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TESTO-S 500 (Suspension of testosterone) is AAS in which there is no ether, in fact it is “testosterone on water.” This drug can not be combined with other oil-based steroids, due to the fact that Testosterone Suspension is a water-based preparation, it is also not recommended to place this drug in places where oily preparations are administered, since there is a chance to get an abscess.

Since the drug is etherless, it is included in the work immediately and has a short PPR, which is why this drug is very popular.

The working dosage starts from 50 mg, basically the injection is done 30-60 minutes before the workout.


Effects of Testosterone suspension:

  • A quick half-life
  • Anabolic effect can be achieved within days after the first injection
  • Increase in muscle mass
  • Giraud burning effect
  • Increasing the stiffness of muscles and relief
  • The rapid increase in strength
  • libido increase (on the course)


Side effects of Testosterone Suspension
Of course, while taking Testosterone Suspension, some side effects may appear, although you should remember that testosterone is just a hormone that your body is already very familiar with. If a person takes this drug for therapeutic purposes, then the risk of side effects is almost zero. After all, in this case, you simply give the body what it lacks. However, the appearance of side effects is still possible, so a person should be acquainted with them. The risk of adverse effects increases significantly if Testosterone Suspension is taken for sporting purposes. Especially when it comes to recruiting additional muscle mass. After all, in this case, the levels of testosterone in your body will rise very high. However, do not despair ahead of time, because in most cases all the side effects that can occur on the testosterone course are fairly easy to manage. Specifically, Testosterone Suspension in this respect is not as lucky as the other compounds of testosterone, because of its active nature and rapid effects on the body. In order for you to become familiar with all the side effects that are possible on the course Testosterone Suspension, we divided them into several thematic groups.