GP Bold 200 (Equipoise)

GP Bold 200 (Equipoise)


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GP Bold 200 – a hormonal drug, is an anabolic steroid Boldenon Undesilenate. The drug is used to gain muscle mass in bodybuilding. It is a modified form of methandrostenolone in injectable form, the resulting effect from the drugs is almost the same, but the results from boldenone are better, with a minimal risk of side effects.

The modification allowed to maintain a high anabolic index of 100%, whereas the androgenic properties were reduced in half from testosterone – 50%. This formulation makes it possible to use boldenone with great success by women, with the least frequency of virilization. But the most important advantage of equipoz gabers is the high efficiency in the set of muscle mass, while the active substance can not practically be aromatized to estrogen, this is the reason why the price of heber boldenon exceeds other similar drugs.

Bold 200 contains a composition of two substances, the anabolic steroid of boldenone and essential oil of undecylenate, the molecular bond between the two components allows Equipoise to act long and smoothly. Undesilenate is a long-life oil whose release duration exceeds all known decanoate, so that anabolic steroid promotes slow but qualitative growth of muscle mass throughout the course. With the boldenum, the process of muscle development is more natural. For the first time, boldenone was developed by the CIBA laboratory as far back as the 1960s, as an injectable form of long-acting methandrostenolone, while the drug was manufactured for use in industry to stimulate robots and build muscle mass in cattle, as well as in cross-country horses Increase speed, endurance and other aspects important in equestrian sport. However, in veterinary medicine, the steroid has not been long in favor and has gradually begun to be used by people, namely athletes.

Boldenon gives a slow but steady increase in quality muscle mass. Since Undecilenat is a long enough ether, it is fully included in the work slowly and begins to work at full strength around the fourth or fifth week of the course. Boldenon hematopoietic preparation – the content of red blood cells in the blood increases, which gives excellent endurance and a rise in strength indicators. Boldenone significantly increases appetite, which is very positive for body weight gain.