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Oxandrolone description and effect of anavar

Oxandroplex (Oxandrolone), also Anavar, created in 1964, is very popular among women, it is one of the few drugs that can be safely taken and not afraid of virilization (it is clear that for women the dosage is much less than for men, it is about 20 mg per day) .

To ensure maximum benefit from the drug, athletes are advised to take it at a dosage of 40 mg per day, this will reveal the maximum potential of oxandrolone.

Also, from Oxandrolon, many people who are worried about their health and want to do him minimal harm begin to get acquainted with sports pharmacology.

The most anavar was in use among athletes. Siloviki from triathlon use anawar to not go into another weight category and improve their results.



Effective dosage 0.4-0.5 mg per kg of weight of the athlete. In cases of use in combination with other AS, this dosage can be reduced by 20-30%


How to take Oxandrolone in combination

The combination of Anavar (the price of the complex is relatively small) with a number of other inexpensive drugs allows to obtain excellent results and to avoid the appearance of some negative side effects, such as sluggish erection and decreased libido, toxic liver poisoning. In addition, the correct combination of Anwar with other means gives significantly greater results in the drawing of the relief. Optimal to combine with the course of Anavar highlyandrogenic drugs: Sustanon, Testosterone, Primobolan.


Anavar reviews

Athletes mostly describe their experience with a steroid positively. When using Avanar in preparation for the competition, its pronounced fat-burning properties are noted, the ability to increase power indicators without a rapid increase in muscle mass.
Girls use a steroid in preparation for the competitive season. Without a high risk of symptoms of virilization.
Despite the high price, reviews of oxandrolone australia are urged to try the avanar, as it effectively solves all problems on drying cycles and pre-competition training. Representatives of the fair sex confirm the safety of the steroid with adequate use on the course.
Anavar is considered the safest anabolic and one of the most high-quality and effective steroids for drying. The drug guarantees good results when working on relief, quality of muscles, effective on cycles of weight reduction.