Often, athletes do not know which steroids to select the mass, because there are a lot of them. All these drugs have their own advantages and disadvantages, different characteristics and give different results. So, there are powerful steroids mexico clenbuterol for rapidly increasing muscle mass, but the main drawback of most of them is strong aromatization and health hazards, and there are softer and safer that stimulate the growth of dry muscle mass without excess fat. Experienced athletes often take several courses on the same course in order to achieve the most pronounced and qualitative result. If you choose high-quality anabolics and take them in the right way, observing all the precautions, the result in the form of voluminous, elastic and relief musculature will not keep you waiting.

Injectable steroids by weight

Steroids in the form of injections are in great demand among experienced bodybuilders. They are better absorbed, act longer and more efficiently, providing a uniform anabolic effect, stable growth of muscle mass, strength and endurance.

Deca Durabolin is one of the most famous and most effective mexico clenbuterol steroids for rapid mass building. For one average rate, weight gain is up to 6 kg, “rollback” after steroid withdrawal is small.

Recommended dosage Decks for beginners – one ampoule every 5-7 days. More advanced athletes can increase the dosage twice and (or) increase the frequency of injections up to twice a week. Even more effective Deca Durabolin acts in combination with oral steroids. With the right combination, you can accelerate the growth of muscle mass or improve its quality by reducing fluid retention in the muscles and burning excess fat.

The use of the Deck for intensively trained athletes is not limited to only the growth of muscle mass. Also mexico clenbuterol at the time of its reception, bone tissue strengthens and the production of synovial fluid increases, which reduces the load on the joints, and the pain in them disappears when performing heavy exercises.

Sustanon 250 is a potent steroid with a high androgenic activity, which consists of four testosterone esters with different periods of action. This drug stimulates the rapid growth of muscle mass, strength and endurance by increasing the concentration of free testosterone in the body. Once in the body, testosterone esters act one after another, which ensures a consistently high concentration of the active substance and a uniform anabolic effect for a long time.

The average recommended dosage is Sustanon 250 – one ampoule every 4-6 days. Steroids based on testosterone shift from the “dead point” even those who have already reached the natural limit of growth and to whom soft and safe steroids do not bring any result. With Sustanon you can get out of the “stagnation” and start to progress again, the main thing is to use the drug correctly.

Boldenone is the best injecting steroid for building up lean muscle mass. Unlike Deca and Sustanon, it does not aromatize, does not disrupt the sexual and hormonal system. In general mexico clenbuterol, it is a safe and sterile steroid, if taken within the recommended dosage: for beginners, about 400 mg, for the experienced – 600 mg or more.