GP Test Cyp 250

GP Test Cyp 250


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Product Description

GP Test Cyp 250 (Testosterone cypionate) is a drug that helps increase muscle mass, being an essential help to bodybuilders. This is its main feature that makes Testosterone Cypionate one of the most popular in sports pharmacology. It is monoester and affects the body for seven days after the injection, while the time it takes is two weeks.

The course of testosterone cypionate is usually not the main, but ancillary – it is taken in combination with other drugs. Duration varies from 8 to 10 weeks.

Beneficial features

Cypionate has many positive properties:

    • The accelerated increase in muscle mass;
    • Increasing the amount of testosterone in the body;
    • Intensive development of erythrocytes, the cells are saturated with oxygen;
    • Improvement of phosphorus metabolism;
    • Strengthening blood circulation, activates the muscles;
    • Formation of attractive relief muscles.

Features of the application

The optimal dose of the drug will be one injection per week. It supports a number of cypionate high amount of testosterone in the body of the athlete. One-time rate is 250-500 mg. Exceed the dosage is not necessary, because the anabolic properties of this does not go up, and side effects may well occur.