Testosterona C

Testosterona C


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Testosterona-C is an anabolic and androgenic steroid, testosterone, etched. Cypionate is the longest testosterone ester (one atom is longer than enanthate), which, on the one hand, makes it convenient to use due to the low injection frequency, and on the other hand, a slow effect, which maintains a high level of the hormone during the crescent. Cypionate is most often used in combined courses, but solo reception is also possible. The main disadvantage is the susceptibility to aromatization: without taking anti-estrogens, you run the risk of fatting. But most “pobochek” can be prevented if you follow the recommendations.

Testosterona C in bodybuilding is used to quickly and effectively increase muscle mass. Testosterona C easily bypasses all known Methane in the rate of increase in muscle mass and strength of the athlete. Rapid increase in weight and strength is associated with fluid retention in the body of the athlete. Weightlifting and powerlifting athletes regularly use Testosterona C. For serious weight categories of representatives of these sports, dosages of 400 mg, 800 mg, and even 1200 mg. Per day is no exception.


The practice of using the Balkan cypionate testifies that for beginners in the “chemical pathway” it is sufficient to use 200-300 mg. Drug per day to get a good result.
The basic dosage for athletes with experience is 500-700 mg. Large dosages will not give much effect, but the risk of earning side effects is greatly increased.
Cypionate injections should be done once every 7 days to achieve a stable concentration of active substance in the bloodstream. The course on such a long ether must be continued at least 8-10 weeks.
Combine testosterone cypionate with any drugs other than testosterone.
On post-course therapy, depending on the combination of drugs, either tamoxifen or clomid is used. It is also desirable to use gonadotropin 3-4 weeks before the start of PCT, to disperse your testicles.