Tamoximed 10 (Nolvadex)

Tamoximed 10 (Nolvadex)


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Product Description

Tamoximed 10 from SC Balkan is SRL Pharmaceuticals – Medical preparation on the basis of tamoxifen , which is used to treat breast cancer in women. Its anti-estrogen properties make it possible to act on the tumor, reducing it in size and suspending development (some types of cancers develop just under the influence of estrogen , with a high content of these substances in the blood is an increase in mammary glands in men and women).

Although breast cancer – a woman’s disease, according to statistics, more than Tamoximed popular among men. This can be explained by the fact that the tool is often used in the course of anabolic steroids. At sufficiently high dosages and the duration of reception of preparations with high androgen levels significantly increases the risk of feminilizatsii: accumulation of fat, high water content in the body, gynecomastia and other side effects. Tamoximed, having anti-estrogenic effect, able to withstand the process flavoring, block the formation of bonds between the receptors and estrogen.

Tamoximed instructions on how to take

In practice this sport antiestrogenic drug is used mainly to prevent male / elimination associated with steroid side effects and rollback. In this case, it is used usually for post-cycle therapy. Duration of treatment may range from one to several weeks. Much depends on various factors, including the steroid course held.

Note that the use of such an anti-estrogen in women usually is not carried out in sports practice. Another thing is medicine, where drugs tamoxifen and anti-estrogens in general routinely provided to women in the treatment of various diseases (in the medical field antioestrogens recommended by doctors, their own should not be accepted).

In turn, the use of tamoxifen for men, available in tablets Pharma Balkans, can bring many benefits. As already noted, the drug exhibits anti-estrogenic properties and helps increase testosterone levels. This is a significant advantage for athletes conductive courses of steroids that can reduce production of testosterone and / or cause estrogenic side effects.

The recommended dosage of tamoxifen to receive – it is 10-40 mg per day. Take this to the post-cycle anti-estrogen therapy should be on a daily basis because it is not very long-term activity. Again: the duration, the circuit frequency of administration and dosage used will vary depending on various factors, including the rate from the wire and steroids used for its preparations.

Tamoximed: application on a course of steroids

What explains the fact that Tamoximed course often included in the course of taking anabolic steroids?!

Most of steroids tends to flavor, which in turn causes an increase in the amount of estrogen in the blood, which in normal circumstances is a mark of the norm. Due to the high content of estrogen in men appear feminization symptoms such as excessive accumulation of adipose tissue, gynecomastia, high water content in the body. The described drug tamoxifen is able to counteract these processes by suspending a job of estrogen receptors and thereby inhibiting the activity of estrogenic hormones themselves.

It should be understood that Tamoximed (10mg / tab, 100tab) does not stop the flavoring process, and only blocks the estrogen receptors, ie, it is nothing more than an antagonist of estrogen rather than the aromatase inhibitor, anastrozole or exemestane like. This means that the hormone testosterone and its synthetic analogues produced, are still subject to conversion into estrogen. In a way, the drug is struggling for supremacy over the estrogen receptors. This property of the drug is its potential drawback, upon receiving the tablets sometimes manifested opposite effect, i.e. free estrogen receptors in the body, under the influence of substances may begin to form a compound together with an estrogen.

Side effects tamoksimed

Remember: Tamoxifen is a derivative of female hormones. Its large amount can cause a number of unpleasant side effects, including again gyno or excessive water retention. Tamoxifen can not replace all the preparations for the PCT, such as Proviron or gonadotropin. He is an alternative only to Clomid, which is to be used for a progestin-only courses on the basis of nandrolone or trenbolone. In this case, tamoks not suitable because of the possible increase in female hormone receptors.