Strombafort 50 (Winstrol tabs)

Strombafort 50 (Winstrol tabs)


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Product Description

Strombafort 50  from SC Balkan is Pharmaceuticals – one of the most popular forms of Stanozolol. Oral drug has moderate androgenic activity (one third of testosterone) and high anabolic (320% of testosterone). Stanozolol was developed back in 1962. Initially, it was used on animals, but soon was approved by the FDA (Office of the US Food and Drug Administration in the USA) and began to rapidly gain popularity among athletes.

Perhaps the most famous doping scandal in sports history was linked precisely with the use of this drug. In 1988 at the Olympic Games in Seoul sprinter Ben Dzhonson, who won the final hundred meters with a new world record, it was disqualified for using stanozolol. Strombafort – excellent tablet formulation with a high bioavailability and stability. Due to the presence of alpha-17 position of the alkyl group, it is not destroyed in the liver, but it is the same property that makes it toxic.

Strombafort course

Most athletes before taking strombafort, set their own goals and objectives. Thus general principles of steroids remain unchanged. Cycle time – from 6 to 9 weeks. At the same time during the course strombaforta important to actively train and strictly follow a balanced sports diet. If properly combine all the ingredients, you can get a significant result. The peculiarity of the drug – effect on the genetic level, which contributes to the stimulation of anabolic processes.

During the course Strombaforta daily dosage for men is 50 mg, ie one day – one tablet. In women, the dosage below and is 5-10 mg per day. Experienced athletes can increase the dosage to a level of 100 mg per day.

Rely on data course of steroids can not only professional athletes, but also amateur athletes. It is best if Strombaforta dosage is selected individually on the basis of the features of an athlete and his physical condition.


  • The main effect – drawing relief. Stanazolol perfectly dries muscle mass. Strombafort Often, the price of which depends on the manufacturer, coupled with methandrostenolone . Origin provides drying, the second – weight gain.
  • Improving the effectiveness of law enforcement training.
  • Increase in stamina and motivation.
  • Outputs from the body water.
  • It increases appetite and metabolism.
  • In a joint reception enhances the properties of other steroids.
  • It has antiestrogenic action.