METHANOL  10mg/tab 500 tabs

METHANOL 10mg/tab 500 tabs


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METHANOL 10mg is a strong steroidal anabolic with moderate androgenic activity and a wide range of positive effects. During the course, he can display anti-catabolic properties, increase strength, muscle mass, strengthen the bone structure, form a positive nitrogen balance and provide other effects that are significant for the athlete and in general in sports.
The active ingredient that is the basis of Methanabol in tablets is the widely known steroid methandienone (methandrostenolone) within the sport. On the pharmacological market, this anabolic appeared in 1958 and for the past time has become one of the most popular and popular sports facilities. It is also in demand in the medical field, here it is used to treat burns, injuries, kidney failure, fractures, and also to compensate for protein metabolism.

How to take METANABOL

“Methane” is not recommended for women and minors, as well as athletes who suffer from high blood pressure, hypertrophy of the prostate, liver and heart. The daily dosage tablets METANABOL from British Dragon should not exceed 30 mg of active ingredient divided in 2, preferably 3 portions. Accept “methane” preferably on an empty stomach. Course begins Methanabol Tablets 10 mg, followed a few days later it increases two to three times, and in such dosage applied for 6 weeks. To prevent side effects in a week after the beginning of the course it is advisable to include in the reception angibitory aromatase (converting to reduce the level of methandienone in estrogen , as well as eliminate the accumulation of fluid).

How to take METANABOL with other steroids? For greater increase muscle mass Combined use status with testosterone, nandrolone, Primobolan, Sustanon and trenbolone.