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Oxymetholone is characterized by a rapid increase in body weight, as well as a sharp jump in strength indicators. This steroid gives a very good fullness of “pampas” during training, sometimes the fullness can be even painful and it seems that your skin is about to burst.

The bulk of the body during the intake of oxymetalone is added by delaying the liquid, so at the end of taking this steroid, a sharp pullback follows.

The steroid was synthesized back in 1960 in an unusual place for this, in Mexico. Almost immediately, Oximetalon tablets were brought to the market, their issue was taken up by the American company Syntex (Syntex). In those years, the drug was issued under the name Anadrol-59.

Initially, the steroid was synthesized to help people in the fight against anemia. Later it was found out that, first, from a medical point of view, the steroid Oxymetholone is not as good as we would like, and secondly, that the market is already full of medicines that resist the ailment of anemia. However, the pharmacology market is not the only medicine alive, it was quickly discovered about the miraculous properties of the drug in sports, and it slowly went into the arsenal of athletes. Surprisingly, Oksimetalon in tablets even today continues to be used in medicine, mainly as a drug that stops the loss of muscle mass in people with HIV.

If we talk about the structure and characteristics of the drug, then everything is also extraordinary, as in the history of its origin, not in the sense of bad, but in the sense of unusual. The structure of the molecule Oksimetalona is very similar to that of Stanozolol. The reason for the similarity of steroids was the desire of Mexican and American manufacturers from Sintex to prevent the aromatization of their funds.

EFFECTS Oxymetholone

High rate of muscle mass gain.
Significantly increase the strength indicators.
The production of synovial fluid is accelerated, which positively affects the operation of the joint-ligament apparatus.
Painful sensations in the joints are eliminated or, as a last resort, reduced.
Is able to suppress the production of globulin.