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Product Description

Melanotan 2 – a complex substance, which in its structure is a peptide. Its main purpose is to enhance the synthesis of melanin pigment, the amount of which determines the shade of the human skin and the susceptibility of the body to sunburn. In this case, MT2 is a complete analog of melanocortin, a peptide, which plays a key role in regulating the level of sunburn. In practice Melanotan 2 (reviews confirm this) is a real find for people with problem skin, which immediately burn in the sun and can not achieve a uniform chocolate tan.

For the first time MT2 was obtained in scientific laboratories in Arizona. It was developed as a means to prevent skin cancer. In the future, Melanotan 2 was widely used in cosmetology, as well as medicine, as a means to increase libido and erection, as will be discussed below.

Main effects

    • It causes sunburn;
    • It increases libido and erection increases (within 2 hours after the first injection);
    • Suppresses appetite.

Melanotan course 2 and apply both

Melanotan 2 injections are made in a fatty layer. The best way to start taking the drug would be 25% of the total dose and a further increase of 20% on the day before the full dosage for your body weight. The dosage is determined by the rate of 100 mg per 1 kg body weight, 50 kg of 0.5 mg necessary. This is the optimal dosage that will provide you a nice tan after 2 weeks. Enter the MT-II is necessary as long as the tan will not be one that you planned to get. To accelerate pigmentation, you should go to 3 times a week solarium or sunbathe.

In order to maintain a beautiful tan, you need only take the MT-II 1-2 times a week for 1 mg. Some sufficient sunbathe 1-2 times per week and continue tan. With prolonged exposure to the sun tan will become deeper and more intense.

Skin type also affects the dosage of choice. For skin types I dosage of 30-50 mg for type II need 20-30 mg and to 10 mg of type III.

The daily dose is administered once a day.

Duration of the course depends on your goals. Dlitelnoi side effects when taking the drug were found.

Keep solution divorced Melanotan 2 need in the refrigerator at +2 to +8 degrees Celsius is not more than 15 days.