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Product Description

Analog of human short-acting insulin

MKB: E10 Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (type 1 diabetes mellitus) E11 Non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (type 2 diabetes mellitus)
A hypoglycemic agent, a short-acting human insulin analog, produced by recombinant DNA biotechnology using a strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae in which the amino acid proline at position B28 is substituted for aspartic acid.
Interacts with a specific receptor of the outer cytoplasmic cell membrane and forms an insulin-receptor complex that stimulates intracellular processes, incl. Synthesis of a number of key enzymes (hexokinase, pyruvate kinase, glycogen synthetase). Reducing blood glucose is due to increased intracellular transport, increased tissue absorption, lipogenesis stimulation, glycogenogenesis, a decrease in the rate of glucose production by the liver.
Substitution of amino acid proline in position B28 for aspartic acid in insulin aspart reduces the tendency of molecules to form hexamers, which is observed in a solution of normal insulin. In this regard, insulin aspart is much more quickly absorbed from the subcutaneous fat and starts to act much faster than soluble human insulin. Insulin aspart strongly reduces blood glucose levels in the first 4 hours after ingestion than soluble human insulin.
The duration of action of insulin aspart after the SC is shorter than soluble human insulin.
After sc administration, the effect of the drug begins within 10-20 minutes after administration. The maximum effect is observed 1-3 hours after the injection. The duration of the drug is 3-5 hours.
In clinical trials involving patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus, the risk of nocturnal hypoglycemia is lowered with insulin aspart injection compared to soluble human insulin. The risk of diurnal hypoglycemia did not increase reliably.
Insulin aspart is an equipotential soluble human insulin based on the molarity index.


Doses. The dosage of NovoRapid FlexPen is individually determined by the doctor in accordance with the characteristics and needs of the patient. Usually NovoRapid FlexPen is used in combination with insulin preparations of medium duration or long-term action, which are administered at least 1 time per day.
The individual need for insulin is usually 0.5-1.0 U / kg / day. With a multiplicity of 50-70% of food intake in accordance with food intake, the requirement for insulin is met by NovoRapid FlexPen, and the rest with insulin of medium duration or long duration.

Using the pen

NovoRapid FlexPen – is an insulin syringe pen with dispenser and color-coded. The administered dose of insulin, ranging from 1 to 60 units can be varied in increments of 1 unit. NovoRapid FleksPen designed for use with needles and NovoFayn NovoTvist a length of 8 mm. As a precautionary measure, always carry a spare insulin delivery system in case of loss or damage NovoRapid FleksPen.

Before you can use the pen

1. Check the label to make sure that NovoRapid FleksPen contains the required type of insulin.

2. Remove the cap from the pen.

3. Remove the protective cover from the disposable needle. Carefully and tightly screw the needle onto NovoRapid FleksPen. Remove the outer needle cap, but do not throw it away. Remove and discard the inner cap the needle.

For each injection use a new needle to prevent infection. Do not bend or damage the needle before use. To avoid accidental needle, never put on the inner cap back on the needle.