Oral Tren 500 (Methyltrienolone)

Oral Tren 500 (Methyltrienolone)


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Product Description

Oral Tren 500 (Methyltrienolone) is the most potent steroid drug synthesized to date. In its structure it is very similar to trenbolone, but unlike the latter, it is alkylated to 17-alpha. This makes it significantly more powerful than the trenbolone. For anabolic effect, dosages of 0.5-1 mg are sufficient.

Methyltrienolone is a c17-alpha alkylated drug. This change protects the drug from decontamination by the liver, allowing a greater percentage of the drug to enter the bloodstream after oral administration. Alkylated AAS can be hepatotoxic. Admission for a long time or in large doses can lead to liver damage. In rare cases, a life-threatening dysfunction may develop. It is advisable to periodically visit a doctor on the course to monitor liver function. Consumption of alkylated AAS is usually limited to 6-8 weeks to avoid an increase in liver stress. Methyltrienolone is a very potent oral steroid, and it has a high level of resistance to metabolism in the liver. This makes it very toxic to the liver, so it was never sold in pharmacies. Studies published in 1966 in Germany, at the University of Bonn, have been proven. In fact, the researchers came to the conclusion that this is the most toxic preparation for the liver: “Methyltrienolone … is an orally active drug, active at a dose of less than 1 mg per day, was tested for effects on liver function. The measurements were carried out on several parameters: delay of sulfobromolein, total bilirubin, activity of transaminases, alkaline phosphatase, cholinesterase in blood, proaxelirase activity in blood plasma. Based on the results of influence on intrahepatic cholestasis, it can be said that methyltrilenone is the most hepatotoxic drug. ”
It may be advisable to apply on the course of additives, cleansing the liver, such as liver stabil, liv-52 and essentiale forte

Side effects:
Methyltrienolone does not aromatize and does not possess estrogenic activity, but it can cause progestogenic side effects, which can promote the development of gynecomastia, inhibit the production of endogenous testosterone, and increase fatty interlayers. Methyltrienolone is the most powerful androgen, and the occurrence of androgenic side effects should be expected, including skin fatness, acne, and facial and body hair growth. This drug is categorically contraindicated for women. Since methyltrienolone is a 17-alpha methylated drug, it is hepatotoxic for the liver. The drug is not recommended to be used for more than 4 weeks orally and 6-8 weeks in the injectable form. The intake of methyltrinolone in injectable form is several times more effective and also several times safer for the liver. This is because it passes the first pass through the liver, in contrast to the oral form. There is also a suppression of the production of endogenous testosterone. Without any intervention in stimulating the development of his testosterone, he will return to the natural level 1-4 months after the course.