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LIXUS TURINABOL 10 mg is an excellent anabolic type steroid that is highly active and has a weak androgenic effect. Its unique composition helps in a short time to raise the level of power indicators. The active substance in the structure is dehydrochloromethyltestesterone.


It provides the ability to recruit only quality mass.
An excellent choice for increasing physical parameters.
It does not interact with aromatase.
Capable of increasing testosterone concentration in active form.
Positive effect on the work of the heart muscle.


Turinabol: reviews, side effects

Drug safety confirmed by long experience of its use by professional athletes. Pobochki Turinabol not excluded from 100%, since this drug is 17-alkylated anabolic steroid, which in principle implies a negative effect on the liver.

If we take into account the  reviews of Turinabol , we can conclude that the negative reaction of the organism occur infrequently. Mainly due to their appearance sverhnormirovannym receptionTuranabol , and the wrong combinations.

In most cases the reception men preparation  Turinabol effect  is not accompanied by adverse effects. This is directly related to the relatively low estrogenic activity of the steroid. Turinabol rate for women is also safe and virilization phenomena manifest themselves in rare cases.

Turanabol belong to the group of steroids, which have no detrimental effect on the athlete if  Turinabol rate  is not more than six to eight weeks. In this regard, the athletes there is no need to take breaks during the entire period when they consumed Turanabol.

Certain categories of people should refrain from receiving anabolic steroid. Contraindications to receiving Turanabol are: young age, cancer, liver and kidney failure. Turanabol contraindicated in women during pregnancy, also should not take the drug while breastfeeding.