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Product Description

Apply this medication:

  • In pauerliftinge – to increase muscular strength, endurance without increasing muscle;
  • In bodybuilding – in preparation for a competition for a brighter Scribe muscle relief and drying of muscles;
  • Used in complex treatment medication for the effective recruitment of muscle mass;
  • In other sports before the competition to increase endurance.

The drug has a stimulating effect on the formation of a branched vascular network providing a more efficient transport of oxygen and nutrients to the muscle cells. As a result, the muscles become more rigid and dense, with a marked venous network. Haloplex  (Halotestin) stimulates hemoglobin synthesis process and the formation of red blood cells, which leads to an increase in the amount of oxygen supplied to the tissue, and promotes the growth of aerobic capacity of an athlete.

Fluoxymesterone effects:

  • It increases power rates and aggression in the shortest time
  • Increases the density, hardness and vascularity of muscle
  • Great for precompetitive preparation
  • Erythropoietin stimulates the production and synthesis of hemoglobin
  • Strong fat burning properties


  • Increasing the level of aggression and motivation.
  • Increasing the stiffness, density, and rendering the muscle fibers.
  • Increased hemoglobin synthesis and increased levels of branching capillary system in the muscles.
  • Distinct fat-burning properties.