Testaplex S 100

Testaplex S 100


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Product Description

Testaplex S 100 (Suspestsion testosterone) is a purified testosterone that is dissolved in an aqueous suspension, which increases its effectiveness. The drug has a high androgenic and anabolic activity and this raises its level. He is very good because he immediately enters the blood. Absence of ethers provides half-life in just a couple of hours. The drug in most cases take athletes to increase muscle mass and strength.

Testosterone Suspension is the strongest drug on the basis of testosterone, from those that exist today in the consumer market. But do not confuse the concept of strong and most effective. The special advantage of this steroid is only that it is like no one else that helps an athlete to move from a dead center and go further in achieving the set result.

Testosterone Suspension is very beneficial for experienced athletes who seek a significant increase in muscle relief in a short period of time.

Despite all the advantages Testosterone Suspension is not the anabolic steroid that can be recommended to everyone without exception. Very often, athletes refuse to take this medication because of unpleasant pain that accompanies injection injection. Also, this drug is one of the most frequently forged. Therefore, there are cases when people purchased a substandard counterfeit product instead of a normal one. As for pain, as a rule, they depend on the individual pain threshold of each person. Many athletes during the testosterone Suspension do not experience any unpleasant sensations.