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Product Description

Recently, a great popularity among athletes has acquired Testosterone cypionate. LIXUS CYP 300 is a long steroid, the activity in the body is 15-16 days, and the half-life is from 6 to 8. The drug is an oil-based injection. Since the steroid remains active in the body for a long time, it is able to accumulate and retain water in the body, and in some steppes even more than other steroids. Cypionate is used and solo, but most often taken in combination with other steroids.
Getting into the body, Cypionate begins to act according to the same scheme as natural Testosterone (a male sexual hormone that is responsible for the primary and secondary signs of the male body). In particular, it causes a decrease in the tone of the voice, is responsible for the normal level of libido, nervous excitability and aggression, the growth of muscle mass. Testosterone has an effect on anabolic receptors, which increases the nitrogen retention in the muscle fibers, which in turn affects the growth of muscle mass.

Positive properties Testosterone Cypionate

  • Significant growth of muscle fibers. At the time of use anabolic, there is increased cellular hydration, which carries most of the weight on the fluid. Muscles when such a reaction, becomes more attractive, but there recoil phenomenon, which manifests itself after the completion of use of testosterone cypionate. The liquid is 1/3 of the total weight gain.
  • Growth of power indicators.
  • Normalization of phosphorus metabolism.
  • Increasing endurance athlete, by increasing the amount of oxygen in the tissues. This phenomenon provoked by the fact that increases the level of red blood cells which transport oxygen.
  • Ensuring the spermatogenesis process.
  • Normalization necessary nitrogen balance, which contributes to new protein catabolism and deceleration process.

Testosterone Cypionate Precautions and rules for use

Before taking this medication, tell your doctor about already used medicines, food supplements (for example, vitamins, natural supplements, etc.), allergic reactions, existing diseases and the current state of health (for example, pregnancy, upcoming operation, etc.). Side effects of the drug may be more pronounced in a certain state of your body. Take the drug as directed by your doctor or follow the instructions for use supplied with the drug. The dosage of the drug depends on your condition. Tell your doctor if there is no change or deterioration in your condition.