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Rip Blend 225 is a mixture of high-speed anabolic androgenic steroids
which, as a rule, are used by bodybuilders and athletes who want to get a scanty win and get very vascular pumps
with fewer injections due to the fact that the mixture is combined into one excellent mixture of steroid mixtures.

This highly anabolic mixture of anabolic steroids is used to produce lean growth and lower body fat levels
it works quickly, so it will work and show results in a couple of days.

Because of high-speed esters, side effects are negligible with low water leasing and aromatization

Rip Blend 225 is a unique method of testosterone propionate – trenbolone acetate and propionate dronaston (Masteron)
is often used to prepare competitions for bodybuilding because of its trick for grinding and assembling at the same time