Tamoximed 20 (Nolvadex)

Tamoximed 20 (Nolvadex)


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In medical science, the active ingredient of the drug – tamoxifen – has long been well known. Scientific terms it is characterized as a selective estrogen receptor modulator having both agonist and antagonist properties. Simply put, this means that the pills block the effects of estrogen in all tissues and cells, but in some circumstances may act as the same estrogen by activating the corresponding receptors.

Instructions to tablets Tamoximed 20 describes some of their other properties. Thus, the drug does not affect the actual level of estrogen in the blood, and interacts exclusively with hormone receptors in cells.

In additional / side effects Tamoximed 20 enters and to sensitization pituitary gonadotropin, and as a consequence, increase in luteinizing hormone and testosterone. In comparison with the notorious among athletes clomiphene, tamoxifen benefits in many ways. Its cost is generally lower and the effect of tablets, clomiphene similar effect is achieved lower dosages and in the substantial absence of side effects.

Another advantage of the drug is to reduce the risk of cardio-vascular system, since high density cholesterol is increased, so-called “useful” cholesterol.

Price Tamoksimed 20 from the Balkans in the pharmacy above (if it even be possible to find in the pharmacy), than in the online store, so the bulk of athletes and bodybuilders prefer to order it through the Internet, where everything is simple and secure.

How to use the drug tamoxifen?

The most the best time period for the use of tamoxifen is considered – the period after the release of the rate cycle. In this period of time the drug is used as a tool for post-cycle therapy, which is its primary purpose in bodybuilding.

It is noted that tamoxifen is inappropriate to use directly in the course of the cycle, because although he is blocking the effect of estrogen, but its mechanism of action is such that it can reduce the effectiveness of anabolic properties of steroids used. In parallel with the course, more optimal reception Proviron. Also, the formulation is inappropriate to use as a means for PCT on courses such as a steroid nandrolone (deca) and trenbolone – it can enhance the risk of adverse reactions progestin. In these cases, it is replaced with Clomid.

Tamoxifen often used at the end of cycle rate, as it may enhance the synthesis of endogenous testosterone, whichwill be cut after exiting the course. Dosage of tamoxifen are determined individually, and may depend on how much and what drugs you used for the course.

For the prophylaxis of “pobochek” recommended 10 mg daily. Admission to an FCT begins 3-4 weeks after discontinuation of anabolic drugs. When using a high flavor preparations (Anapolon, testosterones, Danabol), the dose is 20-30 mg per day to eliminate side reactions. The tablets are taken orally with meals and drink water.


Side effects Tamoksimeda in most cases occur because of excessive dosage of the drug – it can weaken the anabolic effect of steroids, as well as increase the level of estrodiola blood. In addition, Tamoximed can cause headaches, loss of appetite and short-term disturbances of visual function.