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GP M1T– Methyl-testosterone-1 (or 17a-metildigidroboldenon) – powerful testosterone derivative, active by the oral route.Metildigidroboldenon was obtained in the 1950s, at the beginning of the study of steroids. However, this steroid, as well as most of the others did not go to series. This steroid has signs of other 1-enoic Primobolan structure, the ability to oral absorption of 17a due to the methyl group and the like Winstrol high ability to extract receptors like trenbolone. But metildigidroboldenona capabilities exceed the capabilities of any medical steroid sold in our time. As derivative primobolana- metildigidroboldenon not flavored.Normally this would mean that he (metildigidroboldenon) builds high-quality rigid muscles, but no, the majority of those who used metildigidroboldenon reported significant water retention, even when used in moderation. This shows moderate progestogenic activity of the drug.

Metildigidroboldenon is a derivative of testosterone that is well orally active the propagation, has a very good ability to reach receptors as trenbolone. This steroid has such abilities however has no more than one other oral steroid, it does not aromatize but has moderate progestogenic activity, it means that it is desirable to combine with testosterone. Athletes claim that he had what it looks like Anadrol but water retention slightly smaller.