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Oxandrol appeared on the shelves of US pharmacies in the distant 1964, then it was called Anavar. Oxandrol was produced to stimulate growth in children who had problems with growth retardation so that dwarfs did not breed, and to treat osteoporosis in the female. From the initial application in medicine it becomes clear that Oxandrol differs from other steroids in that it does not affect the closure of the epiphytic compound. If the young man started using Methane, instead of Oxandrola, then he would have remained at a height of no more than one and a half meters. Naturally, Oxandrol, like other steroid preparations Oxandrol, immediately began to be used by athletes. Oxandrol of that time is very popular, there was a time when athletes could not find this drug in a free sale, and demand is known to give rise to a proposal. In the present time, athletes do not experience such problems and each has its own dealer, from whom they can purchase Oxandrol. Now Oxandrol is produced almost in all countries in the world, under different brands, and it means that it is very easy to buy Oxandrol at the moment. It is important to say that the cost of the drug is high and for a full course it will be necessary to spend well.

Oxandrol reviews of preparation

Reviews of pharma is very good. Athletes identified several indicators which have increased substantially. Due to the growth indicators of force, improving the quality of training, they become more intense and prolonged. Oxandrol, used in the drying course, to get the most lean muscle. When properly made up to date, you can get the following results:

· Burning fat;

· Calcium retention, and strengthening the skeletal system;

· Improve muscle quality and patterning;

· An increase in power performance and endurance level.

· Growth hormone enhancement.

· Increase muscle hardness.

Before ordering a steroid, it is necessary to study all the information about its properties. For what it is intended, which may be a side effect. Also, you should use the services of a specialist, who will be a course on the basis of individual characteristics.


Reviews about Oxandrolone
If you are still thinking about the need to buy Oxandrolone, then you should read the reviews about it. Pro-athletes use the drug mainly for drying and for this reason their opinions are mainly related to this side of the drug use. It must be said that the reviews are positive.

Athletes are quite happy with the results, which once again confirms the effectiveness of this AAS. Also you can find the opinions of the girls about the cycles of oxandrolone. First of all, they emphasize the complete absence of side effects, of course, they are quite satisfied with the result of using this steroid. Read the reviews and we are sure that all your doubts on his account will be dispelled.