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Product Description

STANOJECT 50mg by properties is an anabolic steroid with moderate androgenic properties in comparison with testosterone. It is used primarily in sports practice (it is an effective doping drug with a wide range of effects, from increasing the strengths of the applying to the fat burning effect). For sporting purposes, it is recommended mainly to men: despite the relatively low androgenic activity, when injecting women, the risk of developing masculinization remains.

The course of anabolic: how to take Stanoject?

On the course, this anabolic can be used both in solo and in combinations with other steroids to achieve greater results. It is worth noting that the use of Stanoject is primarily recommended for those athletes who are striving to increase strength, to increase stamina and to improve the quality of the musculature.
The dosage of Stanoject, considered optimal, that is, recommended for the course, is at the border of 50 to 100 mg. Injections of the drug are usually given once a day or every two days. This frequency of reception is justified by the relatively short duration of injection stanozolol. The injection course lasts differently, but on average six to eight full weeks. This is sufficient for tangible drying of muscles, increasing strength and endurance levels.
Important: the content of the active substance in the anabolic barrel is 50 mg per ml. So, to implement the application of Stanoject in the minimum recommended dosage (50 mg), you need to dial into the syringe 1 milliliters of the drug. In turn, for the introduction of 100 mg you will need 2 ml (if you plan to take the drug at the maximum frequency and at the maximum dose, then one barrel with a volume of 10 ml will be enough for exactly 5 days).

Effects Stanoject:

  • The burning of subcutaneous fat on the abdomen and other troubled areas;
  • The appearance of the bump and her muscles vennoznosti;
  • Increasing power performance;
  • Regular injections give muscles stiffness, which is not achieved naturally;
  • recovery acceleration;
  • It can be used by women for the drying and for the set;
  • In combination with other medications can help recruit Winstrol especially lean body mass;
  • Stanozolol does not lead to gyno and other pobochki.