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LIXUS TEST 400 has the highest concentration of steroid per 1 ml of oil. An unheard-of concentration of 400 mg makes it another drug on the Mexican veterinary steroid market containing a large dose. Test 400 is a mixture containing 25 mg of testosterone propionate, 187 mg of testosterone cypionate, and 188 mg of testosterone enanthate. To achieve such a high concentration of the steroid, the amount of alcohol in the solution was significantly increased. Without increasing the alcohol content, 400 mg of the steroid would simply not dissolve in the solution. Steroid hormone is better soluble in an oily solution with a high alcohol content, without which it would be impossible to achieve such a high concentration. The disadvantage, however, is that alcohol makes this drug an irritating caustic solution. Those who inject it, note irritation and pain at the injection site, in many cases they have to dilute the steroid with other oil preparations of lower concentration. But for athletes interested in maximum dosage, or those who are going to breed the drug, and want to get the largest amount of steroid in one bottle, Test 400 is the ideal drug.


Advantages of the preparation
The most important advantage of Test-400 is that a person receives a huge dose of testosterone in just a few milliliters of the product. However, remember that the injection of this drug is quite painful at the site of the injection in comparison with other steroids based on testosterone.


The effect of taking Test 400 will be similar to the effect of taking testosterone. Testosterone is one of the best substances for mass building, so when you apply it you can expect good results. Testosterone is a strong estrogen and androgen, for this reason good results will be accompanied by the same strong side effects. This includes fluid retention, possibly increased fat and even gynecomastia if the estrogen level is too high, as well as acne, oily skin, hair loss may occur. As you already know, side effects can be reduced by taking ancillary drugs, such as anti-estrogens, such as Nolvadex, Clomid or Arimidex and / or inhibitor of 5 Alpha-Ed. Proscar. Many, however, abstain from taking these drugs and suffer minor side effects until they become more serious, wanting to maximize muscle mass (it is believed that both anti-estrogen and Proscar reduce the anabolic activity of the testosterone cycle).