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Product Description

Tri Tren 180 injected steroid which contains Trenbolone acetate, Trenbolone carbonate Hexamidrobenzyl and Trenbolone Enantate. Trenbolone acetate allows rapid elevation of blood plasma levels. Carbonate and enanthate hexahydriobenzyl, increase blood plasma levels of Trenbolone. All these mixtures make possible rapid growth of hard and certain muscles. Athletes who use three – Tren 180 often report amazing increases in muscle mass of strength and quality, while fat and water seem to. Tri Tren 180 is considered the strongest and most famous steroid used by bodybuilders.


Basic Information:

Each 1 ml Tri-Tren 180 contains:

60 mg of trenbolone acetate

60 mg of trenbolone hexahydrobenzyl carbonate

60mg of trenbolone enanthate.


How the Tri Tren 180 works

Because Tri Tren 180 contains Trenbolone acetate, it will significantly increase protein synthesis and nitrogen retention in muscle tissue. Proteins are the main building block of muscle and they will increase increased assimilation, just as will provide protection during a caloric deficit. This steroid helps to give your body a greater level of salvation and it will retain nitrogen, so that your body does not go into catabolic muscle-wasting state.

The effects of this steroid are very remarkable. It is effective in both cutting and pouring stages, but it is the most effective in the cutting sector. This is due to the fact that it will retain your lean muscle tissue while you lose body fat.