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Product Description

Stanoplex 10– stanozolol from Axiolabs represents a synthetic anabolic steroid derived from testosterone, used first of all not for mass gaining, but more for acquiring hard and lean appearance and athletic speed. Stanoplex 10 from Axiolabs is seen as a cutting compound. Due to the lack of water retention, users with comparatively low body fat can achieve a dry look to their physique.

Stanazolol is a very popular drug, its effect is different from that of other steroids. With a slight effect on body weight, Stanazolol gives the muscles relief and burns fat, which is why it is often used during drying.

The drug is toxic enough for the liver, so on the course of Stanazolol necessarily take cholagogue preparations to avoid stagnation of bile.

Stanazolol does not aromatize, but it negatively affects the condition of ligaments and joints, by removing the liquid from the body. It also has a negative effect on the lipid profile of the athlete’s blood.

Steroid Stanozolol profile

  • Anabolic effect – 320% of testosterone.
  • Steroid Stanozolol steroid profile profile Stanozolol androgenic effects – 30% of the testosterone.
  • Aromatization – absent.
  • Release form of stanozolol – vial (injection) and tablets.
  • Level of liver damage – moderate, irrespective of the form of the steroid.
  • Duration of action – up to 8 hours.
  • The acquisition time for a drug test – up to 360 days.

It is important to remember that when participating in competitions this steroid banned for use as the latest methods of detecting traces of Stanozolol (meaning chromatography-mass spectrometry) allows to fix the remnants of the drug in the blood, even a year after completing the course of its use.

Side effects of Stanozolol

Stanozolol is one of the safest steroids, and even the women used. He shows no estrogenic activity, and because athletes do not face edema and gynecomastia. But it dries Winstrol ligament. If used carelessly, greatly increasing the training load, it can be damaged up to break the tendons and ligaments. Offset this negative impact receiving appropriate additives. Second “pobochki” frequency is high blood pressure . It is also possible to increase the level of cholesterol, and some androgenic effects: suppression of endogenous testosterone levels, acne , hair loss . To eliminate the toxic effects on the liver, taken gepatoprotektory. Side effects of Stanozolol are infrequent, and if all of the prescriptions that provides instructions for use, you can use the tool with almost complete security.