested by the severity in the right hypochondrium, the increase in the liver, and with considerable severity – loss of appetite, weakness, bitterness in the mouth, nausea and jaundice. After the withdrawal of drugs, these phenomena usually occur within two to three weeks. The only auxiliary hepatotropic therapy for the intake of androgenic anabolic steroids can be the use of decoctions and infusions of dog rose, immortelle, corn stigmas, in addition – the use of one or two bottles of degassed alkaline mineral water.
  5. Suppression of endogenous secretion of gonadotropins and androgens, as well as suppression of spermatogenesis, occurs after 3-5 weeks of taking androgens at a dosage equivalent to 250 mg of testosterone per week. After the withdrawal of drugs, all the mechanisms of hormonal regulation are restored naturally after 8-15 weeks. The now popular use of the chorionic gonadotropin interferes with the processes of hormonal regulation at a higher level and disrupts the natural process of restoring the normal hormonal background. The use of this drug is highly undesirable, and with a great deal of doubt can be justified by those athletes who want to minimize muscle loss during a short 3-5 week break between steroid prima cycles.
  6. Despite the opinion spread by the media, androgen-anabolic steroids do not have a carcinogenic, cancer-provoking effect. Nevertheless, androgens stimulate the growth of prostate cancer and mammary glands already present in men.
  7. With prolonged use of high doses of testosterone preparations, especially in predisposed individuals, there may be an unmotivated increase in aggression and temper tantrums.
  8. Long-term use of high doses of steroids, especially oxymetholone, leads to a pronounced suppression of immunity and a weakening of the strength of connective tissue structures – the ligamentous tendon apparatus and the internal “skeleton” of muscle tissue. Occurring in parallel with this increase in the power capacity of the muscular apparatus, can lead to injuries.
  9. Prolonged long-term use of high doses of androgens leads to irreversible hair loss on the head, especially in predisposed individuals, regardless of gender and age.