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Product Description

GP Sten –  Stenbolone has an application similar to the other three formulations: Anadrol, Oxytozone and Anapolone. Sintex developed Stanbolone as a moderate alternative to toxic Anadrol. And the company was successful, because Stenbolone is not toxic to the liver and is slightly androgenic. It has a similar effect compared to Anadrol in cases of anemia with pathological hematopoiesis, since it increases the number of red blood cells. For this reason, Stenbolone is especially suitable for athletes before competition, as this speeds up regeneration while dieting. Competing bodybuilders a week before the championship often experience a catabolic phase. Stenbolone quickly and reliably resists this and helps to get a good shape, as it does not tighten the water and does not increase the level of estrogen. To build strength and weight, however, Stenbolone is not nearly as suitable as Anadrol.


The usual weekly dose for athletes is 200-300 mg. For this reason, strength is often preferred and the athlete either enters a full ampoule (one milliliter) daily or limits the use of half of it. Women usually do well with 100-150 mg / week and should divide the weekly dosage into three equal parts.

Side effects

Side effects are low, as the composition is well tolerated by the liver.
Edema, gynecomastia and high blood pressure are not found. Cases of acne and increased aggressiveness in men are rare. Symptoms of virilization in women are also rare and, especially, in very sensitive people at high dosages, or when the period of administration is prolonged for several weeks.