GP Halotest (Halotestin)

GP Halotest (Halotestin)


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Product Description

GP Halotest has low anabolic index and at the same time very vyskoky androgenic. This AAS is not suitable for a set of muscle mass, but very well increase the power rates, it is considered almost the best drug to increase strength.

Halotest used in bodybuilding mainly in the last weeks of training, in order to stiffen and draw the muscle mass. Also, this drug is very popular in the martial arts since come quite pronounced aggression.

Working dosage for this drug starts from 10 mg per day is recommended not to exceed the dosage of 50 mg and the duration of the course of 4-6 weeks, as this drug is quite toxic to the liver.

Halotest, the disclosure of which can be found on our forum, increases the quality and not the quantitative characteristics of muscle. Therefore, it is ideal for those athletes who want to achieve greater results, without having to go into a higher weight class. muscle strength significantly increased when taking the drug. This enables athletes to achieve results that seemed unattainable. And all this for a minimum period of time.

Because of their ability, along with an increase in strength to increase aggression during treatment, it is very popular among representatives of different martial arts. The properties of these tablets as soon as possible to increase the power and improve the quality of muscles makes this drug one of the most sought after in preparation for a competition. However, the power and aggression to win and help in many contact sports such as rugby and hockey.

In bodybuilding Halotest mainly used before the competition. Along with the increase of power performance, it helps you quickly create a nice relief, increase muscle density, effectively “dry.”

Halotest reviews

Basically, all the reviews about Halotest positive as well as the results that it gives very high. Most athletes talk about raising the level of motivation, high tide of energy and endurance. Halotest very good when an athlete a small percentage of fat and needs a good expression of relief and muscle hardness. Another advantage is the lack of effect of fluid retention, if the dosage does not exceed 20 ml per day. During the diet it helps to move reinforced load, which makes it very popular.

It is able to regulate fatty acid oxidation, which occurs in the liver cells. It occurs their transportation in mitochondrial complexes muscle tissue. In this regard, Halotest has the ability to burn body fat. When receiving increased levels of red blood cells, which increases the power performance and energy levels. He is actively used where the need for greater endurance and strength.