GP Test Enanth 250

GP Test Enanth 250


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Product Description

GP Test Enanth 250 – Testosterone Enanthate, aka Test) is an ester of natural testosterone, which is present in the body in certain amounts. This drug has been on sale for more than 50 years, but initially it, like many other anabolics, was used for medical purposes, namely it was used in the treatment of breast cancer, osteoporosis in women, with developmental delay in adolescents, and also directly For their direct purpose, in men with a lower production of their own testosterone. At the moment, enanthate is considered the most popular steroid among athletes, thanks to its ability for a short time to significantly increase muscle mass and increase the strength of the athlete. It is used in many sports, but it is very popular among weightlifters. Bodybuilders actively apply it to increase the mass, powerlifters to increase strength. Steroid has a high androgenic and anabolic activity. Due to the retention of the liquid, the mass grows on the eyes. It also helps to recover after exhausting training and does not give the athlete a sense of overtraining. At present, it is difficult to imagine a course of taking steroids, which would not include testosterone. And, remarkablely, a steroid is suitable not only for experienced athletes, beginners can also start with it and the result will not be long in coming.

Dosing and Administration:

Introduction Testosterone enanthate is administered intramuscularly, by no means intravenously. Injections are carried out as deep as possible in the gluteus muscle.

Individual dosages depend on the desired clinical effect, as well as the sex and age of the patient. The drug is prescribed for 50-200 mg every 2-3 weeks, but not more than 400 mg per month. Hypogonadism assumes a dosage of up to 400 mg every 2-4 weeks, with delayed puberty, half the doses are recommended, for 16-24 weeks. For women suffering from breast cancer, enanthate is prescribed in a dosage of 200 to 400 mg.


  • priapism and other signs of excessive sexual stimulation (frequent erection);
  • in prepubertal boys – accelerated sexual development, increased frequency of erections, penis enlargement and premature epiphyseal closure;
  • damage and disruption of spermatogenesis sperm maturation, oligospermia and decreased ejaculate volume;
  • abnormalities of the prostate gland;
  • women – bleeding from the birth canal, increased libido; during prolonged use may virilizing symptoms the drug;
  • hirsutism, gynecomastia;
  • seborrhea, acne, oily skin, accelerated hair loss;
  • sodium and water retention, edema;
  • symptoms of hypercalcaemia;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • nausea, cholestatic jaundice, elevation of liver transaminases (as stopping normalized);
  • headache, depression, aggression, anxiety, sleep disturbance, paresthesia.
    There may be pain, itching and redness at the injection site.

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