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Stanaplex 50


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The drug Stanaplex 50, the price of which fully justifies itself, is rightly considered one of the most famous anabolic steroids, because a huge number of athletes use this drug and leave positive feedback about Stanaplex. The impressive effect of taking the drug Stanaplex makes him the best advertising, which proves the fact that Stanaplex’s rate is used even by famous athletes, such as Ben Johnson, who gained world fame in the run thanks to this drug.
The only contraindication to taking Stanaplex is the same as for other similar drugs, the fact that it can not be used in conjunction with other drugs, because it has a rather weak androgenic component, so that during training you can get muscle injuries. Moreover, this is the only negative because Stanaplex has a very strong synergistic effect, and the problem of low androgenic action is solved by combining it with other drugs in different periods of action.

The two forms of administration of Stanozolol – the oral and injectable form of Stanozolol are relatively similar. The only reason that the oral form is inferior to injecting the pharmacokinetics is due to the desire of more serious bodybuilders to prefer injection.

Oral Stanozolol has the ability to significantly lower the level of SGP (sex hormone binding globulin). This feature makes Stanozolol mandatory for every AAC cycle. This ability is absent in the Stanzol injection.

Taking Stanozolol at a dose of 0.2mg per kilogram of athlete’s weight may lower the plasma glucose level in 50%. Lowering SGP leads to increased levels of free testosterone. .