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A bit of the story about Stanozolol:

The active ingredient Stanozolol was marketed by Winthrop in 1962, bearing the trade name Winstrol. The drug was intended for medical use, in particular, recovery of the body after surgery, treatment of anemia and use in veterinary medicine to increase the appetite of animals, and accordingly, their increase. Buy Stanos, description, side effects, correct application, course, price, , Strengthening of bones. Not for its intended purpose, Stanozolol began to be used on horses participating in competitions, to improve their performance. And, of course, having discovered positive changes in the speed indicators of horses, as well as in increasing the quality of muscle mass, Stanozolol gradually began to be used in athletics and bodybuilding.

Stanozolol is an anabolic steroid, is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone (androstane). Originally developed for medical use, but is now more common as a sport dope. Has received wide popularity under trade marks Winstrol / Winstrol Depot, Strombafort, Azolol, Stanodrol, Strombageject and others.

To date, the steroid stanozolol is available in two forms of release – tableted (tablets, rarely capsules) and injectable (ampoules or kegs) form with varying concentrations of the active substance. Injectable preparations are produced mainly on a water basis (suspension), but recently it is also possible to purchase an oil based product. They are inherently almost identical; Tablets and injections are mostly different in the way they are used.

Side Effects Stanozolol

This drug is an anabolic steroid, so the use of Stanozolol can provoke the appearance of symptoms incidental below:

  • Digestive system – toxic (poisonous) effect on the liver; injectable form of the drug (large dose) – increase in liver function tests;
  • Urogenital System – a slightly negative effect on the prostate area, suppression of endogenous testosterone production (minor nature);
  • Other adverse reactions – hair loss (alopecia)
  • Dermatological adverse events – acne (acne), due to the involvement of steroid derivatives of dihydrotestosterone;
  • Local manifestations – abscesses at the injection site, pain (in particular, this effect is most pronounced when provided by injection of water, rather than oil solution).