And now let’s see, is it worth using superdrol for sale steroids? What happens if you try?

The most important problem is that the mass, typed on steroids, can be kept only by steroids. Once the course is over, you start to lose weight. For 3 months you can easily lose everything that you typed on the course. That is why it is recommended to make a minimum rest between courses (1-2 months). Do you agree to take steroids 6 months in the year? Or will you just be “puffed up,” feel superman and then blown away again? There is no third option. Either you always sit on the farm or you quickly lose everything you typed sustanon 250 for sale.

For one course with a serious approach, you can gain 10-15 kg. This is a big burden on internal organs, in particular, on the heart. But let’s not talk about health. Let’s talk about how you will look with an increased mass. An extra 10-15 kg will not make you a bodybuilder. If you weighed 70 kg and looked like a drizzle, then with a weight of 80-85 kg you will look athletic. In warm clothes, no one will notice at all that you are rocking. To look like superdrol for sale a bodybuilder, you need dianabol 50mg to have a quality weight of 95-100 kg for a height of 180 cm. This is not one year of “chemical” training, if you start with 70-75 kg.

The more you type on steroids, the more you have to increase the dosage to grow further. This is the law, and all professional bodybuilders know it. Beginners also hope that you can go through several easy courses, and thus deceive nature. Will not work! With increasing dosages, there are more problems with side effects, some of which are really dangerous. We will remember them later.

Trying at least once steroids, you can lose interest in natural superdrol for sale training. Of course, you will not quit the gym, but you can not forget the burst of energy and rapid progress that was on the course. Even after a year or two, your brain will be pleased to worry about the thought – “Maybe try another course to remember how it happens!”

Answer yourself honestly – why do you need a lot of muscle mass? What you are not satisfied with a normal athletic physique, which you can get by exercising naturally?

Most likely, you will not find an answer to these questions. Your answer will be: I just want to! Because you are trapped in imposed ideals, stereotypes and your own delusions. You are sure that huge muscles are cool, but have never thought about where this belief comes from. You live in your fictional world, in which superdrol for sale a large muscle mass matters. In fact, in the real world, people around you absolutely do not care about your muscles. Much more important than your other qualities.