Strombaject aqua (Winstrol Depot)

Strombaject aqua (Winstrol Depot)


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Product Description

Strombaject Aqua from SC Balkan Pharmaceuticals is an injectable preparation based on stanozolol. The action is similar to Winstrol. Strombagektk Aqua, like any anabolic steroid with the active substance stanozolol, is used to increase strength without a significant increase in muscle mass. The use of the drug will help to collect dry muscles and burn the fatty layer.

The first steroid based on stanozolol was developed back in the early 70s of the last century by Winthriop Laboratories. Stenozolol is a synthetic derivative of dihydrostestosterone. Initially, the substance was used to improve the running qualities of horses, but after the approval of the FDA (US management, which controls the quality of medicines and food), stanozolol began to be used by athletes. Despite the fact that the substance is a progesterone antagonist, it does not protect the body from the harmful progestant effect of nandrolones on it. The main difference between Strombaject Aqua and most injectable anabolic steroids is its aqueous base (stanozolol is able to dissolve in water), which determines the mechanism of action and frequency of injections.

Effects of Strombaject aqua

Injection Winstrol (Strombaject) is much more effective than oral injection. The intervals between its use should be shorter than when using other similar drugs. This is due to the fact that its steroids have a shorter half-life. They get into the blood faster, but their action is very short. As practice shows, daily use is recommended to achieve greater effect.

The combination of Winstrol (Strombaject) with a protein diet will give the muscles elasticity and firmness. Also, injections of Winstrol (Strombaject) are recommended during the build-up of muscle mass. The results from the application are saved for a long time.

Strombaject aqua: application and dosage

This drug is a good choice for both beginners and amateurs, as well as for experienced or even professional athletes. It perfectly combines with almost any of the topical anabolic and androgenic sports practices, while having low risks of side effects.
According to the practice, the optimal dosages of Strombaject aqua vary in the region of 30-50 mg per day. This amount of steroid is usually quite sufficient to achieve the required improvements, if it is not about the pros, who tend to use slightly higher doses of stanozolol according to the needs.
The frequency of application of the drug and the duration of its use can also vary, on average it is 1 injection a day or every other day and, respectively, about 6-8 full weeks of course duration. In most cases, the drug is not used in solo, but on combined courses with other anabolic steroids.
If you have questions, how best to apply Strombagekt aqua (50 mg), then our consultants can answer this question. The most experienced specialists at the Forum, including the bodybuilding coach, will give the necessary comments and recommendations.