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Product Description

LIXUS DBOL (Dianabol) powerful formula mimics the effects of Methandrostenolon, otherwise known as Dianabol, great-grandfather of steroids. Increasing nitrogen retention, Dianabol creates the ultimate anabolic state required for huge muscle growth, offering you a rapid growth in size and stamina.

Dianabol allows your muscle mass to save even more nitrogen; Among the essential building blocks of healthy protein. Even more nitrogen your muscle tissue to keep much more healthy protein, your cells can develop. This process is known as a healthy protein synthesis, and this is what builds and repairs muscle tissue. As well as a healthy protein means more muscle!

Dianabol is the result of significant increase in protein synthesis, but also make you more powerful, breaking glycogen genuine fast. He actually demonstrated over the years that have been proven to give males feminine function due to estrogenic qualities.

Dianabol in our country is one of the one of the safest anabolic steroids around. It can absolutely increase someone’s muscle mass dramatically and very quickly. Often referred to as D-bol in bodybuilding circles, this steroid acts on the different processes in the body at the same time to improve muscle mass production, as well as fat reduction.

Effects of Dianabol

Dianabol is perfect for a set of muscle mass, in some cases, with proper nutrition and sufficient dosages it can give you an increase of 20 kg in just a few weeks. Methandrostenolone is one of the leading agents in the offseason bodybuilders. In addition to weight gain, Dianabol considerably increase the power rates, and also have a beneficial effect on your tendons, ligaments and bones. To date, this drug is not so often used by athletes as rapidly increases muscle mass, which is not always a good thing in some sports. Many prefer the more “soft” steroids like Winstrol or Anavar, but it all depends on the goals. If the main purpose is to improve the power performance, such as weight lifting, then with proper diet and exercise methandrostenolone would give excellent results. When it comes to the drying cycle, Dianabol here again, not often used. Some competitive bodybuilders will use it in the early stages of the cycle in order to maintain the density, protecting muscle tissue from breaking down. However, more suitable options can be found for this. One of the problems with the use of methandrostenolone during drying, is water retention, which is not good in this period.

Effects of receiving Dianabol

  • The rapid increase in muscle mass. Good old “methane” still remains the most popular drug for athletes who are interested in the fact that in the short term (one solo course) to dial up to 15% of body weight.
  • Acceleration of protein synthesis. Steroid Danabol pills stimulate the body to the enhanced production of proteins that allows you to quickly restore damaged in the process of training the muscle fibers.
  • Increased appetite. When receiving from Danabol Balkan Pharmaceuticals athlete trained more intensively: consequently, it needs more nutrients to replenish the body.
  • Strengthening the skeletal system, joints and ligaments.
  • A significant increase in power performance.
  • Anti-catabolic effect. Methandienone does not muscles “acidifying”, you quickly restore the breaks between exercises.

Methandrostenolone (methandienone) is a testosterone, anabolic modified for larger (twice) and reducing androgenic (also doubled) properties. The drug interacts with the cellular androgen receptor.