Eggs in bodybuilding

Eggs in bodybuildingPeople interested in bodybuilding, I can’t imagine my life without all sorts of supplements: weight gainers, proteins, etc. Manufacturers of sports nutrition say that without their products, to achieve a noticeable result, will have to make excessive efforts. However, professional athletes often advise beginners to bodybuilders to draw attention to the importance of a balanced diet, which must meat, cereals and eggs. Who should you trust? Manufacturers of food additives, interested in marketing their products, or people who lived for the sport? Anyway, for the bodybuilder it is very important to watch your diet: only then will the training be effective. In this article we will talk about this useful product-chicken eggs.

Composition of chicken egg

Eggs are one of the most inexpensive sources of high quality digestible protein. In the white of an egg contains many essential amino acids: it can completely replace the expensive amino acid complexes for athletes. Nutritionists say that a day can eat up to 10 eggs: it will not cause health any harm.

part of the eggs entering:

    • up to 7 grams of protein;
    • 0.5 grams of carbohydrates;
    • 4 grams fat;
    • 150 milligrams of lecithin;
    • minerals and vitamins.

How do eggs affect cholesterol?

Scientists have been investigating the impact of eggs on cardiovascular system. For example, in one experiment involving two groups, each of which had 10 women. The subjects of the first group ate 10 boiled eggs per day, in another group instead of eggs offered soy cheese. After the experiment it turned out that women from the first group cholesterol was significantly lower.

Thus, regular consumption of this product does not affect the level of cholesterol. On the contrary, eggs help reduce blood levels of the so-called “bad” cholesterol that brings health.

How to eat eggs?

Surely you know about this harmful microorganism such as Salmonella. Salmonella lives on the egg shell. Therefore, before using eggs it is advisable to boil or fry. Raw eggs can be eaten only if they are produced in almost sterile conditions.

Bodybuilder should know how to cook eggs. Nutritionists say that with too long a cooking of the nutrients contained in the albumen and yolk, partially destroyed. Besides, the yolk of hard-boiled eggs will be too long: for at least three hours. Therefore, it is desirable to boil eggs soft boiled, that is, to ensure that the yolk remained liquid. In this case, the egg will not only maintain most of its beneficial properties, but also fast enough to assimilate by the body: it is proved that the soft boiled egg was digested for about one and a half hours.

How many eggs a day is is an athlete?bodybuilders-shouldnt-eat-whole-eggs

Athletes involved in bodybuilding consume a sufficiently large number of eggs. However, due to the high content of fat in the yolks is recommended to be limited to one dozen. But proteins you can eat as much as necessary. Professionals eat proteins 150 eggs a week!

Deciding how much to enter into the diet of eggs, you should start from their own goals. For example, in drying where it is important to limit the fat content of the diet, you can discard the yolks or purchase a product such as liquid egg protein. The composition of this dietary Supplement includes proteins, whereby its use will not increase the mass of your body. If your goal is to gain muscle, you can follow the advice of professional athletes is two dozen eggs daily. However, to do this fairly easy: with so many eggs they eat are beginning to seem unpleasant to the taste, and is quite bored.

To achieve good results in bodybuilding it is important to carefully monitor food and diet. An unbalanced diet will not be able to compensate for any sports supplements, even the most expensive.