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Product Description

Mechanical growth factor (MGF) is one of the forms of insulin-like growth factor. Strength training, being a direct physical effect on the muscles, causes in the athlete’s body the development of a mechanical growth factor. In addition to physical work, also cause the development of a mechanical growth factor increase in body temperature due to active heat production, oxidative processes in the body and the intake of anabolic drugs.

The pharmacological form of MGF is a hypodermic injection fluid. In a preparation containing MGH, a mechanical growth factor is present in the form of a compound with polyethylene glycol. The need to combine these substances is due to the extremely rapid destruction of pure MGF in the body. Molecule of polyethylene glycol, when bound to a mechanical growth factor, does not prevent it from fully exhibiting biological activity, but it protects it from destruction.


In studies on rats, a single intramuscular injection of MPR led to an increase in cross sectional area of the muscle by 25% in three weeks. When using schemes similar administration, insulin-like growth factor led to an increase in cross-sectional area of muscles by only 15%.

As well, it was determined that mechanical growth factor is more effective for younger individuals. The higher the age, the lower the response of muscle tissue on injection of the drug.

The effect of the use of PEG MGF

The effect is largely similar to the effect on the body growth hormone, however PEG MGF does not affect the cells of bone and cartilage tissues.

Among the main functions of the MPR can be identified:

  • Buildup of muscle mass due to hyperplasia and hypertrophy.
  • Reduction of body fat by 4-6%.
  • Increased protein synthesis.
  • Stimulation of the regeneration of muscle stem cells.
  • Recovery of damaged muscle tissue.
  • The increase in venous prorisovannosti.
  • Increased immunity.
  • Increased Stamina.

Peptide PEG MGF – side effects and instructions

This drug has a wide application: it is the basis or binding agent of some food products and cosmetics. It is also used as a filler in various dosage forms – ampoules for injections, tablets, nasal drugs.

Pegylation improves the quality of the drug and simplifies its use by reducing the daily dosage, reducing the frequency of admission and increasing bioavailability. Pegylated peptide MGF is enough to introduce into the body only 2-3 r. A week, keeping a high level of its concentration for a long time.

To strengthen and accelerate the process of muscle growth, you should buy and take peptides similar to PEG MGF. It is like all sports activities, as it increases stamina, reduces fat deposits, strengthens bones and strengthens the immune system without producing any side effects.