Stanoplex 50

Stanoplex 50


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Product Description

A powerful anabolic steroid that allows you to burn fat and, at the same time, correct muscular relief – in particular, you can recommend stanozolol, stanazu, more famous as Winstrol.

This anabolic steroid is one of the most serious steroids, as a result of which it regularly appears in the anabolic stacks of even performing athletes, as well as the fairer sex from a fitness bikini. The course on the basis of Stanazolol will enable to pump high-quality muscle volumes and provide relief to the current, or to limit the fatty layer to the limit. Everything depends on the correct selection of other sports medicine products.

Athletes believe that a stroma is necessary to provide an anabolic background, nevertheless, despite the supposedly background role, this steroid can be considered the leading, because after all it will show its features in any stack of pharmaceutical preparations.

Stanoplex 50 (Stanazolol) is a very popular drug, its effect is different from that of other steroids. With a slight effect on body weight, Stanazolol gives the muscles relief and burns fat, so it is often used during drying.

The drug is toxic enough for the liver, so on the course of Stanazolol necessarily take cholagogue preparations to avoid stagnation of bile.

Stanazolol is not aromatized, but it negatively affects the condition of ligaments and joints, by removing the liquid from the body. It also has a negative effect on the lipid profile of the athlete’s blood.

The effect of the rate of stanozolol:

  • relief of the musculature (main effect for which the drug is used)
  • drawing vascularity
  • a significant increase in power performance and endurance
  • fat burning
  • virtually no recoil effect
  • removing fluid from the body (this is connected with the main side effect – the risk of damage to the joints and ligaments)