Testosterone Cypionate

Testosterone Cypionate


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Testosterone cypionate – the most “long” form of testosterone, known for today. The main male hormone has been used for a long time in sports practice, and not only by men. Its reception allows you to significantly increase the basic physiological indicators, and therefore – to show better results.

Course of Testosterone Cypionate

If we talk only about sports practice, then this drug is used mainly for levying muscle mass and increasing strength. It is used mainly by men for long courses.
Women in sport use Testosterone Cypionate alpha pharma usually do not. As already noted, this steroid is characterized by a sufficiently high androgenic activity, which, when applied by female athletes, can lead to the appearance of virilization (such side effects as hair on the body and face, increasing the voice’s voice).
For men, the recommended dosage of Testosterone Cypionate is 250-500 mg (sometimes about 750 mg) of a steroid per week. The injection of athletes is usually 1 or 2 times a full week (too often, there is no need, because the steroid has a long activity – about 15-16 days). The courses last about 8 full weeks.
Note that the course of Testosterone Cypionate usually takes place in combination with other steroid agents. Application in solo is not very popular. With what anabolics and / or androgens it should be combined? Here everything depends on the goal you are striving for, on your experience and available finances.
The rate of Testosterone Cypionate and nandrolone decanoate can be chosen by those athletes for whom the primary task is a pronounced set of muscle mass. Also popular are alpha pharma uk ligaments with boldenone, methandienone or trenbolone enanthate. These are common combinations among athletes, which are great for mass gathering courses and can provide the highest level of results.


Testosterone cypionate: reviews
In general, Testosterone Cypionate, according to athletes, is a very good anabolic. About 90% of athletes consider it to be effective and are satisfied with the overall result of the course. Also, the drug captivates joe rogan age with its accessibility and the absence of painful sensations during injections. About Testosteron Cypionate reviews say that athletes do not have any claims to the quality of the recruited mass, and to the rate of its growth. However, there are a lot of dissatisfied with pobochkami (68%), but here it is necessary to follow the recommended standards and do not forget about additional drugs. Quite often, side effects occur with improperly selected medications on the course or their dosage.