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LIXUS PROP 10 is an anabolic and androgenic steroid, testosterone ester from the Polish company Genesis. The drug is characterized by a rapid effect due to the fact that the active substance enters the bloodstream almost immediately after the injection. Most often propionate is used on “drying”. Anabolic and androgenic activity – 100% of testosterone, the level of aromatization is high (to prevent the development of estrogenic effects, anti-estrogens should be used on the course), the level of hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis suppression is high. Test-prop 100 does not have a toxic effect on the liver. The validity period is from 2 to 3 days, the detection time on doping control is up to a month.

Steroid is actively used in sports practice (in bodybuilding, in powerlifting, in force disciplines, etc.). The main purpose of its application is to increase the quality of muscle mass and strength. It is rarely used in solo: usually athletes combine testosterone propionate with other steroids to increase the overall effectiveness of the course.

How should the course Test-prop 100 pass, and most importantly, with what steroids it can and should be combined? There are a great many different combinations, but if you primarily seek to improve muscle quality and increase strength, then this drug is best taken with stanozolol, with turinabol, with trenbolone acetate or with oxandrolone.

Testosterone propionate has a good effect together using other steroids. Once in the body, testosterone can be converted into both estrogen (via a process known as aromatization) and dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Estrogen is the main culprit of most side effects, such as gynecomastia, fluid retention, and so on. DHT is credited with aiding in hair loss and prostate enlargement. To overcome these side effects, often together with testosterone, anti-estrogenic agents or even estrogen blockers are used. To overcome the side effects of DHT (to prevent hair loss), often used drugs such as shampoo Ketoconazole (sold under the brand Nizoral) and Finasteride (sold under the trademark Proscar in tablets of 5 mg and Propecia in tablets of 1 mg). This shampoo can also be used as a remedy for acne on the face and back. These methods of combating hair loss and acne are quite effective. As with other steroids, the use of testosterone affects the lipid profile and blood pressure. But this can be controlled by diet and cardio. In addition, it would be strange if someone used testosterone and did not train at the same time.