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GP Superdrol is an anabolic steroid that has a unique history in comparison with other drugs. This steroid is a registered analogue of an over-the-counter anabolic drug, which is marketed as a hormonal food supplement. It should be noted that Methyldrostanolone is an active anabolic hormone that has never been allowed to be sold in the US and this fact had a very negative effect on its production by large pharmaceutical companies. In 2006, the FDA commission began an active anti-camping campaign and the release of Superdrol was terminated. But, while the licensed Superdrol stopped producing, the black market, on which Methyldrostanolone could be purchased until mid-2012, became much more active. In 2012, Methyldrostanolone under US law fell into the prohibited list of drugs and became controlled by the law on the management of anabolic steroids.

Despite the fact that Superdrol or Methyldrostanolone appeared on the consumer market only in 2005, it was not an absolutely new anabolic steroid. The pharmaceutical company Syntex started the production of Methyldrostanolone back in 1959. At the same time in the consumer market there were such drugs as Drostanolone (Masteron) and Oxymetholone (Anadrol). However, Methyldrostanolone has never had such active advertising and popularity as the aforementioned steroids. Starting a detailed story about the properties of Superdrol, it should be noted its similarity with the drug Drostanolone and the very popular anabolic steroid Masteron.

SUPERDROL has a huge potential to increase your volumes and power by almost 2/3 (.) From 2-3% in 2-3 cycles. Athletes who tested the product found that increasing the caloric content of a daily diet to 4,500 calories did not cause fat deposition, but immediately responded by increasing muscle volumes and increasing strength. It is also noted that the muscle mass grows exceptionally dry, a beautiful muscular drawing appears and develops, the definition reaches a peak at the end of the 8 week cycle. Muscles acquire stone hardness. It would be a mistake to think that tomorrow you will be able to double the working weight. Yes, you can, but gradually, and this progress will be obvious. As you grow your own muscle mass, and do not fill your muscles with water, accelerating biological processes takes time.

Another advantage to using Superdrol is that it does not turn into estrogen. Many prohormones available start out as a testosterone-like substance in the body, but then eventually turn into estrogen through a process called aromatization. Estrogen causes decreased strength, muscle loss and fat gain. Thus, it is a promoter of the exact opposite characteristics someone who is taking Superdrol would want. These characteristics arise after one stops taking the compound. With Superdrol, however, the aromatization process never starts. The compound does not turn into estrogen in the body, meaning much of the muscle gain and fat loss one experienced while taking it will remain after dosing concludes.