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Product Description

PRIMO-S (Methenolone)   – is a steroid drug with low androgenic activity and modest enough anabolic effect as compared with other substances. Trade name of the drug, which is very common in the market – Primobolan (Primobolan) .Despite the fact that its chemical formula is similar to digidrostestosteronom – such a pronounced effect it does not show, and has no negative effect on the hair follicles and prostate.

Some of the most popular trade names:

Primobolan Depot

Metenolone enanthate

Primobolan S


Primobol 100

Primodex 100



Effect of the drug formulation

After treatment, the fat in the destroyed cells, and muscle tissue formed in its place. Due to this, in a short time can be a powerful and pumped. Excellent muscle tone keeps substantial period of time. If you are using a steroid woman raising masculinity outwardly noticeable.

Strange hair growing or unnatural hair fall, irregular menstrual periods, hoarseness or deepening of voice, increasing clitoris, increasing penis, amplified frequency of erections, unusual hair advance, bad skin or oily skin, sickness or nausea, uncomfortable tongue, distention of feet or lower legs, strange hemorrhage, dark-colored urine, painful throat and/or temperature or vomiting of blood.