Testaplex P 100

Testaplex P 100


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Product Description

Testaplex P 100 (testosterone propionate) is a synthetic analogue of the natural male sex hormone testosterone, which is produced by the body of each of us independently. The difference lies in the duration of the action: if the release of our own (endogenous) testosterone occurs every 1-2 hours, then one injection of testosterone propionate will provide an elevated level for 48 hours. Exogenous (injected from the outside) testosterone has the same properties as our own, it is also prone to aromatization (turning into estrogens – female sex hormones), so the course of reception must necessarily be accompanied by a control of the level of estradiol and the presence of aromatase inhibitors (at hand) Anastrozole).

Testosterone Propionate doses for men: 400 – 1200 mg/week
Testosterone Propionate doses for women: 50 – 100 mg/week


Effects of Testosterone Propionate:

  • Speed dialing muscle mass;
  • Fat burning effect (appearance bump muscle);
  • Pronounced increase in power performance;
  • Reducing the load on joints and ligaments;
  • Rapid recovery between sessions;
  • Increased libido and enhancing erections;
  • The short half-life propionate;
  • Almost unpainful injections;
  • It has no analogues among the other “fast” steroid;
  • Reducing the load to the cardiovascular system;
  • improved mood and mental tone;
  • Mild pullback after the course.