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METHYLTESTO (Methyltestosterone) – androgen, a synthetic analogue of testosterone. It interacts with specific receptors of the cell membrane on the surface of cells in target organs, penetrates into the cytoplasm and nucleus, causing activation of the genetic apparatus of the cell. Like a natural hormone stimulates the development of male sexual organs and secondary sexual characteristics, increases libido and potency, has anabolic effect, in the female body – an antagonistic action against estrogens.

Pharmachologic effect
A hormonal drug that has an androgenic (similar to the action of male sex hormones) activity, but is inferior in performance to testosterone propionate.
Indications for use
Sexual underdevelopment, functional disorders in the genital area; Menopause in men (the period of life that occurs after 50 years, when men are not able to reproduce the offspring) and associated with it vascular and nervous disorders; Dysfunctional uterine bleeding (uterine bleeding caused by abnormal ovarian function in pre-menopausal and climacteric periods in women); Breast and ovarian cancer.

Application of substance Methyltestosterone
In men: primary and hypogonadotropic hypogonadism, feminine physique and appearance in boys at pubertal age, menopause menopause; In women: inoperable breast cancer in the postmenopausal period, in the postoperative period after radical surgical interventions for neoplastic processes in the mammary gland in the premenopausal period.

Side effects:
On the part of the endocrine system: in women – symptoms of virilization (hirsutism, alopecia, irreversible decrease in the tone of the voice, irregular menstruation, suppression of ovarian function, an increase in the clitoris); Acne eruptions; In men – gynecomastia, oligospermia, painful erections.
From the nervous system: dizziness, headache, generalized paresthesia, anxiety, depression.
On the part of the digestive system: dyspeptic phenomena (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain); Hepatocellular carcinoma, cholestasis, cholestatic hepatitis.
Other: swelling (delay Na + in the body), increased bleeding, thrombophlebitis, hypercalcemia, hyperlipidemia, increased libido, allergic reactions to components of Methyltestosterone.
Overdose of Methyltestosterone. Symptoms: increased side effects described above.
Treatment: symptomatic. In the case of signs of virilization, the withdrawal of the drug is indicated.