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Melanotan I


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Product Description

Melanotan (Afamelanotide) – a peptide that promotes the acquisition of a skin tan in the shortest possible time. In contrast, but its second version (melanotan 2) does not have the negative side effects inherent in it, such as suppressing appetite and increasing libido. The first melanotane stimulates only the accelerated sunburn without accompanying additional actions.

Effects of melanotane

In contrast to his fellow Melanotan-2, Melanotan-1 does not increase libido, does not contribute to reducing appetite and does not lead to loss of muscle mass. Its only property is to stimulate skin tanning, it makes its use reasonable even during the mass-gathering period. And also it should be added that Melanotan-2 is not yet officially approved for use by people, when as Afamelanotid is allowed from 2010. The paradox is that most people think, judging by the name, that Melanotan-2 is a more advanced version of Melanotan-1, however it is not, Afamelanotide – acts exactly for its intended purpose – a tan, and Melanotan-2 is endowed with additional effects, In most cases not necessary for a simple user.

Side effects from the use of MT-1

– only the appearance of dark spots on the skin (with non-compliance with dosages, after the drug has been discontinued, the skin restores its natural color).

Each user chooses what is best for him, a bunch of concomitant effects in conjunction with a tan from Melanotan-2, or a narrow-focused action for tanning from Melanotan-1 only.