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TESTO-E 1250 (Testosterone enanthate) is a modern steroid drug, which is an ester made from natural testosterone. Today, the testosterone enanthate course is used to increase muscle mass, and the drug itself is the most popular. Causes of popularity are also found in the prolonged action of the anabolic. Dosage depends on the hormonal background of the athlete, the athlete’s goals and his physical data. On average, the drug is valid for three weeks, therefore it is recommended to inject testosterone enanthate once a week.


Pharmacological action of testosterone enanthate:

Testosterone enanthate appeared in the early 50s in the Western market, was the first oily steroid with a delayed effect. Testosterone enanthate is a steroid dissolved in oil with enanthate ether, created to gradually enter the bloodstream of a person. The advantage of enanthate is that it has a very strong androgenic effect, and also an intense anabolic effect. Therefore, any person in a short time can greatly add to the strengths and weight. Weightlifters and powerlifters certainly appreciate it in it.


Advantages of the drug

Qualitatively and quickly provides muscle growth.
The strength of the athlete increases.
Increases the endurance of the body.
Strengthens a rush of blood enriched with oxygen to the muscles.
Promotes rapid recovery of the body after a micro-injury.
Possible side effects of testosterone enanthate include gynecomastia due to aromatization and muscle catabolism. It is recommended to combine it with drugs that prevent aromatization, such as, proviron and tamoxifen. To get rid of excess fluid, athletes often additionally take stanozolol. This drug also significantly reduces the risk of aromatization. To avoid catabolism, it is recommended to include clomid and clenbuterol in the course.


Possible side effects

The most pronounced minus of the drug is a high conversion to estrogens, which is the cause of side effects: gynecomastia, swelling, fat deposits. They, as a rule, are shown at non-observance of duration of reception and dosages.

The use of antiestrogens to eliminate these drawbacks refers to the old method, which is inferior in effectiveness to the intake of aromatase inhibitors. The use of antiestrogens should begin after the removal of enanthate with the goal of restoring the normal production of the hormone.

Along with the listed side effects, blood pressure, hair loss, aggression can increase, acne (acne) may appear.