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LIXUS TEST 300 –  Testosterone enanthate is one of the most popular steroids used by bodybuilders for muscle mass gain. In addition, the drug significantly increases the increase in strength, so it is widely used by weightlifters and powerlifters. Testosterone enanthate is a long-acting steroid. To maintain a high concentration of the drug in the body, injections are usually performed 1-2 times a week.

Rapid weight gain is achieved due to a significant accumulation of water, sodium retention, as well as estrogenic effects of the steroid. The recommended dosage is from 250 to 750 mg per week. The course of the drug is 8-10 weeks. In order to avoid estrogenic side effects, it is necessary to use aromatase inhibitors (Anastrazole, Letrozole, etc.)

Side effects of testosterone enanthate:

Side effects enanthate – an increased level of testosterone can cause androgenic side effects like oily skin, acne, hair growth on the body and face. Like any testosterone enanthate, aromatized to estradiol in the body, elevated estrogen causes side effects such as fluid retention (as a consequence of which may begin hypertension) in the body, gynecomastia, increased fat. Antioestrogens klomifed or tamoksimed help smooth out these side effects.

Testosterone Enanthate Precautions and rules for use

Before you start taking this medication, tell your doctor about the medicines, food additives (such as vitamins, natural supplements, etc.), allergic reactions, existing diseases and the current state of health (for example, pregnancy, upcoming surgery, etc.). Side effects of the drug may be more pronounced in a certain state of your body. Take the drug as directed by your doctor or follow the instructions for use supplied with the drug. The dosage of the drug depends on your condition. Tell your doctor if there is no change or deterioration in your condition.