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Product Description

Ephedrex – Ephedrine belongs to the group of sympathomimetics. He is not part of the hormone. Ephedrine has a fat-burning characteristics. It produces heat in the body (thermogenesis), so that the body burned more calories than usual. Ephedrine stimulates the thyroid to convert weaker LT-4 (L-thy-roxine) in a stronger LT-3 (liothyronine), thus speeding up the metabolism. Fat burning effect, with the additional administration and metiltsantin caffeine and aspirin, can be doubled. Scientific research has shown that a combination of ephedrine (25 mg), caffeine (200 mg) and aspirin (300 mg) is ideal to produce a synergetic effect. To burn fat, you should take this combination three times daily, for about 30 minutes before a meal.
Ephedrine has anticatabolic characteristics. This is particularly useful for supporting muscle system while dieting. Athletes often use Ephedrine as a “reinforcing”. Since it has a moderate effect on the central nervous system, like amphetamine, a drug improves concentration, affect sleep, the interaction of nerves and muscles. For this purpose, ephedrine (25-50 mg) were taken an hour before the workout. The athlete feels an immediate rush of energy which during workout can manifest itself in an increase in strength by 5-10%. The effect can be improved by taking caffeine and aspirin. Ephedrine is used for this purpose, it should not be taken more often than three times a week; otherwise, the body gets used and require higher dosages.

Pharmacology: Mode of action – a vasoconstrictor, hypertensive, a bronchodilator, hyperglycemic, psychostimulant. Stimulates alpha and beta-adrenergic receptors, it inhibits the activity of MAO-and catecholamines ortometil transferase. It has a positive ino-, chrono-, Drome and batmotroponoe action.

Application of the substance Ephedrine

Asthma, hay fever, urticaria, serum sickness and other allergic disorders, rhinitis, hypotension (surgery, spinal anesthesia, trauma, hemorrhage, infectious diseases, hypotension, etc.), Narcolepsy, poisoning hypnotics and Drug enuresis; locally – as a vasoconstrictor, for pupil dilation (for diagnostic purposes).